::Eat You Alive:: A Damon Salvatore Story

Created by elenamalfoy on Friday, February 26, 2010


Mystic Falls; January 19, 1864

Chaos was running throughout the peaceful streets of Mystic Falls Virginia. People were being dragged out of their homes with metal gags in the mouths, preventing them from fighting back. The noble people of Mystic Falls are finally taking care of their vampire problem.

Looking through a window in horror was Maria Kirke. She clenched her lapis lazuli necklace, praying to god that they wouldn’t take her and her two mistresses away.

Two warm hands placed themselves on her shoulders.

“My brother and I will keep you three safe.” The voice said solemnly. She nodded her head, her perfect curls bounced.

“I know you will Damon.” She said in her angelic voice, which would make any man fall for her. She turned around and faced her best friend and the love of her life, Damon Salvatore. He smiled down upon her and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead. Maria sighed and looked back out the window.

“Why do you put up with it?” She whispered

Damon tilted his head to the side. “Put up with what?”

“Katherine…” She murmured

Damon suddenly went stiff, “I put up with her because I love her.” Those words hit Maria's heart like daggers. Maria held back tears when she saw Katherine enter the room with a broad smile upon her face.

“Maria, there you are darling,” She smiled, pulling Maria in a tight hug, “Pearl needs your help right away.”

Maria nodded her head and made her way through the door with her light blue dress flowing behind her. Damon’s eyes followed her as if they were in a daze; Maria looked back and gave him an angelic smile.

“So Damon,” Katherine said snapping him back to reality “I need you to tell your brother that I need to speak to him.” She demanded

Damon didn’t say no to her, he just gave her a simple nod.

Maria was helping Pearls daughter Annabelle with things when there was a violent knock on the door. She rushed over and opened it, her expression was worried, and Stefan Salvatore was standing there.

“Maria, they’re taking Katherine away!” He exclaimed. She nodded her head and ran towards the 3 men that were taking her mistress.

“Put her down.” She demanded, the men smirked at her and threw some vervain at Maria. She gasped in pain when it hit her; vervain was one of the things that can slow a vampire down.

“Grab ‘er.” One of the men demanded, two men grabbedMaria violently and put a metal gag in her mouth. She started to fight back when they opened the gag a little and poured some liquid vervain in her mouth, making her unconscious.

“No!” Damon yelled as he ran towards the men that were putting Maria and Katherine into a metal cage. Stefan stopped him and held him back as Damon struggled to get to them. Damon looked at his brother and pushed him to the ground

“You told father didn’t you?!” he exclaimed, waiting for an answer. He got impatient on got on top of Stefan, holding his collar “Didn’t you?!” He screamed again. Emily rushed over to the two boys and tried to calm them down.
”Don’t worry,” She hushed to Damon. “I’ll protect them.”

164 years later....

Damon’s eyes were fixed on the book intently as his brother Stefan walked into the room with a sad look upon his face. Stefan walked up to his brother with full intention.

“Elena’s gone.” He said blankly. Damon looked up to his brother.

“I know, you told me in those 600 voice mails.” Damon lifted his eyebrows and continued reading Emily’s spell book. Stefan sat next to his brother and placed his elbows on his knees.

“Look Damon, I know you’re angry,” Stefan started. Damon looked at him “I know that you hate me…because I’m the reason why Katherine,” Damon scoffed when he mentioned Katherine’s name “And Maria away from you.” Damon’s faced dropped when Stefan spoke her name, but he faked a smile.

“Apology accepted Stefan.” He gave him a fake grin

“So…you’ll help me find her?” Stefan questioned standing up. Damon stood up with him.

“Stefan, I mean this sincerely: I hope Elena dies” Damon said truthfully with a straight face. All Stefan could do was look at Damon in horror. Damon started to walk away but turned back when he reached the pillars

“Now if you don’t mind, I got two vampires to save.” He scoffed as he walked out of the house.

Damon recently got a phone call from Anna, Pearls daughter, telling him to meet her at the middle of Town Square to propose a deal. He saw her there, waiting for him. He used his vampire speed to show up in front of her and smirked when he was that he startled her.

“Damon.” She breathed

“Anna.” He mocked her. She gave him a glare.

“Do you know what to do-“

“Yes, meet me in the forest after sundown…and bring Emily’s book with you.” Anna explained getting up. Damon nodded his head and went back home to prepare for a very long night.

“She’s not here!” Damon yelled throwing two blood packets at the wall, Stefan stood back slowly.

“Damon…” he warned

“Damon!” Elena said running towards him, Damon looked at her with anger in his eyes.

“I think I found one of them.” She breathed. Damon’s eyes lit up.

“What kind of necklace does she have?” He questioned, knowing the differences between Katherine and Maria’s necklaces he would be able to identify who it was.

“Um, it’s golden wire with a stone in the middle.” She explained. Damon’s eyes opened and ran towards the direction Elena came from.

“Maria!” He screamed at the top of his lungs. He looked over and saw her beautiful dress on a wrinkled looking woman. He gasped and called for Elena.

“Is that her?” She asked running towards him.

“Give me your arm.” He demanded, Elena gave him terrified look but did as he said. He slits her wrist and placed it against Maria’s dry mouth.

Nothing. No movement what so ever.

Damon waited a little bit longer, keeping Elena’s wrist on Maria’s mouth. Still nothing.

“Maria?” His voice broke as he shook her slightly. She fell towards the ground… lifeless.

“Oh my god,” Elena breathed as she placed a hand on Damon’s shoulder “I’m so sorry Damon.”

Damon just stared at Maria’s corpse, taking in all her features; silky dark brow, her beautiful tan skin was cracked on the corners.

“Damon! Elena!” Stefan cried, he ran in and placed his right hand on the old stonewall. “We have to get out of here, the tomb is closing.”
Elena nodded her head and tugged on Damon’s arm.

“C’mon Damon, we have to go.” She said pulling him towards the exit. All Damon could do was follow them in silence.

Damon wanted to know what happened to his friend. The question was burning in his mind; he wanted to know how she died…

He kicked the motel door down and saw Anna with her mother Pearl, who was also in the tomb. Damon snarled and grabbed both of their throats.

“Where is she?” Damon demanded, talking about Katherine for a few minutes

“She’s in Chicago,” Anna choked out, “The guard let her escape. The last time I saw her was in 1883.”

Damon felt as if his heart was ripped out of his chest.

“What about Maria, how did she die?” Damon asked again, tightening his grip.

“Katherine,” Pearl breathed, as she struggled against his grip “She killed her, Katherine said that she didn’t deserve to live anymore.” That made Damon want to die, he released his grip and walked out of the motel, with fury in his gray eyes.

“Oh dear isn’t this town just lovely?” my 53 year old mother squealed as we took a mini-tour around my new town. Mystic Falls.

“No.” I growled. She gave me a look, but not just any look. THE look.

“Emilie, give this place a chance. It’ll be a new start for you.” She explained as she tried to place a hand on my shoulder, I shrugged her off.

Jesslya, my 11 year old sister had to make the situation worse. “You’re the reason why we have to move. Because you and your mistakes-“ She started

“Jesslya.” Mom warned

A tear rolled down my cheek, I quickly wiped it off so no one could see. Jamie was right, it is my fault that we have to move…but it wasn’t my fault it happened to me.

During the summer, I was raped. The guy who raped me got out of prison and the police claimed that he was looking for me, and suggested that it’d be best if we moved to another state.

Now we’re here in Mystic Falls Virginia. I was a new person; I want to be a new person. 2 months ago, I got over my fear of men; so now, I can go back to a public school and finish high school.

We pulled up to a two-story house with green shutters. It looked kind of old, but my mom does like old so that’s a plus. Jesslya ran inside and claimed the room on the first floor, my mom claimed the room with the bathroom and I was stuck with the room that had a balcony that showed the backyard.

It was nice; don’t get me wrong, I loved my room. It was just dull that’s all. It needed to be introduced to a little thing I like to call “Posters.”

Mom already gave me some of my boxes that were filled with my CD’s and books, bed sheets, clothing, and other stuff.

I hooked up my stereo and blasted “Soul Meets Body” by Death Cab for Cutie. I danced along when I was unpacking my things, I placed my light green sheets on my queen sized bed, put some posters of my favorite bands, Placebo, Anberlin, and Paramore on my wall. My room actually started to look like my old one back in Detroit.

When “Plug in Baby” by Muse came on I started jumping on my bed, singing along with the lyrics

“I’ve exposed your lies, baby. Underneath there is no big surprise.” I sang along. My mom said I had an Amy Lee voice going on but I didn’t believe her.

I started dancing around, having fun. My dark-brown hair was flowing everywhere as I spun in a circle.

But I stopped and gasped when I saw a crow watching me. It was beautiful; I’ve never seen a crow like this before. Its eyes were intoxicating, a beautiful gray and blue shade, it looked back at me…in shock?

I didn’t know crows had emotion…

“Emilie LeAnn Romano!” My mother called from down stairs, snapping me out of my thoughts. I guess she scared the crow too, because right when she called it flew away.

I ran downstairs and leaned against the bottom of the railing.
”Who died?” I asked raising an eyebrow. Mom rolled her eyes.

“Honey, these are our neighbors, Elena. Jeremy. And their Aunt Jenna.” She introduced, pointing to each one of them. Jeremy looked nice. Elena looked shocked and scared for her life, and Jenna looked…bored.

I stepped off the last stair step and held my hand out for someone to shake.

“I’m Emilie.” I smiled sweetly.

“Jeremy.” He smiled back, shaking my hand gently. I noticed Elena kept on staring at me like I was a ghost.

“Can I help you with something?” I asked, keeping my voice cool even though I was freaked out.

Elena shook her head and grabbed her cell phone.

“I, um. Have to make a call” She stuttered. I nodded my head

“You go do that then.” I said in a matter-of-fact tone. Mom nudged me, and whispered

“Don’t be rude.”

Everything was slow, Jeremy and I became friends really quick; turns out we both had our heartbroken. Jeremy had a girlfriend named Vicki…and she just decided to skip town, he said it was the best thing that ever happened to him, that when they were together, became a druggie. But now that she’s gone, he became his old-self again; that really made his Aunt and sister happy.

Elena didn’t come back; it’s like she was wiped off the face of the earth, Jeremy said that she probably went to see Stefan Salvatore…why does that name sound so familiar to me?

My head felt like it was on fire and I grabbed it in pain, pictures started flashing in my head.

“What’s wrong?” Jeremy grabbed my arm, looking towards my mother. Mom quickly ran over to me and grabbed some of my medication that I took whenever this happens.

“She’s having one of her flashes.” She picked my head up carefully and placed two pills in my mouth, before I slipped into unconsciousness…
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Here's your main gal!
Emilie Romano/Maria Kirke

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