slave for life (akatsuki love story) chapter 2

sorry but it took me a while just to get back to writing but here it is.

Created by YARAN001 on Sunday, February 14, 2010

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l_1e7984cdf71e0a656f9725faa99c5825.jpgstory start:
**nina's pov**
as i opened my eye's to see me laying on a bed ''this ain't my room'' i said looking around ''you finally woke up un'' a voice said yet it sounded so familiar you turned around to see...DEIDARA ''w..wait your your deidara'' you said getting a little scared ''wow learder sama is right un you do know alot'' he said ''nice outfit by the un'' deidara said smirkiing his eye's going up and down,you looked down to see you only wore a towl wrapped around you,your blush whent deep red ''come on un leader sama want's to see you un'' he said you got up holding the towl around tightly going out the door first deidara slapped you on the ass from behind,you yelped in response ''follow me un'' he said still seeing the smirk on his face you followed him down the hall.
as walking through the halls with deidara ''s-so dei..deidara can you tell me whats hap..happining and why im here'' you asked ''how the h#ll am i suppose to know i just get the mission and do it'' he said you looked down on the ground kinda sad and dei saw it ''but it won'tbe bad i'll be there'' deidara said you looked a little shocked wasn't he suppose to be the evil bad guy ''why the hell did i feel sympathy for her'' he thought.soon you and deidei made it to leader sama's office and deidara knocked on the door ''come in'' a voice said opening the door to see pein sitting a big desk in the darkness only seeing his circle eye's ''deidara leave now'' pein said and with one last glance deidara left and closed the door ''now nina do you know why your here?'' pein asked getting up off his desk walking forward you ''not really b..but this can't be real'' you said ''but it is and now your the akatsuki's new slave'' pein said standing right in front of you ''you say what now'' you said wide eyed ''you see the members here need a litlle fun after there mission's so for now you will work with cleaning the lair and cooking also the members you will listen and do whatever they say'' pein said you didnt have nothing to say? one minute you were in your own room now youve been kidnapped by a bunch of anime character's,as a slave.... bloody great ''here's your uniform'' he said handing me this:
(at the top but without the stick)
''okay where do i go to change?'' you asked ''right here'' he said you blushed but sighed slowley dropping the towl on the floor and changeing into the outfit with pein watching.when u were done pein told you where your room was and when you went to your room you found the puppet master sasori on the bed reading ''um...e..exscuse me but w..why are you here'' you said ''this is my room,you must be the new slave'' he said he looked up and down ''hm not bad'' he said his eye's roaming on your body yiu blushed yet again looking the other way sasori chuckled
''well this is going to be fun'' he said.
chapter 3 coming soon
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