The Powerpuff girls and the Rowdyruff boys love story 2.

A continued story.

Created by lemonfries11 on Saturday, February 06, 2010

"Yuck! Too, girly for us!" Said Boomer. "Oh, Boomer... back in the time when we were born this wasn't pink or anything! So we had to change this room into, our room!" Explained Bubbles. "That's it? Just you're beds and toys and lights but windows as well?" Asked Brick. "If this was our room we would of made it better!" Said Butch. The girls went mad at Butch. "Ok..." He said. The girls suddenly stopped being mad and then the PPGs and RRBs looked at the Professor carrying the boys' bed. And he put it next to the girls bed. "There we are boys! This is your bed!" Said the Professor and he walked out of the ppgs and rrbs bedroom. "Hmm... let me try it!" Said Brick. Brick went into the red blanket and closed his eyes and then he started to open them and sat up. "It seems alright." He said. Then suddenly hotline rings. "Yes Mayor?" Cut to the Mayor's office. "Blossom! This is terrible! Mojo jojo isdestroyingthe town with his robot Jojo! So hurry up and go go!" "Ok, Mayor were on it!" Said Blossom. "Whats wrong?" Asked Brick. "Follow us!!" Said Blossom. We cut to were Mojo jojo is using his giant robot todestroy the city. We see the PPG and RRB flying to it and they all say. "NOT SO FAST MOJO JOJO." "What!? My boys! How's that possable?" Asked Mojo. "We are not your kids or Him's anymore! We are the Professor's kids now!" Said Brick. "CURSE YOU ROWDYRUFF BOYS!" Said Mojo jojo then the Powerpuff girls suddenly got knocked out! "Girls!"Panickedthe boys then they went mad at Mojo. "Uh oh.." He says. The Rowdyruff boys finish him off! Then Mojo goes to jail sad. "Boys... wespendso much time together..." He sad.Sad music started playingMojo had the memories they were shown.



Then angry music started playing "BUT NOW ITS TIME TO GET YOU BACK!!" When he was mad. And it stopped (The music) And we view to the Powerpuff girls home. The heroes went back home and went back upstairs to their room. To be continued...

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