Hailee Riddle:The Depths Of My Father And The Tri Wizard Tournement.

Okay plz message and tell me if it's good no one ever has......This SHOULD bE GOOD AS FAR AS i'M GUESSIN'

Created by LiGhTiSoUrDaRk on Thursday, January 21, 2010

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They had got to Hogwarts and they stepped of the train onto the platform at Hogmeade Station.
"So what's your Father actually like Hailee."
"Probably the worst he isn't that scary to me.At all.No where near scared although my mum is Really surprised I'm not because she is.Wierd.Huh?"
"Yeah.The depth is amusing..."
"What the Bloody hell are you on about?"Said Ron.
"Wel- Oh never mind.Nothing too... Er well.Don't worry too much.

They all took their tables in the Grand hall.Proffeser Dumbledore stood up.

"Hello,Welcome back to Hogwarts.This year we will be having an event called The Tri-Wizard Tournement.It is an event We will be joining three schools together.But before I explain further, We will welcome the school of BeuxBatons."
In came loads of girls in silky blue cloaks.With a dodgey hat.The did a funny walk or dance and they sat down at the RavenClaw table.
"Now.I introduce the school of....Durmstrang."Dumbledore said amusingly.
And with that in came a large group of boys i n heavy fur cloaks and huge sticks.The ran forward thenj sat down at the Slytherin table.

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