ichigo and orihime

"story starts": orhime and nell are watching ichigo fight grimmjow when "ichgo kills him" but spoon man aka Nnoitra Jiruga finishes him off. and orihime is scared and crying when ichigo holds her hand and nell buts in and ruins the moment.

Created by misskurosakiXoX on Thursday, February 18, 2010


nell: ooooo you guy-tu are holdstuing haands you guys are ganna have babies*nell as a lisp*
orihime: nell babies arent made buy holding hands *imanges of babie making with ichigo are in orihimes head*
~nell does not belive orihime~
nell:i cant wait to have a baby sistwah
ichigo: nell im not you dad ~says with frustation~.
nell jumps on ichigo yelling papa-san then jumps on orihime and yells mama-san ichgo has to pry of nell from orihime.
ichigo: are you allrite orihime
: im ok i just got alil drool on my chest
as orhimes says this she kiks ichigo into orihimes chest and yells "..guess you wanted some too"
and boing hes face is smooshed inbetween orihimes dubble d-es and nell yells again "go make babies!!"

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