Off Beat Volume 3

The series "Off Beat" is a series created by Jen Lee Quick. A manga book with yaoi and Shonen-ai. If you are reading this Fan Fiction that means you have probably read Volumes 1 and 2. TokyoPop had a problem and stopped manga for a month, therefore Volume 3 hasn't been created. Honestly, I am a huge fan of manga (and yaoi

Created by judeandduncanluver on Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Colin and Tory stared at each other, in desbelief and in shock.
"Why the hell did you grab my hand!?" asked Colin in a tone Tory had never heard before.
"Wh...wha...? What's your problem? It didn't mean anything, I just-"
Colin had interrupted Tory by pushing him away, grabbing his bag from the floor and leaving Tory standing there in the middle of the road feeling shittier than ever.
What was Colin trying to pull? I thought our friendship was going well... thought Tory. He had no other choice, but to leave. Tory kept thinking about when him and Colin were in that dump of a park holding hands. In a really weird, retarded way, Tory liked that moment. He thought it was something special. Tory thought and thought as he walked home.
"Heeeeyyyyyyyyyy Torryyyyyyy! How 'ya been?" squeaked Mandy. Mandy is always in a great mmod when's near Tory.
" Uh...what are you" Tory had asked not even looking at Mandy. Tory had absolutley no feelings for Mandy, though he couldn't help but think she looked hot in the skirt she was in. Wait-isn't it like, Winter? Why is she always following me? I know she thinks I'm cute but-Holy shit! Mandy likes Goddamn I'm slow.
"You look cold, wanna come to my house for a bit? Hee Hee." said Mandy in the most cheerful voice.
Holy crap, jus leave me alone woman!
"Um, no thanks. Hey, can I ask you something?" Tory was totally nervous; he was going to ask Mandy if she liked him.
"Ask me anyhting you like!" Mandy answered in a flirty voice, but really... she sucked at it.
" I you have a crush"
"Oh. Um. Wel...I also have a question to ask you." replied Mandy. She looked upset, but quickly became excited. A smile grew on her face.
" you like girls?"
This retarded girl thinks I'm...I'm...
" Are you asking me if I'" Tory asked nervously.
"Well, yeah...basically." Mandy answered a little quieter this time. What the fuu-I'M NOT GAY! Why would she think that? God, this girl is messed up!
"Whoa whoa whoa! Waaaaiiittttt a sec! I asked you a question first. Do you like me? Or not?" Tory asked very annoyed.
"Buuuut-?" Tory was impatient, he wanted to know the answer. Pronto!
"But I have noticed a few things. You're starting to hangout with Colin a bit too much. Everytime you guys ditch me, you always grab or hold his hand, and honestly, it's really cute but-I followed you. You and Colin at the park. And you were holding hands. You got too close. And if I'm not mistaken, you're a boy. So is Colin. So my question is-are you gay? Mandy asked.
"Mandy, please. Do you really think I'm gay?" Tory asked.
"Yes. I do. I gotta go." sighed Mandy and Tory watched her leave as the snow lightly fell.

"Why are you always here?" grouched Tory. He was in no mood fro games. Or Paul.
" Oh shut up, you know I always eat here." retorted Paul.
"Holy hell, get a life Paul!" replied Tory. God, Paul always pisses me off. Can't think with an asshole here.
"So how's your boyfriend?" said Paul, winking at Tory.
"I'M A GUY! YOU STUPID ASSHOLE! yelled Tory while grabbing a glass and whipping it towards Paul.
"Okay! Okay! Fine, bye." yelled Paul and left with a frown.
This is getting annoying. Why the hell does everyone think I'm gay? Wait, now that I think about it, am I? Well, I don't like any girls at school...'cept Mandy is sorta a friend. I'm close with Colin, and he's a guy. Holy shit! Am I gay? But...I...RING! RING! RING! Goddamn...RING!
"Heyy sweetie! How's my little Tory <3?"
"Shut up mom."
"Okay, okay. So can you do me a favo-"
"Mom! I am not your messenger! I am not your servant! I'm not going to the friggin' 24/7 convienant store to buy you TAMPONS! GOD! I AM HAVING PROBLEMS OF MY OWN!"
I sorta feel bad for my mom, but someone had to tell her. God, I'm not sure if I'm gay, but I don't feel any different around any other guy, 'cept Colin. Hey! I'll just randomly hug a girl, then hug a guy and see how I feel. Yeah! That's good! RING! RING! RING! Omfg! That better not be my mom! God.
"Hello?" answered Tory.
"Hi. It's Colin."
"Oh, hi Colin." said Tory as tears burned in his eyes.
"Yeah. Did you talk to Mandy? Uh, she wanted to talk to you." replied Colin.
"She's allowed. And yeah. She thinks I'm gay." Tory responded quietly.
"Tory, we're both gay."
"What the hell? What's wrong with you! I'm not-"
"Yes you are. Meet me at the park."
"Kay, god, I'm here." grouched Tory.
"Follow me." said Colin.
Whoa. Does this sound gay? Colin looks kinda...uh...good-looking in the light of the sky. Holy hell, is that gay? Crap. Thought Tory as he sucked his bottom lip following Colin. They both ended up in an alley. No, it was a clean alley, Not those creepy kind with hobos lying on the floor. RING! Goddamn, why did I bring my cell?
"Tory. It's me."
"I know it's you, mom. I don't give a damn."
"I am annoyed with your attitude."
"That's okay."
"Yeah, I'm staying at Colin's. Yeah, I'm not coming home tonight. I think we both need some time to think. See you tomorow."
"What happened?" asked Colin, he kept closing his eyes due to the snow blowing on his face.
"We had a fight. I don't give a shit. What do you think?"
"I think that..."
He pushed Tory towards the wall. He firmly placed his hands on Tory's shoulders and began to lean foward. What the hell is he doing?
"What the hell are you doing?"
"Shut up."
"Shut up." said Colin angirly.
Colin leaned closer and closed his eyes. Um, what do I do? Do I lean in too? Or wait, or...whoa.
Colin moved in closer and closer. He was centimetres away from my lips. His lips touched mine, and his were awfully cold. But...I liked it. I kissed him back. All thoughts came to my head. My mom. Mandy. Colin. Paul. I'm kissing Colin Stephens. What's in my future? Will I be holding Colin's hand at school? Will I be married to a guy? Colin stopped kissing me and glared at me.
"You suck."
Colin winked at me and left.I couldn't help but smile and laugh while staring at Colin as he left. His shadow disappeared in the snow. I realized he is a pretty cute guy. And hey, I learned something about me I never knew. I'm gay. I, Tony Blakes am gay. I love my life.

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