Thrilling Love~ Vampire X Werewolf Yaoi Story Chapter 2

here's the second chapter :DDD

Created by ichigoDamnGirl on Friday, February 26, 2010

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It’s been some days since Darren met James for the first time. He hadn’t seen the slightest sight of him during the nights anymore. Which he felt was good. He sighed while remembering the boy. Well, he was around 20 but Darren himself was in his three hundreds so in fact almost everyone he saw is a child to him. He couldn’t get anything about the werewolf out of his mind… that wild brown hair, the childish face, the voice. Nothing wanted to leave his mind. And he hated it… everything the werewolves and the vampires have against each other is disturbing him.

“Hope he’ll vanish from this place soon…” he thought while getting dressed. Same clothes as yesterday. He sat down by the window, watching out over Charing Cross. It was cloudy outside, rained a bit, but still sun could shine through, so he waited. He didn’t want to get out during days. The sun hurted him… much. He’s an ice type of vampire. The cold, harsh and unemotional type. The opposite of everything the sun stands for. So he got more hurted by the sun than any other type of vampire. He sighed deeply, looking up in the sky. Bad idea… the sun shined through the clouds, hitting his eyes. He fell off from the bench he sat on, covering his eyes in pain. They started to bleed a bit, mixed up with tears. If he watches the sun directly… they get badly hurted, even for the slightest little shine. He lifted himself up with the held of the bench, holding his other hand over his eyes. He covered the windows with the curtains and walked slowly into the bathroom, to wash away the blood.

“Damn I hate when that happens…” he mumbled to himself as he dried his face. His eyes looked a bit dead but else it was no difference from before the sun hitted him.

“It’s strong today… I’ll better stay inside until it gets dark…” he walked out from the bathroom, lightened a candle and sat down by his desk. There he had his files… with wanted. He took out a few papers, read them. He stopped by one that showed a gang of the both genders. But mostly guys. Only one girl actually. To others these ones were only normal humans. But Darren could see that at least half of them were hidden dragons. Three of the guys and the girl. The others were normal humans… but they must know about it… these guys were a gang Darren got the mission to kill. That’s why he had their files. He flushed through the papers, stopped by a blonde haired guy with a piercing in his lip. His eyes were clear green. The leader of the gang…

“If I finish him off first the others won’t be hard…” he mumbled in a proud smile as he closed the file. He sadly wouldn’t be able to get out before 19.00. Because of the sun… although, if it gets cloudier he’ll be able to at least go and buy some beer and such.

* * *

James sighed deeply, he really had gotten himself in a mess this time… he was completely surrounded… by dragons. Four in front and at the sides of him… and only a clip wall behind him. Even in his huge wolf shape he was only a puppy against four dragons. One of them was huge… black with green eyes. Huge wings that looked a bit scarred… and a lot more. Even he got scared of their eyes. One of them screamed out, breathing fire against him. He managed to avoid the fire but instead one of the other dragons hitted him with its claws and slammed him into the clip wall. He lied on the ground for a short while, before forcing himself up on his feet. He shook his huge head, noticed that he’d gotten a wound in the back of his head of the hit. But not from the wall… it was deep… very… so it must have been from the dragon’s claw. He glared at the dragons, growling loudly. The dragons started to breathe fire again. But before they managed to shoot it at him, they got… stopped. Around their necks James saw chains. Chains that held them back.

“You really should learn to not get yourself into messes like this…” the voice was familiar. He looked behind the dragons. There Darren stood, held 4 huge dragons back with only one hand. Those ice blue eyes starred at James. He smirked.

“Besides… these ones are my bounty.” He said and pulled in the chains in his hand, forcing the dragons away. Soon they turned back to their usual forms… still having the chains around their necks.

* * *

Darren held the chains down against the ground, nailing them down in the earth. Then he looked over against a pair of trees a bit away. There he had tied up the other 7 humans. They weren’t worth killing since they were only humans… but still they were wanted. And he would get money for them. He would have to come up with an excuse for the other four when he turned these in.

He walked up against the four dragons, placing himself in front of the leader, who gasped for air and tried to pull the chain away.

“It’s no use… those chains are impossible to break…” he said with crossed arms. The dragon glared up at him, with those clear green eyes.

“Sorry but I have a mission to accomplish.” He said and pulled out a katana from his belt, slicing his head off. Then doing the same with the other four. He could hear the other 7 humans scream. He looked up at them, saw that all of them looked at him. He catched their eyes, starred deeply into them. Soon they fainted. Another ability of his. But that’s one he was born with… for some reason he can’t get. He could feel how James starred at him, he looked over at him. James eyes were terrified… very. But they actually mostly looked tired. He slowly walked over to him. James growled at him, barred his fangs. Darren chuckled, stopping in front of him.

“Well, I ought to admit that you’re much bigger like this than latest I saw you.” He started, looking into James’s eyes. James still growled as a warning to him to not come any closer. Darren didn’t listened, lifted his hand and touched him behind the ear where he had gotten the wound. James roared loudly and moved a bit away. Darren chuckled again, looking at his hand. His fingers were covered in blood from James’s wound. James growled again, barred his fangs even more. He looked like he was ready to attack him in a second. Darren licked his fingers to get the blood away, felt a bit surprised. His smirk widened.

“For being a werewolf your blood tastes really great…” he said lowly and drying his hand off on his coat. He slowly walked against James again, who slowly walked backwards. Darren still smirked, touched James’s forehead.

* * *

James started to calm down after Darren touched his forehead, soon he was back in his human form. He fell down on his knees, felt how everything spans around. Darren kneed down in front of him, laid his hand over James’s wound again. James squeaked a bit in pain, hardly closed his eyes.

“The wound is deep… I’ll need to clean it…” he said lowly. James blinked, looked up at him with a bit suspicious eyes. Darren chuckled a bit.

“You don’t have to feel suspicious. I’ll only clean and bandage the wound…” James for some reason started to feel calmer, everything spans around, and soon he fainted.

* * *

Darren smirked a bit. He looked up at the guys tied up by the trees, who still were unconscious. He sighed a bit.

“I’ll go back to them later… I better fix this at first…” he thought and looked down against James who lied a bit beside him. He lifted him up and threw him over at his back, and then he started to run.

He stood in the middle of his room, with James on his bed. He hated that he had to do this, but that’s the law. If a creature with the same type of strength as the named person is wounded or killed, the named person’s right is to take care of the wounded or dead. He hated that law, especially when the werewolf has appealing blood.

He took out a role of bandage and some cleaning from a locker in his bathroom and then walked over to the werewolf on his bed. He sat down and started to clean the wound behind James’s ear. A while later he bandaged it.

“There…” he mumbled and threw the bloody papers in a bowl and laid down a lightened fire stick. To get the blood smell away he had to burn whatever that had the smell. Else he would have the smell left.

He walked over to the window and looked out over the night sky. He didn’t want to leave before the werewolf woke up. Which would take kinda long because of the wound. And he had also lost a lot of his blood that would have to be restored. He took out a book from a drawer. There he had all names of the bounties, the villains and all that. He looked for the names of the dragons from earlier today, crossed over the names.

Hours later the boy woke up, he moaned a bit and sat up, with his hand behind his head.

“You sure took your time to wake up…” Darren mumbled with crossed arms and closed eyes. He still sat by the window. James eyes widened. He quickly moved away from him. Although he only hit the wall beside the bed. Darren chuckled again. This boy really amused him.

“Don’t worry… I won’t hurt you…” he mumbled and looked out over the city again. James calmed a bit down again, but still had his guard up.

* * *

James blinked, noticed the bandage over his head. He laid his hand over it, felt confused. Then he looked at Darren, who still looked out.

“I only followed the code… the law. You and I are the same when it comes to strength. You’re a werewolf and get your power by the moon, and I’m an ice type of vampire. So I get my power from the cold. You should know the law as good as I do.” He said, without taking his sight away from the outside world. James soon nodded a bit, looking away in a grumpy face.

“I know it… not that I like the thought of to get help from a vampire…” he mumbled a bit pissed. He didn’t see it, but Darren smirked, leaned his head against the window glass.

“I doesn’t really enjoy helping a werewolf either, kid.” He said. James blinked at what he was called.

“Don’t call me a kid! I’m twenty two for Pete’s sake!” he snapped. James laughed a bit, shook his head.

“That’s right. You’re twenty two and I’m three hundred. That’s like a two year old for me.”

James didn’t really know how to react on that answer. But he soon nodded a bit. A vampire whose three hundred years are kinda normal, he guessed. So he didn’t say anything. Darren stood up, walked into the kitchen at his apartment. He took out a bottle of whisky from a locker and poured up two glasses, but also mixed it in one of the glasses with some medicine. He came out again, gave James the glass with the medicine.

“Here. It helps to get the strength back…” he said and walked over to the window again.

“So I can get you out of here sometime…” he mentally continued, sipping on the whisky. James sniffed carefully on the whisky before sipping a bit at it. Darren chuckled a bit.

“Don’t worry… it’s just some usual medicine… the whisky is just for the taste to get better…” he said and held in all the whisky in some second, then sighed in a smile, breathing out hard. James had soon finished his too… he actually felt a bit better now than before he’d been drinking it.

“Take one more later and you’ll soon be fine… it was a pretty hard hit you got there…” Darren said as he stood in front of James, looking at the bandage around his head. James grunted and looked a bit away. Darren smirked troublesomely, shaking his head.

“You should know that dragons aren’t really something to play with… they’re dangerous as hell when they get mad. Although…” he said, stopping the line, while poling up some more whisky in his glass. (He’d taken the bottle with him from the kitchen.)

“Werewolves aren’t really the best playmate either come to think of it…” he finished, sat down beside James, who still sat crawled up by the wall. Darren leaned a bit forward, sighing deeply after swallowing another glass. James was kinda surprised about him now… he wasn’t completely as he thought he was. But he was much more surprised about how the vampire could drink so much without even reacting on it. Darren were poling up yet another glass. The whisky bottle was soon empty. The glass was empty as soon as it was filled. Darren putted the bottle away.

“That will do for now… don’t want to get a hang over before I’ve even finished my work…” he mumbled while cleaning the glass out. James was still amazed about how he could drink like that.

“How the hell do you manage that?” he asked loudly, tried to stand up but he fell down on the bed again.

“What?” Darren replied, still standing in the kitchen, working around with some papers.

“The drinking part…”

“Oh, that… well, vampires is immortal you know, so we can’t die because of too much alcohol… plus I love whisky and beer!” James nodded to the reply. But didn’t say anything more.

He looked up in the roof, sighing. He still didn’t want to believe that he was getting help from a vampire.

* * *

Darren shivered, taking a tight grip of the shelf at the sink. His fingers almost pierced through the metal of it. Of course he could easily have but he managed to hold back. He breathed kinda fast and heavy, but apparently James didn’t care about it. Something about that werewolf made him feel sick… weird.

He could barely keep his mind clear right now. It wasn’t because of the whisky, since he never gets drunk because his body can’t take up the alcohol… then what was it?

“Damnit…” he mumbled really low. James reacted.

“You said something?” he heard him ask from outside in the living room. Darren cursed mentally.

“No… it’s nothing. Just talked to myself.” He replied with calm voice. He hated when this happened. It happens time to time… but now it was stronger than ever. He still tried to keep calm and his cool, but it was hard. He blinked, if he didn’t got away from here in time he would lose his control completely and attack and that would cause a riot between him and the werewolf. He had to hand over the dragon gang from yesterday night so then he had an excuse for leaving, but then it’s the sun that’s the problem. He looked over at the window. He smiled weakly, it rained.

“Perfect…” he thought and quickly walked out from the kitchen, back out to the living room. He took his small bag with what he’d might need and walked against the door.

“Gotta finish what I started yesterday… I will be back soon.” he said and took his keys. James looked weird after him.

“And no peaking through my stuff! Else, do whatever you feel like… there’s food in the fridge if you get hungry…” he said and slammed the door closed, locked behind him.

* * *

James was confused. Did the vampire trust him that much that he could leave him alone in his home? No, no way. They can’t trust each other. No matter what happens. Vampires can’t be trusted…

James sighed. Darren had been gone for some hours now… nothing had happened. Or well, the post had been coming and the window had flied open a pair of times. But nothing exciting. James now sat in the couch and watched some TV, the show was kinda boring but nothing else was on to watch. It was some sort of criminal minds series.

“Damn… no wonder people wants more channels… this one is worthless…” he mumbled as he crossed his legs and rested his head in his hand. Suddenly the phone rang. He blinked and looked up at it. It had an answer machine so he didn’t bother about to get up and answer.

Beep, beep! The answer machine beeped.

“Hey, Darren here. I’m not in to answer but if it’s important leave a message and I’ll see if I call back.” Beep! James laughed a bit at the answer machine.

“Darren, we have a new mission for you… in Hastings. We have a problem with a werewolf down there. Call back.” James blinked. A werewolf… Hastings? He was the only one there… so it was him the dark voice on the phone meant. No one but James knew about the werewolves’ whereabouts. Since he’s a werewolf himself… not that he wants to be… he hates what he’s become. Not a human, not an animal… only a monster.

Vampires couldn’t understand that… he stood up, walked over to the phone. He looked at the answer machine. It blinked 1 new message all the time. He held his fingertip above the delete all-button. His finger shacked… he tried to press the button, but it was hard. He bit his lip.

“Damnit!” he mumbled and pressed the button, then walked back to the couch, but he looked at the phone in the corner of his eye all the time.

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