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Created by TheAkatsukiLoveMe on Sunday, February 28, 2010

“How to Gain Trust in Three Days”

Sasuke Uchiha One Shot for KuraiUzumaki666


It was four years ago that I came to Konoha. No big deal, there are lots of people who have moved to this ninja city. Tons of people come here every day. I was no different. People gave me the same warm smiles. I was treated the same as any tourist. I was given the same respect as a ninja of their own village. It never made any sense to me.

People here were so trusting. The villagers would talk about anything to tourists. Men and women both would open their homes to a stranger. And this village would accept stray ninja such as me into their world.

At first I didn’t trust anyone. How could I when I had come from such a war as I did? I didn’t want to trust and be let down. So I kept to myself.

“Kurai-san, I am afraid that because you are new here, we cannot allow you on missions alone. We will assign you to a genin team for the time being. You will train with them and learn to become a Konoha Ninja.”


“Are you insane?! How do I know if they can be trusted?! I do not wish to be killed in my sleep! I am not ready to hand my life to someone so easily!”

I stared at the aged man in front of me. His tired eyes fall to his folded hands. “That will indeed be a problem. Well then… from here on I will hold a challenge for you. If you can gain the true trust of every man on the team we assign you to, you may go on solo missions. If you cannot gain a single one’s trust, you will be sent to the academy or dispelled as a Konoha ninja.” My mouth slips agape, “You cannot be serious! This is crazy!”

He smiles a little then, “But you will gain their trust a special way. You will have to convince each of these people that you are to stay with them for three days. You will use those three days to make each person in your team trust you.” I stare at him in muted horror.

The old man sighs again and states, “This is a scroll. Inside it you will find the names and addresses of your four teammates. You are to go to each one’s individual residence and do as I have told you.”

I look to the paper. “This is insane!!! Insanity!!! Madness!” The man only sighs, “No. This is Konoha.”


I look down at the address again and sigh. “Naruto Uzumaki…” I sigh and knock on the door. No one comes. I knock again. No answer. I sigh and bang on the door as hard as I can. The door opens.

A tired looking blond boy wearing a weird night cap stood their half asleep. “What’s up Sakura…? Is it noon already?” I blink at him. What was with this guy?! I sigh and clear my throat. Well here we go.

“Excuse me… my name is Kurai Mitsuku. I am to be on your Team Seven from now on.” His eyes cleared and he looks me over, “Wow! Well hey, I’m Naruto!” I nod, “I was afraid of that… Anyways… I need a place to stay for a few days… Can I stay with you?” “Sure, sure, no problem!!!”

I smile then and nod. “I don’t start on your squad for another few weeks… and I am supposed to surprise the others as I go… Will you keep it a secret?” he nods again, “You bet!”

I blink. Was this kid just an idiot? He trusted anyone THIS easily? I shrug and turn to walk away.


“You have to be kidding me! That Naruto was a complete idiot!!! He would let Orochimaru into his house if the guy asked! He’s crazy!” The old man sighs at my tirade, “True… Fine… Move on to the next one. They should be harder.”

I wave at him and growl, “At least I won’t have to go back to the academy.”


I knock on the door, expecting another idiot. Instead a pink haired girl opens the door, “Yes? Can I help you?” I nod and state, “I have been issued into your Team Seven. I need a place to stay. Can I stay here?”

Sakura gives me a measuring look. “Give me proof.” I nod and hand her my registration that I was told I had to carry. She smiles, “Alright! You can stay! We have an extra room upstairs!!!”

I turn around and march off again.


I walk in and the man sighs, “Just move on to the next one.” I walk out.


“So you’re the one Naruto and Sakura were telling me about? I guess they are kind of strange. Well you are welcome to stay at my place, but it is a bit messy.” I gape up at the grey haired man. My mouth was open and my eyes were wide. I pretty much looked like a little kid who had just learnt that Santa wasn’t real. Senseis were supposed to be smart.


The old man looked confused, “Kakashi accepted you too? Well I guess there’s only one left. I will keep out bargain. You have three days.” I bow and leave the room again.


I step up to the door. PLEASE let this one be sane. I knock on the door and hold my breath. The door opens and I see a boy wearing nothing but towels. One was wrapped around his waist and one hung around his neck. I feel a blush creep over my cheeks.

I demand, “A-Are you Sasuke U-Uchiha?” He nods, “What of it. I don’t have time to stand out here.” I blink, “U-Um… I was issued to your Team Seven today. I-I need someplace to stay.” Sasuke looks behind me and demands, “Why should I trust you?”

I blink once again. He was sane? He wasn’t foolish like the others? He wasn’t so trusting? I stutter, “I-I came from Amegakure! The Hokage told me he wanted to put me on a team! I was put on yours!” He didn’t look convinced. “Show me proof.” I open my mouth, close it, and pull out my identification. “Here.”

Sasuke asks, “Okay then. Who is your sensei here?” “That idiot Kakashi.” Sasuke asks, “And the girl?” “Sakura Haruno.” Sasuke frowns and looks at me. I add in, “And then Naruto Uzumaki… the moron who would let me in without any words but ‘hi’.” Sasuke nods, “Come in. You can’t stay… but we can’t stay out here.”

I follow him inside and note the perfectly clean house. Nothing was out of place. Well other than the fact that this guy was only wearing a towel.

I states, “I don’t trust people. I still don’t trust my teammates. I don’t even trust my family. So I won’t trust you either. Understand?” I blink in shock. The Uchiha family was dead all but for Sasuke’s elder brother Itachi Uchiha. So of course Sasuke would not trust him.

I feel a smile pull on my lips, “At last… someone in this town thinks like I do…” Sasuke turns and glances to me from where he was pulled a clean shirt over his head. I look to the floor and laugh slightly, “No one can be trusted.”

Sasuke’s eyes widen ever so slightly. He sighs and walks off into another room before returned out to me, clothed now. “So what’s your story then?” I glance to him and smile ever so slightly, “My family was killed when I was little… I lived in a huge war so I was always left alone and hated… starved… alone… You can’t trust anyone.”

Sasuke walks up to me and tosses me a coupon for Ramen. “Let’s go. I’m going to starve and if I eat one more tomato I think I’ll die.” I follow him into the city. It was really quiet as I just followed him. He seemed content to remain silent. Or… at least… I thought so.

He asked me then, “How long have you been here?” I was being interrogated again. “Two weeks so far…” “From where?” “Amegakure.” It was silent again.

We walked the rest of the way to Ichiraku Ramen. He sat down and ordered for both of us. When we got our food he ate his without a single word or glance to me. As we both finished he asks, “Do you like Dango?” I nod. He begins to walk. The stand he took me to sold us two and Sasuke handed me one and states, “I’m not a very big fan of sweet foods.”

I laugh at him and he looks away. I ask, “You don’t trust me but you’re being nice?” He states without looking at me, “I’m very good at picking out liars. You haven’t been lying. I can relate to you. No big deal.”

I feel a smile pull on my lips and I ask, “Can I stay with you?” “No.”

ↄↄDay 2ↄↄ

I feel Naruto’s weight land on me and I yelp out. He grins from on top of me, “Good Morning, Kurai-chan~! We have a mission~!” I blink and stand up to shower and get dressed.

We met the others inside of the Hokage’s mansion. Kakashi states, “Well… today our team will be splitting up into groups of two… Two of you will be washing windows on the mountain houses. And two of you will be helping in Yamanaka Flowers while Ino is on a mission.”

Sakura was fuming at the thought of Ino being on a real mission. Naruto was excited to garden. So those two were paired up without thinking. Sasuke and I were left to wash windows.

I followed him without a word. His face was solemn as he continued to think. I decided that I should do the same. I planned out how to earn his trust in the next two days. Somehow my thoughts ended up trailing SOMEHOW to whether whales call their spouts back buttons. I think I failed that course.

Sasuke clears his throat and I look up. He states, “We’re here.” I smile at the big building. “So how do we get to the windows?” Sasuke states, “You stick your chakra to it and walk up.” “Fun.”

But the old lady thought we would fall so she made us harness up. So Sasuke and I hung from the face of the mountain. Sasuke ties a basket between us and we move down to the first line of windows. They were green and nasty.

I was bored to death as I hung there. So I began to talk, “Kakashi-sensei seems a bit too lax don’t you think?” Sasuke seems to be brought from his thinking, “He’s always late, lax, and lazy.” He pauses, “I’m not.” I smile, “You’re stoic.” He nods, “Sure.”

It went really quiet and he went deep into thought again. I wondered about what such a person as he would think about… but then my thoughts trailed to the towel thing yesterday and I nearly died hanging from a mountain.

Sasuke glances over to me and asks then, in as plain a voice as any, “So do you think whales call their blowholes back buttons?” I blink in shock and he shrugs, “It’s graffiti on the wall here.” I laugh at that and begin to spin around on my rope. He asks, “So seriously… do they?” I stop and reply, “Honestly I have no clue.”

I continue to spin on my rope. Sasuke sighs, “Stop that before your cord breaks.” I ask, “Wha?” and then my cord snapped and I was falling. I yelp out and feel Sasuke’s hand wrap around mine. “I told you so, brat.” I reach out and latch onto the mountain. Sasuke and I climb down, job done.

I laugh, “That was a close call!!! Thanks for saving me!” He nods without a word to me. I felt that we were as close as to opposing magnets. My dreams of going solo weren’t getting me anywhere.

Sasuke then tosses me an apple he just bought from a stand. “Here.” I eat mine and he eats his. I believed this was the best opportunity. “Can I stay with you tonight?” “No.”

ↄↄDay Threeↄↄ

Today I woke up to the smell of burning food. I saved it from Sakura’s wrath and made a new batch of dumplings. I smile and hand them to her. She grins and tells me that she is going to give them to the person she likes best. I just wave her off and walk out.

This was my last day. I make my way down the street to the training grounds. I was planning on just focusing on my new jutsu… to find my training place taken. Sasuke glances up as I enter.

I ask, “Mind if I join you?” He shrugs. I turn my back to him and focus my chakra into my hand signs. “You’re doing it wrong.” I blink and turn to him. He was watching me with a skeptical look, evaluating every wrong move I made.

Sasuke walks over to me and changes my hand signs a little. “Don’t use so much. The Phoenix Flower is simple… not to be made hard.” I do as he tells and the jutsu comes out better than ever before. I smile, “Yes!!!” He nods, “You learning that from a scroll?” I nod and he sighs, “Scrolls are misleading. My father taught me that one. Easy.”

He helps me work on it until I have gotten at least 3x better than I would have when working alone. He showed me his master example and then I did mine. They were far from the same but mine was getting better.

He smiled when I did it perfect for the first time. He laughed when I messed up and shot myself back and onto my butt. He was grinning by the time it hit noon.

Sasuke and I had been sparring for a while now when I heard Sakura’s voice. I glance up and narrowly avoid a searing lick of flame. Sasuke stands and we both straighten as she nears.

“I’ve been looking for you all day!!! Here I made this for you, Sasuke!” I blink in shock as she hands him the box of dumplings I’d made for her. Sasuke replies, emotionlessly, “I don’t have time, Sakura.” The girl pouts until Sasuke eats one. I see his face light up slightly. “You made these?” Sakura nods, blushing.

I sigh and begin to walk off. She was taking credit for my work. I feel a hand on my shoulder and look around to see Sasuke there. He states, “I know you made them. Sakura always burns the food she makes.” I feel my cheeks heat up and he adds in, “They were good.”

I feel a warm silence begin between us. I didn’t know we could be fast friends like this. Of course neither of us trusted the other yet. That would be silly. Three days is not enough time to gain anyone’s trust. I guess, though, that this was as good a start as any.

I smile and turn to walk with him into town to get something else to eat. We shared a few words. We talked a little. We ate in silence. But we smiled all the way.

I watched as the sun sets and sigh. Sasuke glances to me, “Hn?” I smile and ask, “Can I stay with you tonight?” Sasuke replies, “I know your bet, Stupid. I can’t let you go solo. You just now learned how to do the phoenix flower. You’d die in a day.” I glare at him and he smirks, “So no. No you cannot. You will stay in Team Seven with me.” I glare back at him, “I’ll beat you Sasuke!” Sasuke smirks, “Not when you’re that clumsy.” “What do you mean by…?” *hits a pole* “Never mind.” Sasuke laughs.

How do you gain trust in three days? You can’t. At least… not when the subject is Sasuke Uchiha. But three days is a good start. The next three years would be better. I know. I’ve been with him all that time. I’m still the only person he can laugh and smile around. I am still the only person he will eat sweet foods with. I am the only person Sasuke Uchiha knows he can ‘trust’. And I am still the only person who has ever stolen his heart. Sasuke is mine. Of course, it did take three years… but I guess it really did all begin with those first three days.


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