What me and my step-dad did?

See what happens when you leave your daughter and husband alone in the house for a day.

Created by hope12345 on Tuesday, January 05, 2010

"Mom where are you going?"My mom didn't answer me she just left out the door.I watched as she drove away."Nicole are you here."Thats my step-dad joey."Im in the living room."I had on some booty shorts with a tank top and i didint have on a bra.My step-dad walked in the room."Sup,joey where were you."i stood up and walked over to him.He licked his lips and looked me up and down."What are u looking at joey?"he looked u." Ummm i was just uh nothing.""okay whatever im going to take a shower."I smiled then walked upstairs.I dont have my towel so i just walk out the bathroom.When i get in my room joey is in there.His mouth drops and he stares at my body.I run out the room then go into my mom's room."Nicole im sorry ,please let me in."I get a towel then open the door."Why wre u looking at me like that joey? huh?"He runs his hand threw his hair."Nicole the truth is your so sexy.When me and your mom have sex i always imagine its u."I stare at him."Joey your a pervert move out my way."His face turns red."No im not moving im gonna have sex with u if u like it or not."I push him and he grabs me.He kisses me and throws me on the bed."stop" i scream.He closes and locks the door.I start crying."Dont do this joey im your daughter."He looks at me and takes off his pants and boxers.Next thing u know he taking off my towel.He kisses me.Joey looks at my breast then starts sucking them.He licks me down to my belly buton.Then he looks between my legs."Nicole your pussy is so wet."He opens my lips n start licking my pussy.I moan and start pushing his head down so he can go deeper." Oh joey that feels good."I moaned louder and louder.After a few minutes i cumed in his mouth.He licked all my cum then kissed me."Joey that was so good."He stands up and stroks his dick a couple times.Then he says"nicole its my turn."I craled to the end of the bed then touched his dick.It was hard really hard.I rubbed it then licked the tip.He moande then shoved his dick in my mouth.I started licking a sucking.He pushed my head down to go deeper.He started pushing his hips up so he could fuck my mouth."Nicole im cuming baby im cuming."I sucked harder and played with his ballsack.I felt his dick go soft then he cummed in my mouth.I tried to move head but he held it still so i had no choice but to swallow his cum."Nicki your a good liltte cocksucker."He put me back on the bed and played with my titis."Joey i....i want you in me..joey please."He looked at me and said"u sure?""yes...im positive."He picked me up and put me on the wall.He kissed me roughly.I grabed his dick and put in my pussy.We started rocking.I could feel his big dick inside of me."joey oh it feels good.Go harder please.He went hard and fast."Im cumming im cumming.I felt his hot cum pour into me.We fell to the floor.Then we fell asleep with his dick buried in me.

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