::Naruko Uzumaki::(Sasuke Uchiha) Chapter 28

Created by Lily396 on Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Naruko's Pov-

When my team and I walked in we saw A LOT of ninjas from different villages. Even all of the rookies where here. Kiba and his team then walk up to us.

Kiba-Well,well. Looks like the whole gangs back together again.

Sasuke-Kiba. Careful you don't get over confident.

Kiba-Heh. Just you wait, were gonna blow you guys down.

???-Sasuke! Where have you been?!

Ino then gives Sasuke fangirl hug.

Ino-So they let you and your big forehead in here Sakura?

Sakura-Leave my forehead out of it, Ino Pig!!!!

I started to doze off seeing how boring this was.

Me-(Why can't we down like the rest of the people in here???)

Kiba-So Naruko? Where have you been? We never got to hang out like you said we would.

Kiba then puts one of his arms around me.



Iruka-Well class is about over. You are all dismissed....Except for you Naruto.
Naruto-Buy whhhy?
Iruka-You know exactly why now come with me!
Me-*sigh*(Naruto your still the same....)

Ithen walked to the window. As I opened it, I slowly jumped out of it.

Kiba-Hey where you going?
Me-I gotta unpack my stuff that I left at my house. Don't worry Kiba, mabey we can hang out later.

End Of FlashBack-

Me-Oh yea.....how about after these exams?



Kiba-Whats wrong Sasuke? Your not jealous are you?

Ino-Why would Sasuke be jealous of you dating Naruko when he likes ME!!!


Sakura-No he likes me Ino pig!!

Sasuke-So you and Kiba are dating?(Why am I feeling so depressed all of a sudden?)

Me-Sasuke its not what you think!

Naruto-So what? Your dating that jerk?! You never tell me anything anymore Naruko! And here I thought you liked Sasuke?!

Me-*whispers*If your not gonna listen to me then forget it....

Sasuke-What was that?

Me-Oh and what about you Naruto? You care about that lame excuse for a ninja Sakura more than me! Your very own sister! The one who cleans the house, puts food in the fridge, and the one who ALWAYS pays for your ramen!!!!!

Sakura-Who are you calling a lame ninja?!?!

Naruto-Well if that great of a sister then why'd you have to leave me all alone 7 years ago?!?!

Me-Naruto. Just shut up. Kiba. Get your hand off me. Sasuke. I'm not dating Kiba so just calm down. Sakura.....

???-Hey! You guys are the Rookie nine this year right?


???-Well you should calm down. This isn't exactly a fieldtrip. I mean. Look at yourcompetition.

Ino-Well who asked you? Who are you?!

???- I am Kabuto Yakushi.

Me-*eyes widen*(That name sounds familiar....)

Kabuto-Oh well....How could you possible understand your rookies....

Soon he pulls out cards that show a ninjas status. He starts explaining them to us. I already knew about this stuff. I learned about it when I was like 9.

Me-*whispers*When did he become a teacher?

Shikamaru-I know. This is such a drag.

Naruto-Hey, uh Naruko?

I spoke with an additude.

Me-What do you want?

Naruto-I just wanted to say...uh...I'm sorry for what I said.

Me-Naruto...its ok I-

Naruto-Also. I wanted to say that I'm sorry for not helping you out. You've did so much for me and for now on....I'm gonna start paying for my own ramen. By the way, how did you get all that money?

Choji-Yea, I've been wondering too. Whats your secret?

Me-Uh...well...O_o(Oh sh*t.....what do I tell them??)

Kabuto is then suddenly attacked by 3 sound ninjas.

Naruto-What the-?


Me-(Yes! My secret is safe!!!)

???-Thats enough!!!!

Everyone then stopped and faced the man.

???-Sound Ninja! If you do not stop fighting you will be ordered to leave! Do I make my self clear?!

They nodded and remained silent.

???-Good. My name is Ibiki Morino, and I will be your examiner for the first part of the Chunin Exams!

to be continued......

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