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I think the anime/manga Princess Princess is absoultely kawaii!!!! love it!! soo please read and enjoy!!! feedback =

Created by sk8turr on Sunday, February 14, 2010

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disclaimer: I do not own Princess Princess or any else related to this story. But, I do own my OC!! (original character)


name:Inu, Orihime^^
refered to as: "Ori-sama" by her friends and "Northern Princess/Mikeru Kaoni" by fellow students at Fujimori.
-Her not-so-smart father thought Orihime needed some discipline in her life, so he enrolled her into a Boarding school (dorms). What he thought was an all-girls school, turned out to be something more...nothing what Orihime had expected....AN ALL-BOYS SCHOOL!!!
Not knowing Fujimori Highwas an all-boys elite school until she arrived on her first day, Orihime walked up the pathways to the front of the school proudly with a broad smile planted on her face. How will she survive at a school like this, being the only girl, along with not getting caught????
^ Orihime as a boy (yes, I know it's Yaten...)
boy name: Mikeru Kaoni
-Because she is a girl who has to pretend to be a boy, she wears a haulter to flatten her breasts....(ouch!)
-why is she/he holding a microphone?? -Well, Orihime has to live on her own. She has to by clothes, and plus, she doesn't want to ever return to her idiotic father. So, she/he entertains at a localrestaurant down the road to earn extra money.

-Orihime/Mikeru as the Northern Princess ^
Pretty easy to be a princess when you're already a girl and not a boy!! :D
the first chapter will be posted soon!!! please rate atleast!! it will be fully appreciated!!!

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