Forks and Knives (A joke)

A (fake) story someone told me

Created by CuteKitten303 on Tuesday, March 02, 2010


There was this guy and he had 2 other brothers.
The oldest liked to say "MEMEME!"
The middle one liked to say "Forks and knives, forks and knives!"
The youngest loved to say "Plug it in, plug it in."
So one day they walked down a beach and sawa womendead. The police were also there and he thought out loud "Who killed this girl?"
The oldest said "MEMEMEME!"
The police said
"How did you kill her?"
The middle one said
"Forks and knives, FORKS AND KNIVES!"
Next the police said
"Who wants to go in an electric chamber as a punishment?"
The youngest said
"Plug it in, plug it in!"
Thanks for the joke, Alex!!

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