Story of a 15 year old girl. =]

-So this is basically my life story. XDD But, I'm going to make it as vivid as I can and make it interesting without stretching the truth. =]]

Created by prettyshay on Monday, February 22, 2010

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so my name's shay. simple. four letters. it's actually really shayla, six letters. not that hard to remember. but, somehow people don't know how to spell it right. anyway... i'm 15, & i live in oklahoma. I go to high school, of course. i'm a sophomore. no boyfriend, living the amazing 'single life'. no, i dont see what's so amazing and fun about it. I just like fact that I don't have to answer to anyone. I don't have to worry about someone saying to my 'significant other'., that I "cheated". Best of all... I don't have to worry about getting hurt again.
I used to have a boyfriend. Actually, probably my first love. His name was J.J. If you have read my other stories, you know who he is. We dated off and on during our freshman year. And then we dated all summer long. That's when we actually got serious. He was pretty good. He made me believe him when he said that the girl that he had pictures of on his phone was just a friend. =] Just a friend... i love that excuse. they're basically saying, she's just my friend... who i undress with my eyes, dream about at night, i'd fornicate with her if i could without pissing you off, and i flirt with her when im not with you kind of friend.

don't you love that kind of friend? =]

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