Vindicated Disney (Lesbian Love Story)part1

DarkLovesLight gave me the idea to do a disney story. So I've put together Meg from Hercules and Esmeralda from Hunchback of Notre it is, hope you like it :)

Created by Charly16 on Wednesday, March 10, 2010

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Esmeralda's point of view:
Jolly and I walked the streets of this old city - new to us - they called it " Vindicated City".
We found a good spot on the sidewalk with a few other gypsy's lined along the same sidewalk, earning their change from the passing strangers. I placed a hat on the floor and began to dance as I hit my tambourine. As the minutes passed, so did the strangers; some stopping to watch and give a few coins, some walking on the far side of the road to avoid the smell of gypsy and their stealing hands, and others walked without a care of my existance.
I made a twirl with my body, mid-twirl I froze at the sight coming down the street. She didn't walk on the far end of the street or down the middle with the others that were oblivious, but close to the gypsy side. She kept a smile on but a different emotion would show through, not fear or disgust at something a gypsy might be doing, it seemed more like..sadness...
" Baa-aa-aaa!" Jolly roared to get my attension back to reality and my hand began it's tap to the music of my dance again.
I watched her in the corner of my eye as she inched closer. I knew she would eventually walk passed me and see me as she did - I suddenly felt self-consious. Why did I care so much of what she would think of me? What about her was doing this to me?
She stopped infront of the gypsy man next to me throwing his pins in a continuious circle in the air. I took in this new whole sight of her.
" Amazing..." was all I could think as I watched her watch the gypsy man.
Her hair was a long, wavy shade of dark brown that reached to her waist. Her long, slender, cream colored body had a long purple dress draped over it with a darker shade of purple ribbon wrapped around her waist just under her breast. I watched her slender hands rise before her chest to clap for the man she had been watching. I could feel my dance had become to simple as I was focused on her, but I wanted to see - she glanced at me; I saw them, her eye's, the only detail I hadn't been able to aborb yet.
She glanced at me but had looked back at the man before her; but then slowly this time, she brought her eye's back to mine. She looked deep into me for a moment, I saw her eye's look over all of me then averted her gaze - it looked as if she was herself?
Meg's point of view:
I clapped for the gypsy man juggling his pins, I know I couldn't do that. I glanced to my left at the sound of a tambourine, and my eye's were met with the most beautiful pair of green eye's I'd ever seen. Her gaze was intense and I quickly looked away; but I wanted to look at her, I slowly looked back to her. My coherant thoughts had stopped, the only thought left in my mind was " Beautiful..." She had dark skin that covered her long, curvy body and long, black curls that reached the middle of her back.
" NO!" I yelled at myself internally," Do you want to get hurt again stupid!" I asked myself the retorical question as I looked away from her beauty. I walked passed her and dropped a few coins in the hat set before her dance.
I felt my pain still very present within me as I walked away - how could I have been so stupid and I still haven't learned my lesson? I quickened my steps as if I could run away from my feelings. I shouldn't have taken the second look at her, I already couldn't get the picture of this perfect stranger out of mind. I found myself alone in an empty alley way; I knelt down hugging my knees as I remembered....
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