The Legend Of Dark Island

A account from a kid named kido, the new Kayone family son who's sent to live on Dark Island to keep the peace.

Created by ShadowTheQuilava on Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Ever since the incident with my great grandfather, it's been my family's tradtion that one son from each generation is to be forever bound to a island. They say it's to keep the world's balance in order but I'm not so sure. Do you know what they call this island? Dark Island. They named it this becasuse I live there. No, my name is not Dark. In fact my name is Kido. Anyway they called it Dark Island because the ones who live here use what's known as "Black Magic". We are what's known as necromancers.
My great grandfather was the most powerful necromancer who ever lived in Ramasia. Possibly even the world! You see with every generation of the Kayone family one son is born with the same magical powers as Akogi. It is easily detected who has Akogi's powers because they have "Black Blood". Akogi always brought happiness throughout Ramasia that was until he became obsessed with "Immortality" he killed innocent humans to live longer. Eventually they put a end to his life by...cutting...out...his...heart. Apparently anyone with Akogi's powers will eventually go insanse and we'll have a repeat of what happened. I don't believe that though.
Why don't I just magic up a boat or a portal or something? I hear you ask. My answer for you is, i've tried. It's not as easy as it seems, I mean sure I can use a little magic. I'm only 14 for god sake though! I can use magic to a certain extent, but that isn't the problem. The problem is, when I try to leave this Dark Island. I can't. There's a protective field surrounding it. However I know of one way to escape...There are ruins located on the island somewhere, but no member of the Kayone family can enter them. And since Dark Island isn't on any maps and the various rumors which cloak the island. We never get visitors. Say we were to get someone willing to visit Dark Island, they have to enter the ruins and destory the jewl which is keeping me trapped here. But no one's that brave. Basically leaving this island is a very far off dream indeed.

I remember the day when I was left stranded on this island. I was only 8 at the. It was a beautiful morning, sunlight seeped through the holes in the curtains. Arkeis, my younger brother, came running into my room and jumped on me. I suddenly woke up to see Arkeis staring down at me with his golden eyes.

Arkeis smiled 'Brother are you awake?'

I rubbed my eyes and pushed Arkeis onto the floor then turned over and went back to sleep. I always forget that my brother never gives up. I heard him stand up and the next thing I know sunlight flooded the room.

'Close the curtains!' I sarled.

Arkeis frowned 'But brother it's already 9, you can't stay in bed forever!'

I didn't reply, I just growled at Arkeis and yanked the covers over me. Arkeis was only a year younger than I, but he's really mature for his age. The worst thing about it is that he is always so energetic, I mean really. Can't he just leave me alone and let me sleep for once! A few minutes past and I wonderd if Arkeis was still in my room, I didn't hear him leave but he's always so quiet. I gradually peered out from underneath the covers to find Arkeis sitting on the window ledge looking outside. I slowly got out of bed and walked over to Arkeis.

'What are you looking at?' I asked quietly.

Arkeis looked at me and smiled 'Oh nothing' he replied jumping down from the window ledge. I looked into Arkeis' gold eyes, they seemed to be much more dimmer than usual. He also seemed as if he was thinking about something, but what? I stared at Arkeis, hoping he'd tell me what's wrong but instead he just grabed my arm and pulled me outside. The sun shone down on us, it was a unsually bright day. Normally we'd have some sort of cloud smothering the sun. I gazed at my brother who was already running around the trees happily, I wonderd why he was in such a energetic mood...

Bang! Arkeis knocked into me and we both fell with a thud on the ground.

'I'm so sorry Kido' he said standing up.

I rubbed my head 'It's fine' I replied and stood up.

Suddenly my brother burst out into tears and hugged me.

'I don't want you to' he cried into my shoulder.

'Go where?' I said to Arkeis trying to comfert him aswell.

Arkeis backed away from me and wiped his eyes on his sleve.

'To Dark Island' he finally said.

I stood there in amazment. I never knew I was the one to be going, and why now!? I'm only 8! I can't survive by myself of a strange island!

I smiled at Arkeis 'I'm not going yet'

My brother cried again as my mom walked over to us. She grabbed my arm, and I realised that the day I was going to be sent to Dark pushed my mom away and she fell onto the floor, Arkeis just stood there. I don't think he knew what to do. Slowly my mother stood up and looked at me with eyes which seemed like they could pierce my heart.

'I'm not going!' I shouted.

My mother approached me. I didn't know what to do! I felt a power welling up inside of me, jus bursting to get out. I didn't mean for things like this to happen but...The power inside me escaped in the form of a small magic-like beam, even though it was was still enough crashed onto the floor in pain and fatigue. Arkeis was to busy crying over my mother's death to notice I had fainted. The next thing I know is waking up, on Dark Island. A note was attatched to me it read. "This is why you have to stay here, I'm sorry Kido we can't allow you to kill anyone else, Love Dad". I was so angry that I screewed up the note and threw it into the sea. After that I just curled up and cried.

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