Sonic TRUTH or DARE?

The Sonic characters decide to play truth or dare. Kehehe... Includes Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Tails, Amy, Blaze, and Rouge.

Created by VincentsSweetheart on Wednesday, February 17, 2010


human-sonic-characters.jpg(Everyone is sitting in Sonic's living room with nothing to do, when suddenly...)
Silver: Hey! I have an idea!
Shadow: *snicker* When did your brain start working again?
Silver: Jerkoff. Anyway, Let's play truth or dare!
All: Ugh....
Amy: Well, there's nothing else to do...
Sonic: Fine.... Faker, truth or dare?
Shadow: Dare, of course.
Sonic: Hmm.... *evil grin* I dare you to go commando for the rest of the game.
All: Ooh...
Shadow: *glares at Sonic* Damn it. * goes into next room*
Knuckles: *starts laughing when Shadow leaves* Original, dude! *is about to high-five Sonic, but gets Shadow's underwear thrown at his head* Ack!
Shadow: Since you think it's so funny, Knuckles, truth or dare?
Knuckles: .....dare.
Shadow: Hmm... I dare you...... to smell Sonic's shoes.
Knuckles: Are you kidding?! I'll die!!
Sonic: *takes off one shoe* C'mere, drama queen. *forces Knux to smell the shoe*
Knux: *passes out*
Sonic: .....Oops.
Rouge: I'll go for him. Tails, truth or dare?
Tails: Uh....truth.
Rouge: Wimp. Are you secretly dating anyone?
Tails: *laugh* It's not a secret anymore.
All: What?!
Rouge: Hey, look! Knucklehead woke up!
Knux: Yeah, I did. And Sonic... that was disgusting. By the way, Shadow, I'm selling your undies on eBay. I'll be rich.
Shadow: -_-X
Tails: Okaaay... Cream?
Cream: Mm... Truth.
Tails: Tell everyone who you've been dating for a year.
Cream: Well, you of course. *blush*
All: Aww...
Cream: Silver?
Silver: Dare!
Cream: I dare you to wear Amy's bra!
Shadow: Wow. Go Cream!
Amy: ......*hands her bra to Silver*
Silver: *tries to snap it on* ...It's too small.
All: *laughing their asses off*
Cream: Ha o-okay! Ha ha! Put it on your head!!
Silver: *puts it on his head* Hey, it fits my ears!
Amy: *snatches it back* Hmpf!
Sonic: Aw, c'mon Ames. It's funny!
Amy: To you!
Silver: Um... Shadow!
Shadow: Heh. I'll humor you; dare.
Silver: Go out on the front deck and sing "I'm A Little Teapot" at the top of your lungs!
Shadow: ...You're joking, right? *silence* Ah, shit. *goes outside and sings*
All: *listens*
Sonic: Not bad, faker!
Shadow: Shut up! *comes back in and sits down* Your turn, blue idiot.
Sonic: Nyeh! *sticks his tounge out* Uh.. Dare?
Shadow: *evil smile* I was hoping you'd say that...
Sonic: *gulps*
Shadow: I dare you to let the girls make you into a girl.
Sonic: No..... Nooooooo!!!! *is being dragged to Amy's room by Amy, Blaze, and Rouge*
Shadow: *sighs in relief* Well, now that he's gone... Knucklehead, go.
Knux: *twitch* Silver?
Silver: Uh.. I dunno, truth?
Knux: Are you gay? I've always wondered.
Silver: Nah, I'm bi, actually.
Shadow: I knew it!
Silver: Really?
Shadow: No, I just wanted to say that. I thought you were gay.
Silver: Why does everyone think that?
Sonic: *comes down the stairs looking like a pretty woman*
Scourge: *cat calls*
All: When the hell did you get here?!
Scourge: Just now. You make a hot chick, twin.
Sonic: .....Thanks?
Shadow: Silver, go.
Silver: I pass to Tails.
Tails: Rouge?
Rouge: Dare, sugar.
Tails: Make out with Blaze.
All: ?!
Sonic: So you ARE a guy!!
Rouge: Ugh. Men. *grabs Blaze*
Blaze: *muffled struggles*
All boys: *staaaaaaarrreeeeee*
Tails: *drools a little*
Knux: *nosebleeds*
Rouge: *finishes* Scourge, since you're new.
Scourge: Dare.
Rouge: I dare you to end the game.
All: Aww...
Scourge: Fine..... Game is over. *pout*
Knux: .....Now what do we do?
Sonic: I'm getting out of these clothes...
Shadow: And I want my underwear back!
Knux: Never! *is chased by Shadow*

The End!!

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