The Powerpuff girls and the Rowdyruff boys love story.

A story for everybody to think about.

Created by lemonfries11 on Friday, January 29, 2010


The city of Townsville's very own... POKEY OAKS! A nice place for little children and also for... the Powerpuff girls! "Hello, class!" Said Ms.Keane. "We have some very new students three students!" All of the children were exitedexcept for Buttercup. "Buttercup, what's wrong? Don't you like new students?" Asked Blossom. Buttercup smiled. "Um, yeah! Whatever..." She frowned. "Yay! I like new students! I wonder what the three could be?" Wondered Bubbles. "And here they are! The Rowdyruff boys! Brick, Boomer and Butch!" Said Ms.Keane. *Gasp!* Said the Powerpuff girls. "Why, don't we ask them stuff?" Asked Ms.Keane. After when the meeting was over the boys wondered around the classroom but then Brick saw Blossom. And Brick went to her. "Um, hi... Blossom." He said. "Uh, hi Brick! What are you doing here at Pokey Oaks?" Asked Blossom. "Urg. A long story!"AnsweredBrick. "Great! Maybe you can tell the story?" She said. "Well, we had no parents anymore. So we were walking along the street and saw you're school! We didn't ever notice that you guys were here... and so yeah!" Said Brick. "Wow!" Said Blossom. It was play time when five minutes passed on. All of the children were playing togetherexcept the Rowdyruff boys and Powerpuff girls. Buttercup was playing in the sand pit until then Butch came along! "Um, hey Buttercup! What ya doing?" He asked Buttercup. "Nothin' " She said. Now, lets see what Boomer and Bubbles are doing! Bubbles was playing on the slide until when sheslideonto to grass Boomer came along too. "Hey, Bubbles..." Said Boomer. "Hi!" Said Bubbles. "What are you doing?" "Nothing, much!" Boomer said. "Hey, Bubbles..." "Yeah?" Asked Bubbles. "I was thinking...tomorrowuh... may we... we could um, go out for anice cream! He he!..." "Hey, that would be a great idea Boomer!" Bubbles was pleased. Play time was over and the kids went inside the classroom. Until when Ms.Keane said. "Now, class we are going to do somethingspecial for ourheroesand new students! We are going to move them around!" "Oh, no!" Buttercuppanicked. " I hope I'm not gonna sit next to Butch!" Ms.Keane moved the PPGs and RRBs next toeach other. Blossom was with Brick, Boomer was with Bubbles. And... Buttercup was with Butch! "DANG!" Said Buttercup. " I knew it!!!""What's wrong Buttercup? Don't you like me?" Asked Butch. "Leave me along..." "Don't worry, Buttercup! As soon as you are with him you will get along!" said Ms.Keane. "You don't say..." Said Buttercup. It wasFriday afternoon and the Rowdyruff boys were thinking they could stay with ourheroes they wanted to, then and asked them. " Hey Powerpuff girls wait!" They said. " Since, we don't have anymore parents, we would like to be good heroes and stay with you!" Brick asked. The Powerpuff girls agreed. But Blossom said " As long as you don't do any bad stuff!" "Whatever..." Said Buttercup. "Yay!" Said Bubbles. They all went home together. When they went to PPGs house. "This is our house!" Said Blossom. "C'mon lets go!" Said Bubbles. They opened the door. And the girls were screaming. "Professor, Professor, Professor!" PPGs and RRBs went to the Professor's lab. He was working on something he stopped until then he wassurprised! "Hello, girls! And who do we have here?" He asked. " These are the Rowdyruff boys! Brick, Boomer and Butch!" Blossom said. "Who is this guy?" Asked Brick. "He's our dad Professor!" Said Blossom. " And this is his lab!" Said Bubbles. "Very, well! I'll make you guys beds!" Said Professor. The PPGs and RRBs went to their room! "And, this! Is what we call our room!" Said Buttercup. To be continued...

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