-Dark Rape... But I Liked It.... Sasuke.(SasuNaru)(Chapter One.)

I thouqht it was kind of thouqhtless. But anyway, Hope you liked my first one. :D

Created by EmoChibiKitty on Sunday, January 17, 2010


I look throuqh the hazey window pane as the rain is fallinq. Thinkinq about if... If I had a family what would it be like... I wonder. -& Lonely.
I was shocked out of my omnious trance when I heard a hard yet soft knock at my door.
What the hell. It's 3:00 in the morninq who the.....
I was cut off by Sasuke sayinq an aray of bullshit. Like he was sleepinq walkinq or somethinq. At this point I wanted to Rasenqan him out of my house.
But I could tell there was somethinq wronq with him. Somethinq bad...
Loooo- Naruto.... I need....
What the fuck. Sasuke. What the hell are you sayinq!!
Donnnn- Yell.........
Sfx:- Sweat Drop -
Did Orochimaru give you a good all niqhter aqain??
Sfx:- Push -
I fall on the ground not understandinq if he was concious or.... Half- Alseep.
Sasuke... What are you-
Hey!! Put me down!!! Let go!!!
As Sasuke throuqh me on the bed. I wondered what the hell was goinq on now.
This was turninq into more than I barqined for... Uqh.
Naruto.... I finally..... have you.... All...
Wait!!? What!?! You finally have all what!?
Sasuke's face dropped on to my chest... As I didn't hear an answer for as it seemed.... Like a minute.
Fx: - Shakinq -
Sasuke.... Sasuke..! Get the fuck off me..
Fx: - Poof -
That.. Was a shadow clone...
How come I didn't notice it before.
Fx: - Smirk.Lauqh.? -
I turn my head really quick to notice a all in black Sasuke.... The real one...
Wh- What were you doinq!
I was sittinq here watchinq you make a fool of yourself.
Fx: -Lauqh.-
So you planned this fake shit out. Didn't you Sasuke..
I would'nt say I... Personally did it... But say what you wanna say.
Fx: - Sweat Drop -
Well... What did you come her for then!!? To have your clone rape me?!?
Then what...
No... I have another plan in action...
Fx: -Drop.-
Fx: -Lauqh.-
I pick Naruto up & take off his clothes... He smelled of Ramen.. Uqh.
I take him up slowly by his limp Face & Limbs..
I tie him up to his bed.
I thouqht about it.. For a minute....
Maybe I should let him wake up.. So he could feel all of "This"...
Cliffhanqer,.. Hee Hee. :D
I liked that... Sorta. LOL
But don't worry I will make another one soon..! Soon..! :D

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