emo boy love story (boyxboy) 8

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Suddenly alarms go off, i fall to the floor and have to cover my ears from the deafening blare. It stops. I pull my fingers out of my ears, they ring. I stand up quickly remembering the people in the white clothes. I peep through the small window in the door. I almost have a heart attack when i see a large face staring back at me, angrily.
I step back as a buzzer beeps and a heavy unbolting sound unlocks the door, it swings open slowly with a spooky creek. A large man comes up to me and grabs me by the arm, and escorts me down a long corridor. The corridor is painted with rows of doors, just like mine. The roar of people yelling out to us from behind the doors is incredible. Thats when i figure where i am. I had seen this in a horror movie once. I was in an insane assylum. But why? What did I do?? I'm not insane! Atleast I dont think I am!
I am seated ina large room, with tables and people in uniform white sitting at their own places waiting. The same man that escorted me here enters the room.
"Vistitin' time!"
People start to pour in from the entry way, conversation and excitment fill the air. Everyone had someone to talk to but me. How come noone came to visit me?
"And who do we have here, a new guy huh?"
I turn to look behind me. A guy no taller than me with black hair and blue eyes and no older than 18.
"Names Taylor" He says coming around infront of me.
"I'm Alex" He is holding a tray with an arrangment of pills layed out. He then places down about five infront of me.
"Dry... do you want to swallow them dry, or do you want water?!!"
"Oh. i was thinking something completely different" i begin to blush.
"Hahah. what are you in for?"
"Well the thing is.. im not quite sure. One minute i was at school, the next thing i know im in this
place! Do you happen to know why I'm here?"
He shakes his head "Sorry champ, I'm just the pill guy, I aint a doctor aor anything... so no-one has come to visit you?" He looks at me intrigued.
"Nope not a soul..."
"Not even a girlfriend" He begins to look at me sideways as if he knows what i am about to say.
"I dont uh have a girlfriend, I'm gay"
A small smile spreads across his face, he catches me looking and he looks down.
"Thats cool."
"Yeah i spose. What about you.. do you have a girlfriend?"
"Nah. I'm gay too" he giggles quietly, quite cute in my opinion. He says goodbye and walks off to the next patient. Wow this guy is hot! but wait, what about Josh you ask?! Well I dont see Josh here right now! I dont see him visiting me, like isnt that what boyfriends do?! pffft . whatever maybe this is just the drugs talking but right now i dont give a flying fuck about Josh!!! I think I might even have a new love interest!

I wake up sudenly to the buzz and creek of my opening door and wait for my eyes to adjust to the lighting.
"Wakey- Wakey!" a cute voice calls to me. Its that pill guy... uh... Taylor. "Time for your pills babe" holy shite, did he call me babe?! Thats awsome i so just had a hardy! hehe
"Wet, right?"
"Hhahah, as in you want to swallow your pills with water! hahha"
"Oh, yes please hehe" I take my pills and just as i expect him to go to the next patient, he sits on my bed and looks at the floor.
"Look Alex, I think your really cute. And there is a hospital dance coming up and well you wanna come with me?" *butterflies* this so reminded me of Josh, and the school prom that I'm supose to be going to with him.
"Sure I would love to." Taylor leans over me. We look into eachothers eyes and just when we are about to kiss he pulls away.
"Sorry hun i cant... I'm working" he turns my head sideways and gives me a peck on the cheak and then walks to the door.
"See you at the dance babe."

These are some pics of taylor

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