And I Love Randy Orton, WHY??? {1}

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Created by JeffHardyChicka365 on Sunday, January 10, 2010

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It was almost 11 when I woke up and when I did I screamed. That scream caused Jeff and Matt to come in from wherever looking like they had just seen a ghost.

"RANDY! WHAT THE HELL? MAKE SOME NOISE OR WAKE ME NEXT TIME!" I yelled at him. He was sitting in the chair that was diagonal of my bed. See me and Randy had on and off days. The on days is when we got along and had a blast but those pesky off days was when I wanted to kill him. Sad as it is I wish I had more good days with him.

"Vince wants to see you. Something about a press confrence. He says to be in the areana from last night in an hour." Randy said and got out of that chair. Then he laughed randomly. "By the way, nice bed head there Hardy Girl." I glared at him playfully and threw a pillow at him.

The whole time Jeff and Matt where standing there trying to hide their laughter. I threw a pillow at them and went to the bathroom, slamming the door in the process. When I looked in the mirror I had to admit that I agreed with the boys. My hair was sticking up and my make up from last night was smuged. I sighed and turned on the sower.

It took me 20 minuets to shower and get dressed into a tank top that said "Wild Hardy" on the back and my plain blue jeans. I was blow drying my hair when my phone started playing Booycall by BrokeNCYDE which could only mean I had a text. I turned off the blow dryer and picked up my phone from the bed side table.

'Vince says hurry up. We are leaving soon!' It was from Randy. I shrugged and walked out the door. I was careful to grab the room key because I was know for leaving it everywhere. I pressed the down button as Mickie James walked up to the elevator.

"Heyy Anna. Whats up?" She asked as she pushed the down button too. Me and Mickie were really good friends.

"Nothing. Just got something to do with Vince and apperently Randy." I said in reply and then yawned. Mickie nodded as the elevator opened.

"He likes you, ya know. Randy I mean." She said as if it was nothing. I stopped with my hand halfway to push the lobby button. It took me a minuet but I pushed it finally.

"No way. The way me and him fight some days are too funny for words." I said with a small chuckle. This elevator needs to hurry up I thought to myself.

"Well, all the divas think he does." She said with a shrug and as I was about to reply the doors opened, meaning we were finally at the first floor. I stepped off and smiled at her.

I walked forward to where I could see Randy's back and tried to walk quietly. I was just about to shout 'Boo' when he said,

"Don't even try it Hardy." He said in a calm voice. I pouted and he turned around. He laughed at my expression and kept lauhing right up till Vince walked up to us.

"Good. Your both here. The storyline people came up with a new one involving you too," he turned to me "You, Anna, will be having trouble with your brothers. And don't worry they already know. Now when your having these troubles you will turn to Randy Orton and Legacy. Randy in return will comfort you and bring you into legacy over a certain amout of time. Got it? good." He said with a smile as he walked away. I however stood dumbstruck looking at Orton.

"Guess there was no confrence." Randy said to me and scratched the back of his head. I simply nodded. I was being THROWN out of my own team. I was way too high flying to be the so called "Princess of Legacy" Or whatever they were calling it.

"We min as well hang out more so it seems natural for us." Randy said oblivious to my shock. I again nodded having no clue to what I was agreeing to. "great. See you at 7, then." He said and walked away.

I was utterly confused by what just happened. 1) I was being KICKED out of Team Xtreme not to mention I think I have a date with Randy Orton. Oh but there was think I did know. Matt and Jeff Hardy will have a hard time performing next week if I got my handsd on them. And they had better hope I don't.

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