Anger is attractive - Twilight - Paul one-shot for OMGBABY3

Yay! My first request, but not my first written request because Quizilla was being gay! Hope you like it OMGBABY3!

Created by hililmissy on Monday, January 18, 2010

Riley stumbled, her father barely able to catch and steady her. Being exhausted and jetlagged only made her more clumsy then usual. Marley, her adorable puppy, yipped and chased her heels as she passed her uncle Charlie - cheif of police here in Forks. He laughed, making way for her.
Bella greeted her animal loving cousin warmly, they hadn't seen each other in ages. "Hi Riley, it's great to see you!" Riley nodded, quiet as always. The years of seperation had made her as shy as she was around strangers. Sometimes she wished she could be braver, more outgoing. But that would never happen. The same way Kayden - her younger brother - would ever never take anything seriously.
Spending a week in Forks had made Riley realise how much she detested the rain. Forks was nothing like their small farm in Texas. Riley sighed, petting Marley absent mindidly, she'd have to get used to the rain. Forks was her home now.
Leaving Marley to play with Kayden, Riley wrapped a waterproof coat around herself before stumbling to Bella's truck. They were going to visit Bella's La Push friends. Bella had bribed Riley with country music. How could she refuse?
Somehow Riley had managed to squeeze herself between Quil and the arm of the settee - which was digging into her back. Quil leaned closer. "Hey babe. What'cha doing tomorrow?" He asked in a seductive purr.
This seemed to anger the hot boy - Paul - who had been staringat her since she arrived. Trust Paul to imprint on the leech lover's cousin.
He towered over Quil. "Back off squirt," he warned, "She doesn't want to talk to you." His voice was almost a feral snarl.
Before the two giants could start a fight - with her in the middle - Riley escaped to the less packed kitchen. It was occupied only by Emily, who was happy to have help with the cooking. Apparantly those boys ate a lot. Riley didn't mind: cooking calmed her.
Soon, Emilyleft to distribute food among the crowd, but Riley was certain she wasn't alone.
Whipping around, her breath caught in her throat. Paul was leaning against the kitchen counter - and looking sexy as hell doing it.
"You alright?" He asked, voice thick with concern. Unable to speak, Riley simpley nodded, keeping her eys on her busy hands but sending him sidelong glances.
He seemed pleased by that answer: his body posture and expression relaxed.
Paul studied the tanned girl for a moment: dark hair pulled into a lazy ponytail, big, innocent, dark blue eyes and a toned body. Beautiful.
"You want a lift home? Sounds like the partys ending." He commented, jerking his thumb towards the living room. Riley nodded again, drying the last dish hastily. She was unusually eager to spend time with this boy, who she trusted but didn't know. She placed the dish in its place.
Now all she had to do was tell Bella she had another ride.

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