Konoha High School ( A Sasuke Uchiha love Story) Chapter 1!

Here we go with chapter 1!!!!

Created by bakuganxcatxgirl280 on Thursday, January 21, 2010

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You fell out your bed as the alarm on your alarm clock went off. You get up and looked at the time. 6:20- just great. So you got up and went to the bathroom and washed your face off. You took a shower then went down stairs to find your brother- Deidara having some breakfast.
Deidara: Morning DeDe.
You: Morning Dei! So, what's for breakfast?
Deidara: Waffles.
You: Ooooh!
Deidara: But your lucky, this is the last one, yeah. He said with a grin.
You: Oh that's nice. you said sarcastically.
So after breakfast you went up stairs to brush your teeth and to get ready. This is what you wore:

Me: nice, huh?
Then you walked back down stairs to grab your cell. Then you texted your best friend, Sakura. " Hey Sakura wat's up, its the first day of skool!!" then she texted you back after 2 minutes " Wat's up! And ya I know, I hate it I wish it was still summer! Hey do u need a ride 2 skool?"
You texted back saying " Me 2!! And ya, cuz I don't want to hang with my bro and his friends." she texted back " K, cool!" Then you came into the living room.
Deidara: Hey DeDe, do you need a ride to school, yeah?
You: No,Sakura is coming to pick me up with to rest of the girls with her.
Deidara: K, cool, because I don't think you would want to be stuffed in a car full of guys, un.
You: Oh you got that right.
Ten minutes later Sakura came to pick you up, just as the same time as Deidara was leaving. You got into Sakura's car with the rest of the girls there. Girls: Hey DeDe! You: Hey! Ino: Haven't seen you in a long time, Deidre. You: And long time no see Ino! you said as you sat down beside her. You guys jumped out of Sakura's car when you arrived to school. ???: Well, well look who it is, its hotstuff but she's looking hot as ever. You looked aroung and saw that it was konoha's few top bad asses, Kiba Inuzuka, Kankuro, and the one you despised the most, Sasuke Uchiha. You: Oh no!! Kankuro: Oh yeah, did ya miss me baby. he said as he looked you up and down. You rolled your eyes at that. Sasuke: Hn.Temari: Get a life Kankuro, and stop bothering her. Kiba: Awww, but we were just having a little fun. You: Come on girls, let's just go. So you guys walked into the school and got your scheduals. You looked at yours and saw that you started with the subject that you hated the most to start with- Science.
You: Hey Hinata, what class do you have first? Hinata: I-I h-have S-science first, h-how a-about you? You: I have science first too! Hey how about you Sakura? Sakura: Science. You: Yay! We have first classe together! In science you guys sit together. There you find Naruto. You: Hey Naruto, what's up! Naruto: Hey Deidre! he said hugging you. Naruto: Hey Sakura! Sakura: Hey! Naruto: Hey Hinata!Hinata: H-hi N-Naruto. she said blushing deep red. Kiba: Hey guys look who's in our class! You: Oh hell to the no! Kankuro: Oh hell to the yes! He said coming in with thesome of the school's bad asses - Sasuke,Gaara, Shikamaru, and Neji. Kiba: What's up babe? You: Why, why doesn't this nightmare ever end?!Ok, 1st of all don't call me babe and 2nd leave me alone. Then your teacher came in. Asuma: Ok class settle down and choose your seats. All the bad asses sit around you, Sakura and Hinata. Asuma: Those will be your seats for the rest of the year, or until I tell you to change seats. You look around and see that all the guys are surronding you. You: Crap! you said whispering.
After Asuma ended his teaching the bell rang. You: Oh thank god, saved by the bell! You grab your backpack, Sakura and Hinata.You: Ok what do you guys have next? Sakura: I have math- ugh, how about you Hinata? Hinata: G-gym, h-how a-about you D-Deidre? You: I have gym too! Ok, so I guess we'll see you later Sakura, bye! You said as the bell rang. In Gym you guys changed and came back out. There you saw Ino and Ten Ten. You: Hey guys! Ten Ten: Oh hey Deidre, hey Hinata. I can't belive were in the same gym class! Ino: I know!! But the only thin is that our gym class is merging with the boys gym class. You and Hinata: W-what!! Y-you got to be kidding, are you serious! Ten Ten: As serious as can be. And also I heard that the Akatsuki club is in it too. You: Great, just great that means- Kankuro and Kiba: What's up sweet thang!? And Sasuke walks in after them.You: Crap!
Then you seeNaruto walk in with Shino Abruame. You: Yes! Naruto's here, he'll save me!Naruto save me from these idiots- no offence. Naruto: Your on your own D. You: Aww, you suck! you said crying waterfalls.Kurenai: Ok, class settle down! After all the explenations your class plays a class game-Dogeball to be exact.Kurenai: Its boys versus girls, everyone get into your teams!! In the middle of the game, it was only you, Ten Ten and Ino. Ten Ten what do we do now? Its five against three! You: I have no clue. On top of that they have most of the balls! Ino: Ok, I have an Idea. Ino throws the ball and she misses, you step up with a ball and almost throw, until you got a pain in your stomach you look down and there is an orange ball in your gut. You fall to the ground in pain. Ino: Oh my god, Deidre are you ok?!! Ten Ten: Don't worry we'll get the nurse! Kurenai: Uchiha, take Deidre to the nurse's office please. Sasuke: Hn. Sasuke walks with you to the hallway. You: What the hell were you thinking, Uchiha! Sasuke: Well it was an accident. You: an accident my ass! Were you trying to knock me out or what! Sasuke: Hn. You: Hn-hn, is that all you can say you-Sasuke: I'm sorry. You: wha- did you just say " I'm sorry"? Sasuke: Hn. You: You annoy me Sasuke Uchiha. you said as you walked into the nurse's office. You stayed there for the rest of the day.
Skip to after school- Sakura: D! I heard what happened are you ok? You: Yeah, I'm good. Just a dogeball related accident. Temari: But at least the ball didn't knock you out hard enough, but are you sure that you're ok? You: Guys, I'm fine, I'm fine! So let's go home, I'm starving! Girls: Ok! you guys said as you got into Sakura's car and drove home.
And here is a hot photo of Sasuke!:
Me: Isn't he just FINE!!!

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