?Wish upon a Miracle? [o1/o8 ? Roppongi Fumi]

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Created by zephrReme on Sunday, January 24, 2010



|Misunderstanding |


Fumi Roppongi;

Silence surrounded you and a completely focused Roppongi— who was busy on his laptop beside you. You peered over to him, slightly shifting on the train’s seat to face him and his blue eyes— obviously not paying attention to you but on the lit up screen.

“Roppongi-san?” You questioned. The male station simply gave you a small hum.

This pissed you off— the silence made you annoyed but a hum and no turning of his head to face you. Even though you knew he was quiet sometimes but this— this was simply painful.

“Roppongi-san. Do you hate me?”

You flinched when the reddish-brown haired male looked at you shocked.

“O-Of course not [name]-chan. W-Why do you think that?” His voice— once silk to your ears— now began to stutter.

You lowered your head and looked at the train’s floor. “You’re very quiet today, and you haven’t talked to me since I got on here this morning”

You looked up to meet Roppongi’s ocean blue pupils and a small— but visible red blush along his cheeks.

“Roppongi-san . . .?”

“I’m sorry [name]-chan, the truth is that whenever I talk to you I start to feel weird inside and my face begins to burn . . .” The train station became silent again— waiting for a response to come from your lips.

— But a small laugh only slipped out.

“So that’s why you were avoiding talking to me Roppongi-san?” You said— your laughter echoing around the moving train.

“Yeah. . .”

Roppongi’s blush darkened and a blush formed on your cheeks aswell.

“Roppongi-san?” You quietly said, leaning close to the embarrassed station.


You quickly silenced him with your lips on his cheek— feeling the spot where you kissed burn up.

“I like you Roppongi-san”

The blushing station smiled back at you and wrapped his arms around your upper body. You knew that you and him couldn’t be together— he was a train station after all and you a human girl.

But deep down inside Roppongi, the words ‘I like you’ wanted to come out.

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