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Created by Eclementine on Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Dreaming was what always came most easily to me. My mother had a costume trunk. I loved what was inside. So many different outfits I could be whatever I wanted standing in front of the mirror. On the painful days, the days that just hurt coming home from school, I would pull out the costume trunk and it was so big. So big if I curled up in a ball and tucked my feet just so, I could fit inside. Buried in all of those clothes, I would dream dreams I was certain no one else dreamed and in them I was spectacular.

That never happened. Never.

My brother came today. He brought his girlfriend and her best friend and as I stood, sweeping the kitchen floor, ridding of it of the mess my sister created, they whispered in the next room.

“I think she’s deaf,” hissed Casey. Her voice held all the venom of a girl who was just bored.

“Then why are you whispering?” the other girl accused smugly. I kept on sweeping, I didn’t care what they thought of me.

“Because what if she isn’t?” Casey snapped, “how would that make her feel?” The other girl snickered. Neither of us were fooled.

“I think they’ll call it arson,” I said to Cane as I leaned against the wall. He shrugged. We watched the couch burn for a moment. I shrugged too, after a minute and tossed my sack lunch into the flames.

“Nasty,” I explained. He nodded.

“You going tonight,” he asked.

“ ‘Course.”

I watched from the safety of the arm of the living room recliner, a smiling playing at my lips. Allison nudged me with her elbow. I glanced down at her.

“You’re lucky to have him as a friend,” she said. Her face was so ugly I smiled. This was great. I took a drink of whatever was in the bottle and offered her a shrug in response.

“Fix your make up Allison,” I said watching as Cane went for another round with the police officer.

They were talking too much. Something about grounded, where was I, who was I with, what have I been doing, never going outside after seven again… I flicked a pebble off the toe of my shoe, now how had that gotten there?

“To hippie town man!” Jared yelled drunkenly. I grabbed the sleeve of his shirt and jerked him down in his seat.

“Sit down you crazy moron,” I muttered, swiping a strand of black hair out of my eyes. We were going way too fast.

“We are going to join a circus!” Eleanor cackled maniacally. I rolled my eyes, opened my mouth to say something, then with a terrible jerk my comic strip life exploded into color. We. Hit. A. Patch. Of. Ice. It. Wasn’t. Even. Cold. Outside. We. Rolled. Off. A. cliff. When. Had. That. Gotten. There? We. Weren’t. wearing. Seatbelts. *curse. Word*.

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