Emo Baby Daddy Alan

Here's the Alan baby daddy result! Sorry the others are coming soon but this was asked for first

Created by XxxAFIGirl95xxX on Tuesday, January 19, 2010


How you meet:
"You nodded your head to the music that was being played from the band room across the hall. "The class can wait awhile for me you told your self as you approached the raving band room. As you enter you saw no band. But a emo band. You quickly made away to the door but was stopped by one of he boys. "Where you think you're going sweetie.?", he asked as he start pulling you in the room. "Well i'm going to World History if you let me go.", you said as you tried to get loose of his grap. "Let her go Robbie, can't you see she have somewhere to go?", a boy with jet black hair and bangs covering his eyes asked. As you looked up you saw that is was Alan, the quiet, anti-social emo. "Whatever you say Alan.", Robbie said as he let you go. "Thanks.", you mouthed out as you headed to class. "Yes the weekend is here!", i screamed exicted. "What's with you i thought you hate the weekends.", you pointed out as i calmed down. "Yeah but i going to see this AFI live!". I screamed with glee. "Oh.", you said as we walked to my car. "I got three tickets if you and a special some wanna tag along say so.", i said as i hop in my car. "Yeah, sure i got and i think i have someone that might wanna tag along.", you said with a grin on your face.When you got home you screached you closet for the perfect outfit. Unluck. So you decided that you and me should go shopping for new clothes. We went through mostly every store before you found the perfect outfit. Black tank top with black ripped skinny jeans with grey and black converses. "Um___ about Afi live in concert well they canceled at the last minute, but i got tickets to a band that's playing at the blues house.", i said uneasy. "Yeah, sure, it's cool with me i don't wait this outfit to go to waste. At the blues house everyone has crowded arounded the stage waiting for the band to perform. "I hope this band is good.", you said as we headed to be close to the stage. "Yeah, I think they are. I heard that their guitarist is awesome with the fret if you know what i mean.", I laughed as you looked at me retarded. "Everyone make some noise for Undieing Love.", a man said as a emo band enter the stage. "Everyone this is our first gig, but we really want you to enjoy so if you feel it go wild for us.", a familar voice said."Robbie?", you said as you looked on stage. "Two, Three,Four!", the drummer called out as the guitar play started to play a intense solo. "Wow he is good.", you said as the solo came to is peak and the band begin to play a song that made you wanna dance. "TylerMarie this band is amazing.", you said not taking your eyes off them. "Yeah, told you.", i said jamming out. The guitarist start to break out with another solo. This time you caught his eye. "Alan?", you said as the song begin to fade. "Thanks everyone for listen to us. I hope you had a good time!", Robbie said as he followed the band behind stage. Without think you follow Robbie back stage. "Hey what you doing here?", Robbie asked as he started walking towards you."Um I just wanted to say that you all were awesome on the stage tonight, and that i wanna see you all more.", you said as you started to walk away. "Wait, do you wanna chill with us for awhile or so?", Alan asked as he was putting his guitar away. "Yeah i love to.", you said as you started to help picking things up.
How it happened:
You and Alan have been going out for two months every since you met at the show. You went to all his shows to surport him. Well tonight was a night that he had a show and you decided to say over his house. "Alan when did you first decided you wanted to play guitar?", you asked as you flipped through the channels trying to find something to watch. "When i was six, since my dad played i decided i keep the legcy alive.", Alan said as he flopped on the couch next to you. "Really i've never met your dad before is he like you quiet, anti- social except to his beautiful lady, and a rocking hot guitarist?", you asked as you moved closer to Alan. "My dad died when i was eight. I took i pretty hard my mom did to. Since she very worked a day in her life she had to find a job. And oh well you get the picture right?", Alan said as he put his arm around you. "You didn't tell me this before?", you asked as you looked him deep in the eyes. "____ the true is i thought you wouldn't like me if i didn't have a perfect life or things like that. I just wanted to make you happy.", Alan said as he pulled you into a hug. "Really?", you asked. "Really ____ I love you.", Alan said as he started kissing you "Alan...", you trailed off. "What you do want this?", he asked pulling away from you. "No I want more.", you said as you pulled him on top of you. And that lead to some things.
How you Told him:
"Hurry up.", you said unpatiencely.", as you paced in the bathroom. Beep! Beep! "This can't be right you said as looked at the positive prengnancy test in shock. "I wonder if he even want a baby he's a raising rock star.", you said as you fell to the floor. "I just have to tell him and see what he was.", you said as you got up and headed outside. At Alan house you stood almost five minutes untill someone finally answered the door. "_____ what are you doing here it's like six o' clock in the morning on saturday.", Alan said as he lead you in the house. "Yeah i kind of know that you said as you headed to hit on the couch. "So what's up, you usually don't come here to late in the afternoon?", he said with concern as he sit down next to you on the couch. "You promise you won't get mad?", you asked uneasy. "Yes, I promise now just tell me ____", Alan said. "I'm pregnant.", you said looking at the floor. "Babe look at me are you for real?", Alan asked in complete shock. "Yes your the dad,but if you don't want the baby i understand because you're a rockstar in the making.", you said. "Rockstar or not i still going to take care our baby.", Alan said as he pulled you in a hug. "Thanks hun your the best.", you said as you layed your headed down on his chest.
When you went into labor Alan was playing at a show. But as soon as he heard you were having the baby he rushed to your side. You said in labor for 6
hours untill you gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and named her____________.
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