Criminal Minds One Shot (Aaron Hotchner)

i will get ranigirls one shot out soon and the final part of my aro story at request of TeamVampire :)

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Criminal Minds (Aaron Hotchner) Fear No Love

Name: Maya Holly Claire (Maya, Holly, Hol, Hols) Age: 27

Looks:img_picker694.png Tattoo: pretty.jpgon her upper left arm (family death dates in ribbons)

Job: BAU profiler/FBI SSA agent

Pet:kitty.jpgManx kitten: Pepper (but no tail)

Info: lost father at age 9 to a psychopath (jailed, escaped, and killed), mother killed in a drive by shooting when 11 (jailed), younger sister, 8 years old was killed by a schizophrenic when 13 (never caught), finished high school with honors, went to college and got a degree in law and criminal analogy, had a boyfriend that was murdered by an obsessive ex-girlfriend (suicide by jumping off a parking garage roof), refuse to get close to anyone because of past pain that still haunts her, isn’t cold but isn’t very open, polite and semi friendly but unless someone breaks her barrier, she won’t freely disclose information, got a job at the BAU through one of her few friends Jason Gideon at age 23

Short Story Start:

Maya sat at her desk with about twenty case files that needed closing and it was about eight at night. All but Hotchner, Garcia, and Reid had gone home for the night. Maya usually didn’t go home until all of the work was done, so she got out some vitamin water and began to work on the stack. About three fourths of the way in, Reid got up and stretched, “Good night Maya.” She glanced up from her paper work, “Good night Reid.” Taking a large sip from her drink, Maya rubbed her eyes before closing number sixteen of twenty and began on the next. Hotchner soon readied himself to go home for the night, “You should go home and get some sleep Claire.” “I will as soon as I am done Hotch.” “You can leave the rest till tomorrow, go home.” “But-” “Now.” Sighing, Maya complied, silently annoyed because she doesn’t like leaving things that could be done now until the next day. “Good night Hotch.” “Night.”

Arriving home, Maya plopped down on her couch as soon as she dropped her bag next to the door which she locked out of habit. Hearing soft meowing at her feet, Maya glanced down and saw her Manx kitten, Pepper. “I know you are hungry; I’m coming.” Getting up, Pepper brushed against her leg and scampered to the kitchen waiting to get fed. Opening up a can of wet kitten food, Maya filled her dish and put it on the floor along with some water before getting herself a TV dinner of mac n cheese. Plopping back on the couch, Maya turned on the TV and watched Twister. Finishing her dinner, she washed her dishes and went upstairs to get ready for bed. Pepper cutely climbed the stairs one by one because she was so tiny but made her way to Maya’s room where she slept on the pillow next to Maya’s. Pepper mewed to be lifted onto the bed and climbed onto the pillow beside Maya and curled up into a tiny ball of fur before dozing off along with her master who was asleep after a few moments.

Pepper awoke Maya by licking her nose and rubbing on her face because she was hungry and wanted to be fed. Moaning, Maya slowly rubbed the sleep from her eyes, picked up Pepper who purred all the way to the kitchen. Feeding Pepper, Maya got herself a Nature Valley Almond Crunch bar and some coffee before heading upstairs to get ready for work. Putting her hair in a fancy low ponytail, she put on the outfit in the picture and headed into work. The day was uneventful so Maya was able to get a lot of paper work done and finish up a lot of cases. Packing them into a box, she carried them to the file room where she signed the files in and handed them to the worker who proceeded to put them where they belonged. Passing the tech area, Garcia called out to Maya, “Hey Holly!” “Hi Penelope anything interesting going on?” “Tomorrow we were going to have a small party in Hotchner’s office, you game?” “I suppose. When?” “About five o’clock. Please say you can come?” “Alright, since it was you that asked. If it was Derek that asked, forget it.” Garcia laughed out loud, “Gotta love that man. He is a piece of work he is.” Holly rolled her eyes and left to go back to her desk but realized that it was about lunch time. Agent Claire headed out to a nearby take out and had some whole wheat pasta with thin sliced vegatables and some Snapple Apple. Sitting in a corner booth, Maya took out Holy Blood, Holy Grail and read as she ate; finishing her pasta and vegatables, she took her Snapple and book and headed back to the office.

Back at the office, Rossi called Maya to the upstairs room to discuss a recent case of a schizophrenic that is holding people hostage at a warehouse in South Carolina. The gang met in the jet and took off an hour later. Maya took a look at the file and started to have flashbacks to her child hood. Her face paled a little but just enough where Hotch noticed, “Is something wrong?” Maya jumped a little, “Uh…no, I’m fine.” “You look a little pale, you sure?” “Yeah.” Hotch didn’t look convinced but let it go. Reid began his usual rant on his view of the suspect but Maya recognized who it was from the picture. She kept to herself the rest of the way and went with Derek and Reid in the vehicle so as to avoid further questioning from Hotchner. She didn’t have anything against him, but he did something to her that she didn’t like, make her feel more open than she preferred.

At the scene, Maya stayed behind with Reid and Garcia at the tech center while Rossi, Hotchner, JJ and Derek went to the warehouse to negotiate with the UnSub. Reid, “It looked like you recognized the UnSub when you saw his picture on the jet.” Maya grew tense, “I don’t want to talk about it.” Reid glanced at her but went back to watching the computer screen. Hotchner came over the radio, “Holly, we need you out here. JJ will switch places with you so meet her half way.” Maya took a deep, shaky breath before doing as she was told. “I’m on my way Hotch.” She met JJ half way, “Good luck Holly.” Maya nodded in thanks and went to meet Hotchner, Rossi, and Derek. “What can I do for you?” Hotch motioned for her to follow him out of ear shot of anyone. “I know that you have seen him before.” Maya froze, “What about it?” “I realize that he is from a part of your past that you don’t want to remember, but I need you to help us. What do you know about this guy?” “He rants about saving our souls from probing secret government agencies that want to get inside our minds and take us over. His mind is unstable and needs to be contained then taken to a mental hospital before he kills someone else.” “Someone else? You mean he has killed before?” “I don’t want to talk about it right now, we need to take care of him as soon as possible. Ask me later.” Hotch hesitated before letting it go and brought her back to the rest of the team. Morgan, “We don’t have eyes in the back of the warehouse, so we can’t get a clear view on the UnSub.” Maya, “I can try.” Hotch was unsure about letting her go but he didn’t have much choice, “Make sure you are wired before you go; only fire if you absolutely have to.” “Don’t worry I have rubber bullets on me.” Hotch nodded, “Have Garcia wire you and put on a vest then you can go.” Rossi, “Be careful out there Holly!” Maya nodded her head in recognition before going to see Garcia and get a vest.

Loading her gun with rubber bullets, Maya checked her vest one last time before giving a two finger salute to Reid, Garcia and JJ and made her way to the back of the warehouse. ‘No wonder, the maniac has camera’s up. Well, looks like I’ll have to go climbing on the crates.’ Morgan, “How you doing Hol?” “The UnSub set up cameras. I’m going to have to go climbing to get around them.” Morgan, “Good luck with that.” “Gee thanks.” Maya put her gun away and climbed a series of large crates and got a view of the roof and the ground. Taking out her cell phone, she took some pictures and sent them to Reid’s phone. Maya, “Spence, I sent you some pictures of the back area.” “I just got them.” “Should I go in the building?” Hotch, “Go ahead but try to keep out of sight.” “Will do.” Maya climbed down off of the crates and made her way unseen into the back door and hid behind some boxes but had a clear view of the UnSub and the hostages. Maya whispered into her earpiece, “Reid come back.” “I hear loud and clear.” “I’m counting fifteen hostages and the UnSub. I have clear view of all of them.” Hotch, “When you get the chance, take him down.” “Understood.”

The UnSub was ranting about how the government is probing the minds of its citizens and that they needed to fight back. Maya had heard enough and looked for a shot. The UnSub had his gun pointed at a young female of about fifteen and was asking her if she could hear the voices and feel the probing. She shook her head and he went off on her. He finally waved his gun in the air away from the hostages and Maya fired a shot making him drop the gun. She took another few shots at the back of his torso and head knocking him on the ground. She rushed forward and pinned him long enough to get him in cuffs. Maya, “The UnSub is in custody, it’s safe to enter.” The doors burst open and the FBI rushed in and escorted the hostages out to waiting paramedics. Rossi, “Good work Maya.” Maya, “Thank you. If you don’t mind, I would like to get as far away from him as possible before I do something to him that I might regret.” Hotch, “Go help Reid and Garcia with the equipment. Good job Holly.” Maya couldn’t get out of the warehouse fast enough and helped Reid and Garcia pack and load the equipment into the vehicle and drove back with them to the jet. Exhausted, Maya collapsed on a couch and fell asleep before Hotch arrived to avoid talking to him. Reid followed suit on a chair next to the couch and Garcia on a love seat. Hotchner smiled and shook his head as he left his team to sleep in peace.

Back at the office, Maya made sure that everything was in order before she left to go home for the night. She made sure to avoid Hotchner from asking about what she said today about the UnSub; she almost didn’t make it because she had to hold the elevator for someone who had their hands full with files. Maya hopped into her black Honda Civic and drove out of the parking garage and home to her eagerly awaiting kitten Pepper. Pepper rubbed against her owner’s legs and purred happily; glad that she had returned home safely. Maya picked her up and cuddled the ball of happy fur under her chin and gently scratched behind her ears. Taking her to the kitchen, Maya fed Pepper and gave her fresh water before collapsing on the couch. Pepper soon made her way from the kitchen, onto the couch, and climbed onto Maya’s lap. The BAU agent stared at her beloved kitten, envying her innocence. Sighing heavily, Maya glanced at the clock which read 9:47PM. Taking Pepper upstairs, Maya grabbed a thin jacket and put Pepper on her pillow. Taking her spare gun and wallet, Maya left her house and locked the door; she started walking to no particular destination.

She walked into town and stopped at a Starbucks to grab a Chai Latte to go. Maya walked some more and found herself at the park Marina docks. Walking slowly out to the edge of the pier, she just leaned on the rail, sipped on her Latte, and stared at the water. Taking a swig of her drink Maya smiled faintly, “I could have shot you for stalking me you know.” “Knowing you like I do, you wouldn’t have. And you never answered by previous question.” Maya mentally whined at why the Heavens weren’t on her side. “And what would have that have been?” “How did you know who today’s UnSub was?” Maya finished her drink and tossed it into the nearby garbage can but still didn’t look at him, “It’s not something that I like to talk about because it’s in the past.” “Your eyes say differently. They hold a lot of pain and loneliness that needs to be set free and let go of.” Maya cursed at how damn good he was at reading her; which was one of the things she hated. “Why do you want to know?” “Because I worry when one of my own is in pain.” Maya was silent and slid down the small concrete wall with her back against it; her knee’s drawn up against her chest and her head was down. Hotch joined her and waited for her to speak.

“My father was a paralegal at a local law firm; my mother was a manager at a big restaurant in town. They were good parents and were dedicated to their jobs but they always found time for me and my younger sister. The pain started when I was nine and my sister was four, my father was working late and had to take the subway because there were no buses that late in the evening. He was alone in the subway car until this guy came on the same car and murdered him in cold blood. The killer used a kitchen knife to cut my father open like he was an animal and the psychopath was the butcher. He was caught but he escaped and was killed by a drunk driver. Two years later my mother had to go to a meeting with some other restaurant managers to get the latest regulations. Some stoned gangster took some semi-automatics and open fired on the whole room. No one survived except my mom’s best friend who was in the bathroom at the time.” Tears started to flow from her eyes non-stop. “The UnSub who I caught today, was my little sisters murderer. She was eight years old when he kidnapped her and ended stabbing her four times in the stomach, slitting her throat, and carved off her ears. She bled to death before the EMT’s could reach her. I was thirteen. *sniff* When I went to college, I met Parker who helped motivate me to do well and get my degree. I loved him so much because he loved me for me and even stuck with me even though I was a total mess because of what happened to my family. But right after graduation, his ex-girlfriend who was obsessed with him, had refused to let him be with anyone other than her. She decided that if she couldn’t have him, no one could. She shot him in the forehead and later jumped off a roof of a parking garage.”

Maya couldn’t hold back the tears any longer and just broke. She cried hard into Hotch’s chest; he had no idea that she was holding in that much pain for so long. It explained why she didn’t want to let anyone in for fear of more pain. Maya cried until she had a hard time breathing. Hotch, “Take deep breaths Hol, focus on breathing.” Maya eventually got her breathing under control and felt exhausted from the crying. She just leaned on Hotch and allowed him to hold her. Hotch, “So this explains why you are scared of letting people in. I don’t blame you Hols, it’s nothing to be ashamed about.” Maya didn’t say anything at first but wrapped her arms around Hotch and just sat there, “It’s nothing against you guys, but it’s just an instinct that I developed that I don’t know what to do with.” Hotch, “Why not try taking a vacation, go away for a little while. You haven’t taken any time off since you came here.” Maya thought about it, “I could go visit some old friends that are close by, but I’m not sure.” “I insist that you do.” Maya sighed tiredly, “Alright, I’ll go, if you take me home.” “It’s a deal.” Hotch helped Maya stand up but kept an arm around her shoulders as he walked her to his vehicle and drove her home.

Maya thought about why she opened up to Hotch, he managed to break down her defenses without even trying. She needed an explanation and knew just who to go to for something like this. Maya took out her phone and texted her friend Angela, ‘Hey girlie, how have you been?’ About twenty seconds later she got a response, ‘Great, I miss you terrible.’ ‘I have been instructed to take some time, mind if I drop by?’ ‘Not at all, when?’ Maya turned to Hotch, “Are you kicking me out starting tomorrow?” “I kicked you out at the park.” “Alrightie then sunshine.” “Sunshine?” Maya smiled a rare joking smile and responded to Angela, ‘I can come tomorrow if you would like.’ ‘Sounds awesome, can’t wait. Oh and I’m working tomorrow so come to my office.’ ‘Sounds good. Bye Ange, oh and tell Booth that I still remember the last time I came up and to watch out.’ ‘Will do see you.’ “It seems that I am going to D.C. to visit my friend Angela and get back at a certain FBI special agent.” “Which one?” “Seeley Booth.” “What exactly did he do?” “He put pink hair dye in my shampoo and booby trapped my old apartment.” “Is that why you came to the BAU?” “One of the many reasons.” “Not going to ask. What’s that on your arm?” Maya realized that she was wearing a short sleeved shirt so part of her tattoo was showing, “It’s in memory of my family. The dates were when each of them died. It helped me a little with coping.” Hotch pulled up in front of her rental house. Maya, “Thank you Hotch.” Hotch smiled, “I’m always here Maya. Have a good time and don’t return before the end of the week.” Maya rolled her eyes, “Try not to miss me too much; oh and to tell Morgan to not touch anything on my desk.” Hotch nodded and waved good bye as Maya entered her home and went to bed.

At eight forty nine AM the next morning, Maya got up and began packing for her trip ahead. She packed a large bag with clothes, shoes, and accessories. A second slightly smaller bag she filled with the human necessities, some books, movies, food for Pepper, and her toys. Angela always welcomed her small kitten Pepper to her house so she didn’t have to get someone to watch her. Loading up her car, she put Pepper in her carrier and started her two hour drive to the Jeffersonian to meet up with Angela. She pulled into the parking garage and put Pepper in her bag and went to find Angela. Maya took out her phone and let Hotch know that she made alright and he reminded her to stay there until the end of the week. The secretary directed her to where Angela’s office was and made herself comfortable, waiting for her friend to show up. In the mean time, Maya got a text from Morgan, ‘Oi, leaving without saying adios?’ ‘Sorry D, Hotch’s orders are law.’ ‘You got that right, anyway, have a good time.’ ‘Thanks, and stay away from my desk -.-’ ‘Alright fine.’ Maya smirked slightly as she was tackled by a small female frame. “Maya! You made it!” “Hi Ange, it’s good to see you to. Don’t crush Pepper.” Angela let go and scratched Pepper behind her ears, “So how long is your boss kicking you out for?” “Until the end of the week; his word is law at the BAU.” “Sweet! But that’s not why you came is it?” “That’s better saved for when we get to your house.” She smirked a knowing smirk and dragged her to the lab area.

Hodgins glomped Maya when he saw her coming up the platform stairs, “Hey Maya!” “Hello to you to.” Dr. Brennan gave her a nod of acknowledgment as did Zack. Camille gave Maya a small hug, “What brings you here?” “I just needed to get away from things. Oh, Dr. Brennan, have you seen Booth?” “He’s put picking up Parker from school why?” “Oh just wondering.” Hodgins could barely contain a smile because he could sense her mind gears spinning in a plot for revenge against the FBI agent. The group talked about random things for two hours until Angela was ready to head home. “Hey Ange, can we stop at Booth’s office first?” “Sure why?” “I owe him something.” Angela shook her head and climbed into the passenger side of the black Honda because she took a taxi that morning. Taking her bag, Maya left Pepper with Angela in the car and asked where Booth’s office was. Arriving, she opened the door and grinned evilly at the empty room. Taking out some super glue, she put some on his computer mouse, some black powder on his office phone, a whoopee cushion beneath his desk, and a poster of Barbie on his door before exiting without being seen. Rushing back to her car, she grinned, “Revenge is sweet.” Angela, “What exactly did Booth do?” “He booby trapped my whole apartment when I lived in DC and put pink hair dye in my shampoo. He was sooooo lucky it wasn’t permanent.” The artist shook her head as the girls headed to her apartment.

Once at Angela’s home, the girls set up to order out but Angela was determined to figure out why Maya came to D.C. for a vacation. Angela gave her friend the all-knowing look until Maya sighed, “What do you want to know?” “Tell me about Hotch.” “What about him?” “Don’t play dumb sweetie, I can tell something is up so spill.” Maya sat down on the couch, “I have no clue how he does it but he can break down my defenses without even trying…” “You have a picture of him?” Maya took out her camera from her hand bag and flipped through the pictures until she got to a picture of Hotch and handed it to Angela, “That’s Aaron on the right.” “What a catch Maya! He is fine. I can see how he can though, it’s his gorgeous eyes.” “He got me to spill everything about what happened to me with just a few words, it drives me insane!!!” Angela smirked her famous smirk, “Sweetie, I believe you got the hots for Hotch.” Maya’s head shot up, “Say what?! But how can I? I’m afraid to love again…” “Look at me. Hotch is a profiler right?” Maya nodded. “He could see that something was bothering you and cared enough about you to get you to feel better. So how did he get you to spill?” “The monster that murdered my little sister was located, he was holding over a dozen hostages so my team was called in. I was sent behind to infiltrate and take him down. He was sent to a mental hospital with higher security but Hotch noticed that I knew who he was but I avoided talking about it. When we got back, I avoided him some more and went home. I went for a walk and wound up at the piers where he cornered me. I finally spilled and let it all out. He brought me home and instructed me not to come back to work or my home until the end of the week because I had never taken a vacation.” “He is just what you need right now. So tell me about him.” “Aaron is the guy that is a workaholic but is caring in his own way. He may seem a little on the cold side, but he has a good heart and worries about the ones he has come to care for. He doesn’t smile much because he didn’t have the ideal father growing up but he does smile and laugh, but not often. Just don’t get him angry because he can get very scary, scarier than when Booth is ticked.” “I didn’t think that was possible.” “We call it his Nitrogen Glare because it’s so scary. I think I’m the only one besides Gideon who hasn’t gotten it, all I need is a look and I bend to his every damn whim.” Maya put her head in her hands and faked sobs.

Maya’s cell went off with Booth on the caller I.D. “Uh-oh, its Booth.” Angela started laughing as Maya answered, “Hello~?” “WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME OFFICE?!” “Its karma my friend, and it’s a bitch.” She hung up and laughed her head off, “I think I made it to the top of his most wanted list.” The door bell rang telling the girls that the food was here, which was pizza and ice cream. Angela, “You should tell Hotch what you told me.” Maya, “I couldn’t do that!” “Why not?” “I am afraid to let others in and am afraid of more pain.” “I’m sure that he would understand that, you never know until you try.” Maya was silent until her phone rang again but it was Garcia instead of Booth. “Hey girlie!” “Hi Garcia, what’s up?” “Leaving me without a hug?” “Blame Hotch not me. He insisted that I take a vacation, it was his idea.” “Speaking of which, he is a lost puppy the last few hours.” “Say what?” “I sense love sickness in the air!” “Oh good grief! I’m receiving this form both sides now?! I’ll be home by the end of the week on Hotch’s orders.” “I’m not going to beg him because I don’t want to get chewed.” Maya rolled her eyes, “Give Reid a hug for me will ya?” “Will do. Bye girlie!” “See you soon Queen of Tech.”

Angela, “Who’s Reid?” Maya flipped through her camera came stopped at a good picture of Reid, “He’s a lot like Zack in the fact that he is socially awkward, has a very high I.Q., and is full of information. But he is very good at his job and is absolutely adorable.” “How high of an I.Q.?” “About 187.” “Wow, that’s higher than Zack’s!” “Yeah, but they are both lovable.” “Tell me about the rest of your team.” “Well, there’s the most experienced, Jason Gideon, then David Rossi, he is a character, experienced but can crack awesome jokes, Penelope Garcia who just called, she’s the tech analyst and very flirty but a good friend, and then JJ and Emily, the kick ass women of the team; and then there is Derek Morgan. Think of him as a combination of you and Booth and you get Morgan, minus the sexual part.” “I have to meet him, he sounds interesting, not to mention extremely sexy.” “He doesn’t need another ego boost, it’s already too big.” The girls shared a laugh and chatted until one in the morning before going back to sleep.

The end of the week came too soon for Maya before she had to go back to Quantico and her team that she missed. Maya was squeezed by Angela, Hodgins and Booth who had forgiven her for his office ordeal. She gave a hug to Zack, Cam, and Dr. Brennan and left in her Honda back home. Finally reaching home, Maya unpacked her things, fed and watered Pepper, and then texted her friends, minus Hotch; informing them that she was back home. Morgan was the first to respond, ‘OMG I missed you sooooo much!’ ‘Oh it couldn’t have been that bad.’ ‘I think you should get to the office. We missed you.’ ‘Alright, I’m coming, hold your horses. And get rid of all your girlfriends before I get a hold of them.’ ‘Oh ha ha, JK, see you soon.’ Maya rolled her eyes and drove to the BAU office. As soon as she walked in the door, she was tackled by Morgan and Garcia. “Ai chi wawa! Good to see you guys to.” Garcia, “OOOO! You’re back you’re back!” “I should think so.” Morgan, “Hotch has been miserable for the last few days; care to tell?” “Tell what?” “Why did he order you to take a vacation?” “I had a bad past with the UnSub, that’s all I’m going to say. Now where is Grumpy?” Garcia, “He went out but he should be back soon.” Maya, “I’m gonna wait for him then.” Reid spotted Maya and gave her an awkward wave. She walked over to him and hugged him. “Hey Spencer.” “Hi Maya.” Maya walked up to Aaron’s office and waited for him in the chair that was hidden from view of the glass door.

Fifteen minutes later, his door opened and Hotchner came through the door, not knowing she was in his office. Once he closed the door, she cleared her throat startling him. “Hello Agent Hotchner.” “Maya? What are you doing back so early?” “Is everything alright?” “Why do you ask?” “Some little birds tell me that you have turned into Grumpy since I went on vacation. Is there something wrong?” “I’m not the cheeriest person in the world but I’m fine.” Aaron gazed into her eyes, making her feel vulnerable. “Are you feeling alright Maya?” Maya sighed and decided that it was now or never; God she hated it when Angela was right. Taking a deep breath she stood in front of him and began, “For a long time, I have been afraid to let people in for fear I wouldn’t be able to bear more emotional pain. So I closed myself off from everyone and not trusting. All that changed when I came to know you.” “What do you mean?” “It’s your eyes, your gaze, your presence. They somehow are able to break down all of my defenses and make me feel vulnerable. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. Once Parker died, I never thought another would be able to weasel their way into my heart, but I guess I was proven wrong. That’s the reason for my being skittish around you and avoiding you earlier.” Maya sighed, worried how he feels about what she just said. Looking at the floor, she went to exit but got stopped by Hotchner’s hand on her arm. “When Hailey was killed, I shut out all those I cared for because I didn’t want to hurt them. I never thought I would be able to openly feel again, until I met you Maya. You don’t need to be ashamed of your feelings; they are nothing to be afraid of. The heart acts on its own accord, no one can control who they fall in love with, it just happens. I feel something for you that I haven’t felt for anyone in a long time. You have no idea how much I care about you and want to keep you safe. It almost killed me when you went after your sister’s murderer and to see how much pain you were in.” Maya didn’t know what to say. Hotch sighed and loosened his grip on her arm. Maya looked him in the eye and hugged him tightly which surprised him, but he hugged her back, “I care a lot about you to Aaron. I can hardly breathe normally when you stand close to me; I have a hard time concentrating, and it was hard being away from you. I felt so empty and alone even though I was with old friends. Somehow you have stitched up my torn heart and healed it without even trying. For the first time in a long time, I feel…happy and safe. I take it that this is a good thing?” Aaron pulled away and stroked her cheek gently, “It’s a very good thing.”

They gazed into eachother’s eyes, not realizing that their faces were getting closer by the second until their lips met. Maya’s breath caught in her throat and felt electricity flow through her whole being. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he held her waist lovingly; her heart was on Cloud Nine as the kiss intensified with feeling. They broke after awhile and gazed lovingly at eachother. No words were needed as they went to Maya’s house to have a home cooked meal, a chest romantic comedy, and cuddling on the couch.

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