Michel (A Glass Fleet Fanfic)

Created by AnkashaFlame on Thursday, March 04, 2010


Got something done! Most likely I'll be coming back to do an overhaul on it, but I'm lazy.
“Michel, I’m so sorry.”

The general gave Vetti a cold glare, “Don’t lie to yourself, Vetti. It’s not good for a king.”

She was wrong; he was truly apologizing for the loss of her child. The poor babe never even had a chance to take his first breath. Michel, like any other woman out in this situation, was devastated.

All the light seemed to leave her eyes. The youthful general had left completely and a bitter woman took her place. It seemed that now Michel…no, Racine, glared at him with even more hatred and anger than ever before. Yet Vetti could never blame her for hating him. If he had just listened to Cleo, Racine would’ve been able to live a happy life.

His very existence made her life miserable.

Vetti looked her in the eyes, “Racine, I’m not lying.”

Racine snorted, “Of course. And you want me to believe that.” She stared out of the window, “And how am I going to believe you? After all of my heart break happened because of you.”

“Racine, I-“

“Don’t apologize, just leave me alone.”

The king respected the girl’s wishes and exited the room. If only he could gain access to the youthful, happy Racine whom he fought during the war.

Wait…that was never Racine. That was Michel. Michel was the young general who had given his life to the People’s Army.

Sadly, Michel no longer existed. When it came to the people, Michel had died of a fever before they made it to the new galaxy. All that was left was Racine, the only living relative of Michel.

It had been very hard to explain Racine’s recent pregnancy to the other nobles. Even his explanation didn’t stop the various rumors.

“Oh she’s pregnant by Vetti himself!”

“That girl’s a little tramp, probably doesn’t even know who the father is.”
“It was that pirate Michel had so much trust in. I’ve seen them together!”
“She was raped during the war, that’s why she so bitter.”

Hearing all of these had made Vetti once again realize what kind of animals the nobles were. They were disgusting creatures with too much time and never used it towards something important, like the safety of their people. It made him embarrassed that he could even be close to what they were.

Vetti was much, much worse.

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