45 minutes in heaven with Alec Volturi? (Alec Volturi one-shot for JaspersDarlin)

the last part is kinda lemons, but not completely

Created by EmmaxTwilight on Sunday, January 17, 2010


Read the memo

Name: Rachel James
Guy: Alec Volturi
Species: Vampire
Family: Emilee James and Erik James. They both died in a fire right before Rachel was changed.
Age: Looks 16 but is 603 years old
Looks: Long golden blonde hair with golden eyes and pale skin
Personality: Rachel is very sarcastic, can be a real bitch sometimes, loves to get into trouble, funny when she wants to be, and hates it when she gets treated like a kid. She has a short temper and is really nice once you get to know her.

Rachel's P.o.V.

I was the only vegetarian Volturi, but everyone was okay with that now.

I passed my crush, Alec in the hallway, but sighed because he didn't even glance at me.

When I got to my room Jane came in and immeditaly said, "I'm going to help you."


"A game we all are playing."

"Which one?"

"45 minutes in heaven, Aro agrred to have everyoen play it and he is rigging it for you and your know who." Jane said knowing her brother over her.

"But how would you know if he likes me?"

"I've know him since 9 months before I was born practially forever so I know how his mind will work." She did have a point they were twins.

"Fine," I grumbled.

"Good now put this on." She smiled pulled out a short dress from behind her back. "The game starts in three minutes."

I took a deep breath and when she left I changed in to the short, sexy green dress.

I brushed my long golden hair with my finger tips a little before going out.

When I came in everyoen was staring at me, I gave Jane a look, before I noticed her twin staring at me.

"Rachel chose first." Aro said.

I picked out a rose and Alec walked up to me and led me to his room.

When we got on there we sat on his bed.

"So. ..." He said.

"So..... roses are awsome." I smiled twirling the rose in my hands.

"Yeah." Alec agreed.

I stared at him for a moment before I decided to push him down, get one top of him and kiss him, he did not complain.

But a few seconds late rhe chuckled, I'm going to get raped by a child.

I growled and kissed him harder. "It's not rape if you enjoy it and do it willingly also we were turned at the same age."

He flipped us over and undid the zipper to my dress.

He put his lips on my neck trying to make me moan, we he got to my sweet spot, I couldn't help it.
Then I took his shirt off and tryied to find his sweet spot, my fingers made imaginary patterns against his hard, cold muscled chest.

"Rachel.." He moaned when I bit down on his sweet spot.

"5 minutes." Jane called.

We ingonored her and continued, he slowly took off ymy bra and I removed his pants, I felt his FRIEND.

"Times up!" Jane called.

"We don't care!" replied and we continued for the rest of the night to the morning.

Hope you liked it.

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