Twilight Lesbian Story {Bella and J Prologue}

What would it be like if bella left edward for a girl demon?

Created by SwaggaStudd10 on Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I looked into her eyes...
"Wheres Edward?"
"Its sunny..." She said with a smile.
She kissed me before I could say some thing eles. I couldn't help but stare at her beautiness as she took off her sweater. I took off my coat and started to kiss her back passionatly.
"Bella...." I said while trying to regain composeur
"Dont stop..." She said impatiently. "Edward cant kiss me or even love like you can
"I can't protect you like he can, My enemys are bigger and badder than other vampiers and Werewolves"
She pushed her nose and cheek aginst my face. She took her hands down my body and for a moment I looked at my self in the mirror. Edward was my friend. His girlfriend was in love with me, and my love for her was the same. I could imagine Edward tearing me apart. I could imagine Bella pulling my braids telling me dont stop, I could see Edward Breaking my glasses and eatting me alive, but I could imagine Bella Fogging my glasses. Its death for love situation, the chances of getting caught with her are 75%......
But I like those Odds...

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