The Battlefield Lullaby's (Naruto/Sasuke Story) Chapter One:The Joys of Running

Chapter One is out! lol :D

Created by StorySisters on Saturday, January 23, 2010

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The team was running around the whole village looking for Nanami. We all split up and we couldn't find a trace of her. Incase she called we all had our cell phones. (Yes they have iPod, phones, and etc.) Then Sasuke called Serena and she answered.

"Hey Sasuke."

"Hey have you found her?"

"No... man knowing her she's probably moving back and forth to places."

Sasuke sighed.

"I swear between her and Naruto." he said getting aggravated.

Serena lightly laughed until a beep was heard on the line. Sasuke groaned.


"Yes this idiot." he said with a sigh.

"But Sasuke she cares sooo much for you! And she loves you!" She said laughing.

Sasuke slapped himself.

"Come on Nanami don't toy with me like that."

They both laughed until Nanami spotted familiar figure in the Ramen stand.

"Hold on."

She then entered the Ramen stand and Naruto and Nanami were eating Ramen.

"Hey Serena!" she said finishing her bowl.

She then put the phone to her ear. "I found them there at the Ramen Stand."

Sasuke rolled his eyes on the other side. "I should have known. I'll see you there."

"O.k. see you in a bit."

Then Sasuke hung up the phone and she looked over at Nanami and Naruto they were smiling a cheeky grin. Serena rolled her eyes and got a serious expression.

"Nanami where were you practice was today!" she said putting her hands on her hips. Nanami's jaw dropped.

"It was today!? Is Kakashi mad?!" she said in urgency.

"Well yeah kinda you have to run!"

"Oh o.k. I can run thats o.k."

Serena sad then soon Sasuke and Sakura came in and Sakura was yelling at Nanami.

"What the hell Nanami this is the fifth time you've done this! You get what you deserve!"

Nanami rolled her eyes.

"And people who are nice deserve pretty faces. So I guess you didn't deserve it!"

"Oh burn!" Naruto yelled.

Sakura's eyes squinted and she looked at me that she wanted to strangle Nanami. But she didn't because she knows she would kick her ass!

Anyways then through ou the day they trained Nanami ran 600 laps around the village for being late. But wasn't even tired I don't think she does. Then the day came to close when Nanami said she was going to stay a little longer. And so was Naruto. We all said o.k. and left and I hung with Sasuke for a little bit then we went home. I thought it was the end of the day till the phone rang.....

12:38 p.m

I grabbed the phone and groaned and said hello.

"Serena is Nanami there with you?" Neji asked.

"Uh no why?" I said waking up quickly and sitting up.

"She hasn't come home is she there?"

I didn't want to lie to Neji ,but if Neji found out she wasn't here then the whole family would freak. I have to find her.

"Yes she is she'll talk to you in the morning because she was so tired, because of practice this morning. She had to run 600 laps for being late to practice and then training so she's worn out."

Neji sighed.

"Sounds like her well o.k. I'll call in the morning sorry to bother you."

"It's o.k. night."

He then hung up and I put on my ninja shoes and ran out the door.

While looking up and down right and left I couldn't find them. Until it hit me stupid I said to myself the training are. And I was right they were there cuddled next to each other. I gave them you gotta be kidding look and I just grabbed them both by the collar and dragged them. And they didn't wake up weird? Anyways I arrived to Naruto's house and I flung him into his house. And he yelled in his sleep. "MINE RAMEN MINE MINE MINEI TELL YOU BELIVE IT!" Then once we arrived to my house. I kicked the door open then I put her on the couch and she sleep talked. "No no I'll confess I took the banana." I narrowed my eyes and I put a pillow under her head and a blanket over her. And she got into her comfort position and looked more in piece. I sighed. "Brat." but I managed to smile and walkedback into my room and went back to sleep.

Hey sorry this wasn't a good one it will get better tho it's just really late and we really wanted to get chapter One at least out. So please rate we worked our best on this one. We promise the next one will have more detailthanks for reading. Rate if you want to keep going!

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