My Sweet Life on Deck! *A Zack love story*

Yolah peeps! Ok, well I was watching the episode of Suite life on deck where they are in fairy tales and I got this idea!

Created by kitty996 on Wednesday, March 10, 2010

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Name: Angelina Cosmo
Age: 16 (Ok I don't know the twins' ages so I'm making them 16 too)
Height: 5'6
Weight: 120 lbs.
Likes: Skateboarding, basketball, music, singing, dancing, star-gazing, skipping class, and smoothies
Dislikes: school, spiders, pervs, sluts, and snitches/goody two shoes
Looks: light brown hair, electric blue yes, slim body with ALL he right curves in the right places
Personality: Rebellious, trouble-maker, sweet but sometimes mean, and sarcastic
*Start da story!*
I was walking towards the boat that my parents are putting me on so I can learn to 'behave'.
I walked in and saw some short dude wearing the most lamest outfit ever smiling like a dofus.
Then he saw me and came over to me, god help me. "Ah hello and welcome to the S.S. Tipton.
Now what can I do for you?" "Hey dude I'm Angelina Cosmo, my parents sent me here" "Ah!
So you're Miss Cosmo, I'm Merriam Mosby."What kind of name is Merriam? That's a girls name! "Hm,
well sorry to say, but all of the girls rooms are filled along with the guest rooms, looks like we'll have
to put you with a boy until further notice. Is that alright with you?" "Yeah" "Ok, good luck" Then Mosby
handed me a key and told me what my room number is and then I left. I bumped into a guy with blond
hair and we both fell to the floor. "Sorry about that" we both said. "Hey it was nothing, hi I'm Cody Martin,
and you are?" "Angelina Cosmo" "Wait you're Angelina Cosmo? Daughter of Harry Cosmo? The world's best
yoga master?" "Yeah" "Oh my god, I am your father's biggest fan" "Ok, well do you know where room 161 is?" "Uh,
but are you sure you have the right room number, cause that's in the boys section?" "Yeah, but there anr't anymore
rooms left" "Ok, but if you ever need help I'm right across from you" "Why would I need help?" "Cause you're rooming
with my brother Zack, and he's a pig" "Ok" "Well heres your room" "Thanks" I stepped in the room and saw clothes, food,
games, cds, that pizza moving?! I decided to split the beds and clean my half of the room, so I got a gas mask out
and started cleaning the side closest to the door. When I was finished I pushed my bed towards the closet on my side. Then I
changed the sheets to match my favorite colors, red and black, then I went to my closet and started cleaning it. When I was d
one I went to see how the bathroom is and it was acually clean. I decided to take a shower, so I grabbed my black tank top,
red scoop neck fishnet shirt, and dark blue jeans.
*Zack's POV*
I just got out of detention, again, for putting crabs in Mosby's desk and now I'm going to get a smoothie, go to my room, and thn sleep
after eating ten pizzas.

Ok, peeps tell me how good it is

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