Unintended And Tended Love (A Bleach Ichigo Kurosaki Love Story) Introduction

As the title says, but what if Byakuya Kuchiki has a daughter he didn't know he had? And what if she meets our Strawberry, what will happen between them!? Will Love blossum between them?

Created by ToshzAnimeGirl on Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Unintended and Tended Love

(A Bleach Ichigo Kurosaki Love Story)


Name: Rose Yuki (Kuchiki)

Bloodline: Daughter of the Noble Byakuya Kuchiki and Hisana Kuchiki.

Age: 15

Species: Human (was born a human instead of a shinigami, but still has shinigami powers.)

Personality: Strong-willed, stubborn, loving, caring, tends to be playful and a troublemaker with the people she finds close to her heart.

Skin color: Pale-skinned.

Eye color: Bright blue, rimmed with gray.

Hair: Dark, black hair that reaches just slightly above mid-back. She has some bangs across her forehead. She tends to style her hair a lot.

Chest: (Lol, if people are curious, pervs XP) A bit larger than Rukia’s, but smaller than Orihime’s.

Body: She is skinny and fit.


Shun-po/Flash Step: She is fast. (But doesn’t know that she is slightly slower than Soi-Fon.) (A/N: Soi-Fon’s Shun-po would be the third fastest after Byakuya and Yoruichi.)

Kido: Doesn’t know of it yet.

Spiritual Control: Pretty good, but there is still room for improvement.

Intelligence: Really intelligent. But has lots of room for improvement. (She does not compare to Hitsugaya yet, but has her father’s intelligent genes, but has yet to use its full potential.)

Zanpakuto: Kurisutaru Fushichou (Crystal Phoenix) The sheath is a silvery white color. She only knows Shikai, has not achieved Bankai. Her Zanpakuto is male, he is one of the strongest due to his abilities and attribute.

Zanpakuto Relationship: They are both loving and watch out for each other and can greatly rival Hitsugaya’s and Hyourinmaru’s which is one of the strongest out there (So be ready for her to interact with her Zanpakuto a lot.

Looks when not released: The hilt is wrapped in silver (instead of the usual red, most soul reapers have.) Also, the guard is in the shape of a rose (yup, how ironicJ) with the blade sitting in the middle of the rose and the petals fanned out around it.

Shikai Command: Glaze with beauty, Kurisutaru Fushichou

Shikai’s Looks: The whole sword becomes a clear, crystal color: including the hilt, guard, and blade. A thin bead of crystals is also wrapped around the Zanpakuto. It can also crystallize whatever it touches. When the sun or light is reflected from it, the whole sword sparkles with multi-colored colors from the crystal that is a breath-taking sight for whoever lays their eyes on it, forever glazing their eyes with a beautiful sight before being slain by the soul slayer.

Shikai’s Abilities-

1. Shirawareme (White Rift) - Whenever Rose slices her zanpakuto through the air she can create a white rift, in which needle-pointed crystal is released after her enemies or foe she is fighting. She can also create a rift around her that shoots crystal around her simultaneously.

2. Nankindama (Crystal Beads) - Rose does not like to use this attack since it uses almost all of her and Kurisutaru Fushichou’s reiatsu/spiritual power. So this is her last resort. When used she rips the beads that are along the length of her Zanpakuto and wraps them around her right arm. In which her Zanpakuto and her spiritual powers are concentrated for a short time in that arm and anybody near her better watch out. Everything she dare touch or more preferably punch gets immediately turned to crystal and shatters soon after. Like if she focused enough power and strength the ground can shatter if she were to touch it and make a big enough hole, that tree, the door, or that random cat minding its business.


Looks: 8.5/10

Personality: 8/10

Kido: ?/10-unknown to her. Yet?

Shun-po: 7/10

Intelligence: 7/10

Zanpakuto/Relationship: 8/10

Capability of loving: ENDLESS!!!

Summary: Rose used to have a family, consisting of, a mother, father, and brother. They all died tragically in a car accident, Rose was at school at the time waiting for her family to pick her up. She moved to Karakura town, hoping to forget about that accident. Unknown to her is that they were not her real family!??? She discovered her shinigami powers at a young age. When one day, she finds a pill hidden within her mysterious bracelet (she does not know when she received the bracelet, with the rose insignia on it (ironic again! Isn’t it)) and swallows it. You can already know and predict how confused, freaked, scared, and the trouble that ensued when she found out she was a shinigami (or more likely a human/shinigami.)

Shinigami Form: Rose has the same black robes every other shinigami has, but has a light green sash tied across her back, that forms a bow (think Senna) She also doesn’t know where/when she obtained the sash (clueless much, but it’s all good.) Her zanpakuto is tied across her lower back with her sash, it’s not straight across her back it’s slanted somewhat. (Just imagine like Rangiku’s but the sash ties it to her back.) Her hair is tied into a side bun, with a blue rose on it.

Love Interest: Hmmm, I’ll let you guys figure that one out. (A/N: She hasn’t met him yet, but will soon enough, but as they get closer later on will they be more than just friends or something else!? *snickers in background* I, the author can only tell!

Present: After moving into her apartment in Karakura. Rose is on her way to her new school.

A/N: I will make my first update on Saturday, April, 3. sorry guys for the long wait. I have to get this story organized out of my head and onto paper/computer since it’s been in my head for awhile. Again, Gomen (Sorry), but maybe I’ll surprise you guys with an extra chapter or so ^.^

So please review, if you’re unhappy tell me and I’ll do what I can to satisfy or if you have any questions, if you do I’ll dedicate this story to whoever reviews!!! Also should the story be 3rd or 1st person?And since my birthday is on March 19th and it would be awesome to get some reviews on my birthday, and the release date might be pushed earlier.

So you guys better grab your Pocky and Ramune before you come back to read.

And for the more mature people your Sake and some rice balls.

Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach or the author, ‘cause if I did Bleach would not be the same ^.-

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