Suite life on Deck. Zack Martin Love story

Created by HIgHQueen1 on Saturday, March 06, 2010



Cody was reading a book at the smoothie bar.

Zack (Who works at the juice bar) leaned forward to look at his book.

"Cody!" he said.

Cody looked at him.

"Zack..." he replied.

"Man! Your Such a book worm. Drop the book and live for once." Said Zack.

"Oh? And how do you want me to 'live?'" Asked Cody.

"Well there's this really great party in a few days." Said Zack.

"I heard of it, but I'm sure that's the last thing Bailey want's to do." Said Cody.

"Tsk!" zack turned around getting an order from a costumer.

"Hey Cody! Did you hear about that party? I hear it's gonna be awsome! Wanna go?" Bailey asked as she aprotched Cody.

"Uh...Of course!" Said Cody.

"And get this." Said Bailey.

"My cousine from london England is coming to visit me for a few days!" Said Bailey.

"Did someone mention me?" Asked London coming towards us.

"No London." Said Cody.

"So what's your cousine's name?" Asked Zack.

"Her name is Anna." Said Bailey.

"I haven't seen her in two years! I'm so excited!" Said Bailey.

"Why haven't you seen her in two years?" Asked London.

"Hello, she lives in England and I live in Kettle Corn." Said Bailey.

"So she single?" Asked Zack.

Bailey rolled her eyes.

"Please, she probrobly won't go for a bad boy like you." Said Bailey.

'Well that sucks." Said Zack.

"So when is she coming?' Asked Cody.

"Today! Oh, I can't wait!" She said.

"Ah, there you are Bailey. There's a girl at the lobby waiting for you. She says your her cousin." Said Mosebey.

"Eeep! Anna's here! C'mon guys!" Said Bailey.


Bailey, Cody, Zack and London ran into the Lobby.



"Ahhh! It's so good to see you!" Said Bailey as they huged.

"I missed you so much!" Said Anna.

"I did too! Oh, I want you to meet my friends." Said Bailey.

"This is Cody, my boyfriend." She said as Cody waved.

"This is Zack, Cody's twin brother." She said as Zack waved.

"And this is London." Said Bailey.

London waved.

"Hi, I'm rich!" Said London.

Anna giggled.

"Hi, It's a pleasure to meet you all." Said Anna in a british accent.

"Oh, you have that funny accent that my daddy's buttler had." Said London.

Anna gave her a wierd look.

"Excuse London...but she's not the smartest cow in the herd." Said Bailey.

"I see." Said Anna.

"C'mone, you'll be bunkn' with me...well not really bunkn', you'll be sleeping on the floor." Said Bailey.

"Fine with me!" Said Anna smiling.

"C'mone London!" Said Bailey.

They walked to Bailey's room.

Zack and Cody were still in the lobby.

"That girl is hot!" Said Zack out of the blue.

"Yeah, but too bad you'll never get a date with her." Said Cody.

"What dose THAT mean?" Asked Zack.

"Oh, nothing...." Said Cody leaving and Zack following.

Meanwhile in Bailey's room...

The three girls walked into the room.

"Wow, your room is pretty fancy." Said Anna sitting down on London's bed.

"Gasp! Don't sit there!" Said London.

Anna quickly stood up.

Why?!" She asked in a panick.

"This bed spread probrobly costs more than your house!" Said London.

"Whoa! What's a girl like you wasting your money on that?" Asked Anna.

"Because I'm rich, duh! Oh! It's time for me to go to the spa!" Said London then leaving.

"So, tell me about yourself..." Said Anna setting up her sleeping bag.

"Well, I have a boyfriend, that's Cody." Said Bailey.

"Ah, yes, tell me about him." Said Anna.

"He's sweet, fun, smart...."

"Strong?" Asked Anna.

"" Said Bailey.

"How about you, do you have a boyfriend?" Asked Bailey.

"No, sadly." Said Anna.

"But I have a crush on this guy from my school." Said Anna.

"Oh! Who?" Asked Bailey.

"Beleive it or not, but his name is Cody." Said Anna.

"Wow!" Said Bailey.


Zack and Cody were about to knock on Bailey's door till they heard.

"Omg Bailey, Cody is sooo hot!"

Cody and Zack looked at eachother in shock.

"Dude, did you hear that?" Asked Cody.

"Yeah! Anna thinks your hot!" Said Zack.

There was a shocked look on Zack's face.

"OMG, I can't beleive she picked you over me." Said Zack.

"Whoa...this is awsome but bad all at the same time." Said Cody.

"How am I gonna tell her that I don't feel the same way?" Asked Cody.

"You don't have too." Said Zack.

"Why...?" Asked Cody giving Zack a wierd look.

"Cause, we'll just make her fall in love with me!" Said Zack.

"Oh yeah? How?" Asked Cody.

"How about we go on a double date?" Asked Zack.

"Oh no! I'm not gonna be part of your scheme." Said Cody.

Just then Bailey and Anna came out of the room.

"Oh, hey guys..." Said Anna.

"What are you guys doing out here?" Asked Bailey.

"Tsk! Oh, well...ya know...Cody, what are we doing here?" Asked Zack.

"Were, here...cause....." Said Cody.

"Cause we wanted to ask you two on a double date!" said Zack.

Cody dragged Zack where the girls couldn't hear.

"Dude, I don't wanna be a part of this...." Said Cody.

"C'mon, dude, why?" Asked Zack.

"Because...going on a double date with YOU, is like going on a double date with a, I don't think Anna wants to go on a date with a monkey." Said Cody.

"I'n NOT like that!" Said Zack.

"Oh yeah?" Asked Cody.

Flash back...

A girl was sitting at a table alone.

Then Zack approchted her.

"Sorry I was late...but...I uh, I...."

Just then Zack barffed on the girl's shoe.

"Ahh!" Screamed the girl quickly standing up.

"Ewww! This, is the worst date EVER!" She said and stormed away.

"Wait! I'm sorry! That won't happen again! I just have stomach problems! I ...." Then Zack quickly ran away cause he was about to barff.

END of flashback...

"I'm not like that anymore, plus that was like how long ago..." Said Zack.

"That was 3 days ago..." Said Cody.

"C'mon man...." Said Zack.

"Fine." Said Cody and they went back to the girls.

"We accept!" Said Bailey.

"Great! We'll take you guys to dinner at....6:00?" Asked Zack.

"Sure! See ya!" They said leaving.

"Ok, but if Anna tries to get...cozy with me, distract her." Said Cody to Zack.

"Oh Don't worry, I won't let that happen." Said Zack.

Meanwhile with Woody and London...

"Hey London, do you still have that spy camera from your web show?" Asked Woody.

"Yeah, why?" Asked London.

"Because, I saw this hot girl, and I wanna get to know her better, if ya know what I mean." Said Woody winking.

"Oh...right." Said London nodding.

"Here." Said London taking it outa her purse.

"You keep iit in your purse?" Asked Woody.

"Duh! How else will I be able to spy on that cute guy over there." Said London pointing at a guy.

"Um...ok...well thanks London!" Said Woody.

"Uh, were are you going? I am not gonna miss this!" Said London tagging along.

the DATE...

"I have to idmite Bailey, I'm kinda nervous." Said Anna while they were waiting for thier dates.

"Don't be, you look fine." Said Bailey.

"Not that, I mean, this is my first date, what if I do something...stupid?" Asked Anna.

"Don't worry, I'll be on your side." Said Bailey.

"Ok, so how do I look?" Asked Anna.

"Fine, but let me fix your hair." Said Bailey fixing it a bit.

"Outch! You pulled on my hair." Said Anna.

"Uh oh..." Said Bailey.

"What uh oh?" Asked Anna.

"My ring is stuck in your hair." Said Bailey trying to get it out.

"Ow ow ow!" Said Anna.

Just then Cody and Zack came.

"Uh...what are you guys doing?" Asked Cody.

"Uh...." Bailey and Anna both said at the same time.

"We'll be right back." Said Bailey and Anna getting up to go to the bathroom, to get the ring out of Anna's hair

The boys were alone.

"Ok, remember, your also here to help me impress Anna." Said Zack.

"Right.." Said cody.

"And don't win her heart or anything..." Said Zack.


"Right." Said Cody.

"And help me with Anna if she tries to like...kiss me or something." Said Cody.

"Right." Said Zack.

Then the girls arrived at the table.

"Hey!" Said Cody.

"Hey." Anna replied.

Cody nudged Zack to say something.

"So uh...I think you look nice, Anna." Said Zack.

"Thanks Zack, you look very ravashing aswell." Said Anna.

"Huh?" Asked Zack.

"She means you look nice as well." Said Cody.

"Right! Your very smart Cody,to know that, caus most people don't know what that is, unless your in England of course!" Said Anna.

Zack gave Cody a look and Cody put up his hands saying he was innocent.

"So uh...Anna, tell us about England." Said Zack.

"Well, it has a very beautiful view. But, the uniforms are a bit annoying." Said Anna.

"Yuck." Said Zack.

" what about you guys? Bailey told me that you guys used to live in a hotel." said Anna.

"Oh that was fun!" Said Zack.

"Yes, I remember we would always pull somesort of stunt." Said Cody.

"Yeah! Hey, remember the time there was a beuity passion and you dressed up like a girl to be in it?" Asked Zack.

"Haha! Yes!"

"But actually, I was in it to try to impress a girl." Said Cody.

Anna started laughing.

"Yeah, good times..." Said Zack.

"I remember christmas at the farm...." Said Bailey.

"Me too! When it took us an hour to make this snowman to look like uncle bill, and when we were FINALLY finished, your little sister crashedthrough it with the sled!" Said Anna.

"Ha ha! Yeah!" Said Bailey.

"I remember christmas at the Tipton Hotel." Said Zack.

"Yeah, this woman, Zack and I got stuck in the elevator.

And Just when we thought things couldn't get any worsr, the woman was in Labor and had to give birth in the elevator!" Said Cody.

"Whoa!" Said Anna.

"Yeah! Boy, it was the most fun we ever had!" Said Cody.

"yeah..." Said Zack.

They all sighed and picked up thier menus.


"Ok. I got the camera, in place." said Woody.

"Wow, isn't she pretty?" Asked Woody.

"Tsk! No! That dress, hidious!" Said London.

"Oh yeah? Well, that guy that you like" Said Woody.

"Cute!" Said London.

"Hmm...I wonder what her name is..." Said Woody looking at the girl.

"Why don't you just ask?" Asked London.

"I just might do that! Video tape me making my move!" Said Woody as he walked over to the girl.

"So...hey, what's your name?" Asked Woody.

"It's Loretta." She said.

"Well, hey, Loretta. I'm Woody...and you are?" He asked stupidly.

She gave him a wierd look.

"Oh, right, Loretta." Said Woody.

''Giggle! Your pretty funny...well see ya." She said leaving.

Woody walked back to where London was.

"That was great! Did ya get it?" Asked Woody.

"Huh?" Asked London and Woody noticed that London was pointing the camera at the guy that she liked.

"London! Did you get any of it?" Asked Woody.

"Yeah! Lots!" Said London.

"Oh good..." Said Woody.

"By spying on that guy, I reillized his name is Joe and I got a video of him doing 4 pushups! With one arm!" Said London.

"No, I mean did you get anything with that girl?" Asked Woody.

"tsk! Why would I when Joe's doing 4 pushups...with one hand!" Said London.

"Ugh!" Said Woody sitting down.

Meanwhile on the date...

Cody, Zack, Anna and Bailey went to a dance.

Like a party.

"Wow! This is so cool!" Said Bailey.

"Yeah!" said Cody.

"Hey, Cody. Can I borrow your pen and note pad, I wanna write down my email adress." Said Zack.

"Sure here." Said Cody giving him the pen and paper.

"Hey Cody, what's this button?" Asked Zack pointing on a small button on a pen.

On the pen was a button and when you pressed on it, it would be like a flashlight.

"Oh , that -"

But before Cody could finish, Zack pressed on the button and the light shon into his eyes.

"Auughhh!" Said Zack squinting his eyes and stepping back.

When he did, he stumbled and fell, and got his head stuck in a bucket of worms!!!

"Auughh! Get it off get it off!" Said Zack.

Anna pulled it off of his head and a hole bunch of worms fell on his head.

"Giggle! Are you ok Zack?" Asked Anna as Bailey and Cody came.

"Yeah...I think so..." Said Zack getting up.

"I'm gonna go get some punch." Said Cody going to the food table.

''I think I'll get some cake." Said Anna.

"Oh no you don't." Said Zack thinking Anna was just gonna go over there to be with Cody.

Zack grabbed Anna's arm.

"What are you doing?" Asked Anna.

"Uh...wanna dance?" Asked Zack.

"Can I get some cake first?" asked Anna.

"No! Uh...I mean, we can dance first, can't we?" Asked Zack.

"But there's only one peice left!" Said Anna.

He kept on hanging on.

Anna tried reaching for it.

But she was to late...

Someone else had got it.

"Nooo!" Said Anna.

Zack accidently let go of Anna which made her fall.

"Whoa, you ok, Anna?" Asked Cody helping her up.

"Uh huh." Said Anna.

"Cody!" Hissed Zack dragging him away from the girls.

"What are you doing? I'm supposed to be the hero!" Said Zack.

"Sorry if I helped her up!" Said Cody.

"Ah! I bet your trying to get to her, aren't you?" Asked Zack.

"What? No! I like Bailey!" Said Cody.

"Uh, is everything ok, guys?" Asked Bailey going towards them with Anna.

"No!" Said Cody.

There was a shock on Zack's face.

"Anna, I'm sorry, but I don't like you." Said Cody.

"Cody!" Snapped Bailey.

"What did I do?" Asked Anna.

"No, not like that, I mean, I don't like you like you." Said Cody.

Anna gave him an odd look.

"Ok...???" Said Anna.

"Your not mad?" Asked Cody.

"Should I be?" Asked Anna.

" like me don't you?" Asked Cody.

"What? Who told you that?" asked Anna.

"We heard you telling Bailey that you liked Cody." Said Zack.

"Oh, and you thought -?" Said Anna.

"Huh?" Asked Cody.

"Guys! When she said Cody, she meant a Cody in England!" said Bailey.

"Oooohhhh...." They both said.

"Yeah: OOhhhh!" Said Anna a little annoyed.

"We're really sorry, Anna." Said Zack.

"Yeah, we didn't mean to be so stupid..."Said Cody.

"Well, next time, just ASK." Said Bailey. "Agreed." Said Cody and Zack.

"C'mon, let's dance." Said Anna taking Zack's hand.

They all danced for hours before returning to thier dorms.

Woody seemed glum. "Something the matter?" Cody asked.

"I tried asking this really cute girl out......and made a fool of myself! Now, she doesn't like me." He sighed. "And London got the man of her dreams..."

"That's tough man." Said Cody. "But hey, there are lots of other fish in the sea."

"But I don't wanna fish!" He moaned. Cody rolled his eyes. "We'll talk tomorow." said cody going to bed.


"Bye, guys." Said Anna hugging them.

But, after she hugged Zack, she kissed him on the cheek.

Everyone was shocked. Then, Anna walked off the boat.

Everyone looked at Zack. "WHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" He screamed.

Everyone laughed. And that was THE END......

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