Yu-Gi-Oh: Part 11, Kemo vs Willow

I'm sorry, but I'm too ill to write the action decently >.>

Created by Anch-sun-amun on Sunday, January 17, 2010


‘Yugi, you don’t have a ghost of a chance beating Kaiba.’ Kemo laughed. ‘Because this time, he IS a ghost.’

‘A ghost?’ Yami asked surprised.

‘Stop it Kemo!’ Mokuba shouted.

‘It’s a fact,’ Kemo retorted. ‘Two witnesses saw him fall to his doom.’

‘Liar!’ Mokuba screamed. ‘Take back what you said!’

‘Get used to it. All that’s left of Kaiba are your memories. Plus a very cranky ghost looking for revenge.’

‘It’s not him,’ Yami retorted.

‘Well, he’s seen better days,’ Kemo replied. ‘It’s time to duel, with a ghoul.’

‘It can’t be! That guy’s nothing but a fake. A trick by Pegasus.’ Yami turned to Mokuba. ‘Don’t worry Mokuba, I’ll win your freedom and we’ll find your brother.’ Yami stepped onto the platform of the dueling arena.

‘Yugi, you look like you’ve seen a ghost.’ Kaiba teased.

‘That’s enough.’

‘I am no longer of this world and it’s all because of you. I could have had it all, but when you beat me you took more than just a match, you stole my life and destroyed my soul.’

‘You’re nothing but an imposter, so stop the lies and let’s start the duel.’ Yami took his deck.

‘Fine with me. This time you won’t beat my cards.’

‘You might look like Kaiba, but there’s no way you can imitate his deck!’ Yami retorted.

‘You mean my deck,’ Kaiba corrected him.

‘Beat him Yugi! He’s nothing but a fake,’ Mokuba yelled from the sideline.

‘That ghost don’t even look like Kaiba!’ Joey agreed.

‘That’s right!’ Tea shouted. ‘Wait, I mean, it’s not a ghost and it’s not Kaiba.’

‘Get him Yugi!’ Tristan screamed.

Yami nodded and the duel started.

The duel was almost at an end and Yami was about to win. You took a few steps backwards to glance over at Kemo and Mokuba. Kemo had obviously noticed that he was going to lose and he was pulling Mokuba with him into the forest behind him. You looked over at the rest who were still watching the duel intensely and encouraging Yami. You silently snuck after Kemo and Mokuba into the forest.

‘Quit your squirming!’ Kemo yelled annoyed.

‘Let go of me!’ Mokuba tried to free himself from Kemo’s grip.

You silently followed them, keeping your distance. You looked around for something heavy, a log or a thick branch. You reached over to the ground to grab a fairly tall branch.

‘It looks strong enough…’ you thought. ‘Well, it’s now or never.’ You tiptoed closer to Kemo and swung the branch over your head, bringing it down hard on Kemo’s head. Kemo made a low growling sound and fell to the ground, releasing Mokuba.

‘Think he’s unconscious?’ you asked, your arms shaking.

‘Looks like it…’ Mokuba blinked his eyes a few times, then looked at you. ‘Thanks.’

‘You’re welcome.’ You dropped the branch and let out a sigh of relief. ‘Didn’t think I would ever be able to hit hard enough.’ You smiled and leaned against a tree, catching your breath.

‘Are you alright?’ Mokuba asked.

‘Yeah, just recovering from the overdose of adrenaline.’ You laid a hand on your chest. ‘How are you doing? Did he hurt you?’

‘Other than a couple of bruises, I’m fine.’

‘Okay, good, wonderful.’ You took another deep breath. ‘I’m Willow by the way.’

‘I’m Mokuba and I think we should get moving.’ Mokuba looked at Kemo. ‘Before he wakes up.’

‘Good plan.’ You turned around and started walking. ‘Do you perhaps know the way back?’

‘I wasn’t really paying attention to my surroundings,’ Mokuba replied.

‘Get back here!’ Kemo screamed from behind.

‘Time to run!’ you screamed. Kemo sprinted towards you and grabbed Mokuba’s arm and pulled him towards him. He tried to wrap his arms around Mokuba to make him stop moving.

You jumped on Kemo’s back and wrapped your arms around his throat. ‘Let go of him!’

‘Get off me!’ Kemo screamed and grabbed your arms with his right hand, while holding Mokuba with his left.

You wrapped your legs around his waist to get a tighter grip around him.

‘You can’t hold both of us!’ you screamed.

Kemo pushed Mokuba to the side, obviously realizing you were right and tried to release himself from your grip.

‘Mokuba!’ you yelled. ‘Run!’

‘I won’t leave you here!’ he retorted.

‘Don’t worry!’ you panted. ‘I’m almost 40% sure I can take him!’

Kemo reached behind him, grabbing you by the shoulders with both hands, he pulled you over his head and threw you on the ground before him. You wanted to scream, but your voice was choked off. You carefully rolled over to your stomach, coughing heavily.

‘That hurt,’ you whispered.

‘Willow!’ Mokuba rushed towards you, but Kemo pulled him away from you.

‘Play time is over,’ Kemo grunted and started to walk away again.

‘Mokuba!’ you yelled and crawled back to your feet. You placed a hand on your back, leaning slightly forward. ‘God that hurts.’

‘What are you going to do now?’ Kemo smiled amused.

‘I’m still thinking,’ you replied.

Kemo started laughing and stepped towards you. He grabbed you by the throat and lifted you up. You grabbed his arm with both hands and kicked your legs around while you were desperately gasping for air. He pushed you against a tree hard and let go of you. You fell to the ground and landed on your back.

‘Say good night little girl.’ Kemo hit you in the neck and you lost consciousness.

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