Suite Life on Deck ~ Love on Deck ~ A Zack Martin Story ~ Part 1

Created by 0nEbr0kEnHeaRtEdGiRL on Sunday, January 17, 2010

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Cheryl Tipton

Cheryl is London Tiptons cousin. They share the same interests and are both very rich. Cheryl is almost the exact opposite of London. Cheryl is smart, athletic, and loves to cook. She also has a little vanity and mischievousness, smart but not smart like Cody and rich (of course)


In Suite life of Zack and Cody:

Light brown hair past her shoulders, with bangs, a little taller than Zack and Cody but smaller than Maddie, slim figure and has chocolate brown eyes

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Cheryl was introduced in the first episode. She seems to be younger than London about Zack and Cody’s age. She also helps Maddie in tutoring London. She and London help Maddie with her crush on the poolboy “Lance”. She (Cheryl) and Maddie became closer with each other but Cheryl became much closer with Zack and Cody despite her wealth. She seems to love the twins like her own brothers but she and Zack have always had a love-hate relationship. When the twins first spotted her, they both developed a minor and brief crush on her. She both let them down. Cody accepted it while Zack didn’t. This is the cause of their long-time dislike of each other. They sometimes try to get along for Cody’s sake. Zack’s crush on her disappeared almost immediately after she rejected him. Zack insulted her thinking she didn’t want to out with him because he isn’t rich or good enough for her. Cheryl defended herself saying she was in a serious relationship which was a total lie. She soon paid a wealthy, attractive but dumb boy to pose as her boyfriend. He soon blew it and Cheryl apologized to the twins by saying that she was always misunderstood by boys because of her wealth. She and Zack made up briefly but soon got back to their old ways the next episode. Zack seems sympathetic to Cheryl when her family goes bankrupt and even offers to let her stay at their suite briefly. Everybody including Cheryl was shocked at Zack’s gesture. Cody seems to enjoy Cheryl’s company very much since she is probably the closest female friend he has. Carey loves Cheryl as much as the twins, often describing her as “the daughter I never had although I wish I did”. Moseby pays more attention to London than to Cheryl but Cheryl doesn’t mind. London and Cheryl share a sister-like relationship. Cheryl soon leaves The Tipton to be with her parents and their new baby in Seattle. Everybody missed her and strangely enough, Zack missed her the most.

Suite Life on Deck

Cheryl came back in the first episode of The Suite Life on Deck.
longer black hair no bangs, got a slight tan, the same height as Bailey, still has the slim figure she had before
nothing changed except she got more sarcastic. she also harbours a slight crush on Cody.

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