Into the Ocean (Kisame love story)(Part one)

I don't like how everyone considers Kisame an enemy, so I'm writing for him! Message me if you like, I'd like to know if I'm any good or not. T-T Here's the first part! It's written in second person narrative... soo yeah. ^.^

Created by Deidaras--temptress on Thursday, February 04, 2010

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In a dark chamber lies a heart with a passion for water. Long ago the heart froze and the water soon turned to ice, encasing the once warm heart for what feels like forever. The passion is gone; the water's skills are an obligation.
A body falls to the forest floor.
Another. At least ten bodies lay at the man's feet. He easily slung the massive, blood stained sword into place on his back. He smirked, a twisted cackle escaping his pale blue lips.
"Looks like they chose the wrong day to get cocky."
Another voice sounded from the shadows of a nearby cluster of trees; a small fire flickered in the background, revealing the silhouette of another man. "Are you finished Kisame?"
"Lighten up Itachi, it's not like we're in any hurry. Just waiting on some brat to show up." Kisame stretched his arms, loosening up from the too-easy fight that had just ensued.
Itachi said nothing, only narrowing his coal black eyes. He turned and walked back toward the fire.
Kisame followed and settled himself on a flat rock near the fire. He pulled his sword out and began cleaning the blood away with what looked to be an old rag, willing for it to stay fresh long enough to be cleaned without difficulty.
"When's this brat supposed to show up?" Kisame wondered out loud, continuing to wipe the ridges of his strangely serrated sword.
"Yesterday. He's late." Itachi murmured, his eyes not straying from the book he had pulled from his bag.
"Well what the hell? Why aren't we hunting this little bastard down?" Kisame snorted, he wasn't a particularly impatient person, but making someone wait for a whole day was ridiculous.
"We don't know where he's coming from. All we know is that they're coming as a new subordinate."
"For you." Kisame added bitterly. Itachi only continued to read.
"I'm gonna kill someone if he doesn't get here soon." Kisame continued, he was just being bitchy now.
"That gang wasn't enough?" Itachi inquired, this time looking up from his half finished book.
Kisame looked off in the direction of his short lived massacre, the bloody mess was obscured by trees and hardly visible. He scowled, "No."
Another ice crystal forms.
An old woman sat behind a desk in a cluttered little office. Her face was worn and held many crevices and wrinkles that each told of the many years she had lived.
She sipped absently from an old chipped teacup, her eyes scanning a small print paper. She quickly pulled out a stamp and punched it onto the paper. When punched down, the paper had the word DENIED in large print and red ink. She repeated the action three more times.
A young woman, about twenty-five years old let herself in, unannounced. She slapped a wad of money on the desk. She wore a black short sleeve that hung just above her stomach. Longer fishnet sleeves laced her arms and belly. She had black ninja pants that stopped at her calves, and standard black sandals. In contrast with her black clothing, her eyes and hair were both a ghostly white. Her expression was annoyed.
"Here's your damn bounty Granny."
"You're late." The displeased old woman grunted.
And you're an old hag.
"Sorry." The young woman muttered, in a not-so-sorry tone. The old woman hissed under her breath.
"You know we're trying to form an alliance! We're barely surviving in this barren wasteland and trying to make it through the cold season. You put that forming alliance in jeopardy and all you can do is spit out an insincere and pathetic excuse for an apology?!" The older woman snapped, strands of white hair stuck out from the bun she wore on the top of her head.
"What's my next chore Grandmother?"The young womansneered bitterly.
When was the last time I said that with a smile?
"Grandmother is too informal for a village leader Nevu." She growled.
You were Grandma first.
"You're a day behind. Let them deal with you as they please." The old woman stated, tossing Nevu a folder. She regretfully took the folder and scanned the general mission details. A certain part of the details caught her pallid eye:
In order to properly carry out this mission, the assigned ninja must become exiled from his or her current village.
"You're kicking me out?!"Nevu hissed in disbelief.
"This wasn't an easy decision to make, you’re the only formidable kun-"
"Save it!" She spat, "I know you've wanted to get rid of me ever since I outshined my brother! You're a bitter old hag and you know it! You've hated me ever since I was old enough to understand that you're not my real grandmother! Just because big brother is and I'm not! It's not my fault your son died before I was even thought of!" Her screech filled the room with a vicious roar. She then slammed down the folder and snarled. "I'll show you who the noblest ninja is! I'll certainly do this mission for you. But don't you dare expect for this alliance to go smoothly!"
With that, the woman left, slamming the door so hard that the frame cracked.
The old woman was left to herself. She shook her head and continued sipping her tea and filling out paperwork.

Nevu stormed out of the village, not bothering to say a word to anyone. She already memorized the co-ordinates from looking at the folder. She was going to make sure that this would be interesting.
((Okay the first part is short, but that's just so you get a sense of what's going on.))

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