16 and Pregnant.... The Father Raped Me..

Hi I'm Lauren Benton. I'm 16 years old. I live in Lakeveiw, Texas. This is my stroy. My real Dad left mee and my mom when I was 3. And my mom remarried Sam..... My parents are kicking me out of my house. I need to find a job. I have no one to turn to. I have to get a apartment. I'm a social outcast in my school. My lifes pretty much shit right now....... Let's start from the begining.

Created by emoqueen101 on Sunday, February 07, 2010

Lauren Benton:
I was walking home from my best friend Lizzy's party. I'm a strong girl. I don't need a man to protect me.I'm soccer captain for crying out loud. It was all foggy. I couldn't see a thing. I heard a twig break. I truned around but saw nothing. I kept walking. I felt someone grab my wrist. I struggled. The grabed my shoulders and slamed me into the tree. I screamed. But they knocked me out.
(((3 Hours Later)))
I woke up naked. On the cool ground. I grabed my clothes and threw them on. What happend?! I can't remember a thing! All I remember is walking home..... And then....? Then what?! Uh! I started walking again. I checked my phone.
Lauren's Phone:
I had 10 Missed Calls from home. 5 Missed calls from my Mom. Also 8 Missed calls from my Dad. And 12 Missed Calls from Lizzy. I finnaly reached home
Lauren's House:
I walked in. I saw my Mom sitting at the table with a cup of coffee. She looked up from her paper, "Hello Lauren Elena Stefan. Where have you been?". I stammered, "Uh..... I've been at Lizzy"s". Her glasses we're on the tip of her nose. She look over them, "Really cause Lizzy called here. Wondering where you we're". Shit! That ruins all the plan! I kick some paper, "Uh.... Yeah I left while she was sleeping? Yeah while she was sleeping". My mom looked at me weird, "Uh-huh.... Well talk about this later.". I ran to my room.
Lauren's Room:
I closed the door. I slided down the wall. And sat on the floor. I ran into the bathroom. Took a shower. Dryed and straightened my hair. Changed into:
I ran into the garage. I grabedmy leather jacket and helmet:
I raced to school. I parked and hoped off. I ran into the school. The bell rang. Damn it! The principal was walking my way. I put on a fake smile, "Good Morning Mrs. Haden". She scowled, "Late as always Ms. Stefan. Detention!". I frowned and walk to show choir. I wlak through the door. Mr. Smith looked at me. He smiled, "Great our soloist is here.". I sat down next to Mike, "Hi". He put an arm around me, "Why you so forwnie?".
Mike Anderson:
I shook my head. I had a head ache for some reason. And my stomach hurt. I laid my head on Mike shoulder, "I had the worst nigh last night.". He look down at me, "How?". I shook my head, Ill explain later". He noded. It was time to sing "Somebody to Love". I walked over to the piano. Mike followed. We had to do a duet. We all started singing.
Sombody To Love link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8ZSDPN3Ssc
The bell rung. God damn it! I feel like shit! I walked to the nurses office. She sent me home. I slept for the rest of the day.
(((6 Weeks later)))
Schools been pretty normal. Everything was going fine. But I was gaining a bit of weight. I don't know how. Cause I've been throwing up for the past week. Could it be....? I'm pregnant.I closed my eyes. No it can't be! Al of a sudden I have a flashback to the night I was walking only from that party. I see myself walking. There's a man following me. Why am I not turning around! Oh my fucking god!This is what happened! SO I am pregnant! Holy Shit! But I'monly 16! I walked downstairs.My parents we'retable not talking. As always. Well my Dad is a surogen and my Mom is a doctor.
My Dad:Sam Benton
My Mom:Elena Benton
I sat down. The both looked up from theirs papers. My dad took a sip of coffee, "What is it Sweetie?". What am I suppose to tell them?! That their only daughter got fucking raped by some guy in the forest. I froze, "Um... Well you see..... I'm uh..... Pregnant...". I looked down. My Dad smashed his cup in the ground, "What the fuck Lauren! We taught you better!". I started crying, "I'm so sorry!". My Dadslamed his fist down on the table, "I want you out of this house by the time we come back tomarrow!". He grabed his keys and went to the door, "Come on Elena!". I cried harder. I looked up at my Mom still crying. She was lookig down at me. My Dad yelled again. She left with him. I walke to the window. And watched as they drove off. I had nothing left to do. My phone started ringing again. I picked it up, "Hello?". I heard Lizzy giggling on the other line, "Oh my god Lauren! Your never gonna believe this! Big Shot Records wants to sign me! I movin out to L.A. This week! Can you believe this?!". I sat down, "That's Lizzy. Hey. Can I call you back later? I need to do something.". She giggled again, "Sure Lauren! Bye!". I hung up. I went downstairs and grabed as many boxes as I could find. I went back upstairs and started packing. Where was I goin to go? I had no where. I kep tpacking till I was done. Now I need a car. I hopped onto my motorcycle.
And drove to my Grandparents farm.
Grandparent's House:
I knocked on the door. My grandpa opend it.
He huged me, "Im so sorry baby girl". I huged him back, "How...?". He pulled away to look at me, "Ypur mom called a little while ago". I noded, "Grandpa I have no where to go...". He walked into the living room. I followed. He sat down, "Now baby girl. You can stay here as long as you need to.". I gave him a hug, "Thank you Grandpa". He huged back, "No problem baby girl. He patted the seat next to him. He took a wad of cash out of his front pocket. And handed it to me. I didn't take it, "No I can't....". He put it in my hand, "This was suppose to be for college but you need it now. So take it.". I started crying, "Thank you so much". He huged me. I huged him back. He called my grandma in. She sat on the other side of me. She gave me a hug. I smiled a bit. They're always there for me when I need them. My grandpa took a sip of lemonade my grandma brought in, "That's enough for a car, small house, and stuff for the baby and you. Also to pay off your house mortage". I was in shock, "Grandpa...". My grandma took my hand, "Hun let us do this for you". I just noded.
(((2 Months Later)))
I've been doing fine. Havnt talk to my parents. Been dealing with
whispering. No talks to me. I've been getting updates from Lizzy.
She's been doing well. I'm happy for her. What makes me wonder is why
Mike still talks to me. He's riskin social suicide. It make me I'm going to the car dealer ship today with my grandparents.I got on my motorcycle and follow my grandpa. We went o the ford
dealer ship. The guy looked at me like I was crazy, "You sure?". I
noded. He took us around some cars. One caught my eye. The Ford F150.
Lauren's New Car:
It was nice and safe enough for a kid. The guy still thougt I was,
"Alright...". I drove home in the focus. It was a great car. I liked
it. When we go home. I finished up all my homework. It was time for
dinner. I went downstairs. It was like Thanksgiving. Food everywhere.
I giggled, "Whats going on in here?". My grandma set down a bowl of
mashpotatoes an kissed my forehead, "Were just having a little
dinner.". She went back into the kitchen. I laughed, "Little?". My
grandpa nudge me, "She's just excited for the baby". I nodes and sat
down. My grandpa sat next to me. My grandma came in with a plate full
of corn and sat down. I started helping myslef to some turkey. My
grandama smiled, "Have you come up wit some names?". I noded, "I like
the name Alex.". My grandpa chuckled, "I like that name". My grandma
hit him playfully, "Oh you hush.. You only like it cause that's your
name". I giggled.
(((Next Morning)))
I heard my alarm go off. I groaned and got up. I sat up and saw a note
stuck to my forehead. I giggled a bit. The note said: Hey Sleepy Head!
Hurry up an get downstais. See ya there! :). I wonder who it's from.
There was no name. I took a shower got changed. I ran downstairs. I
tropes on the last step. Someone caught me. I looked up to see who it
was... It was Justin?
Justin Bieber:
Wait I thought he was in New York on some trip? I
screamed, "Justin! What are you doing here?!". He chuckled, "Thought I'd
come say hi to my best friend in the whole world!". I giggled and
smiled, "Good". He let go of me. I walked into the kitchen, "So what?
Are you stating for good? Or are you leaving again?". I opened the
fridge. He chuckled, "I guess I'm staying...". I sat down, "You
guess...?". He looked at me, "I don't know Lauren. Things are getting
harder everyday". I took his hand and looked at him, "How?". He looked at me, "My parents are getting a divorse. But I know something wrong with you Lauren..." I shook my head, "It's nothing...". He chuckled, "You can't lie to your best friend". I crossed my arms over my sotmach, "Fine.... I'm Pregnant". He stare in shock, "You what?". I looks up at him,"I was coming home from a party and some guy raped me in the woods....". He pulled me into a hug, "I'mso sorry". I huged himback, "Thanks". I missed his hugs.... Theywe're so warm and you could feel like all the love in them... It's weird I know but it's what happens..He pulled away but was still holding me, "Where's your Grandparents?". I noded, "In town". He noded slowly.., "Wanna go get something to eat?". I noded. He helped me up and we walked outsided.
To Be Continued!!... :D

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