Just the Babysitter (Jonas Brothers)

When Rylinn is sent to California to spend the summer with her aunt, she runs into more than a typical summer. Juggling a collegiate orchestra camp, day-camp counseling, and landing a surprise babysitting job, the summer can't get much more interesting...

Created by australia803 on Saturday, March 13, 2010

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"Mom, I don't know about this camp thing." I asked as I sat down on the couch in our Illinois living room.
"Rylinn, the camp papers are already signed and your aunt is anxiously awaiting your visit." My mother countered, eyeing me from the needlepoint project she was working on across the room.
"Right. I guess I'm just nervous."
"What are you nervous about?" My friend Cara asked as she flew into our living room.
"How do you just show up at random moments like that?" I asked smiling as my best friend came to sit by me on the couch.
"It's a gift I suppose. You should consider yourself lucky."
"Yeah, ok, as long as you contain yourrandom entrances to normal business hours"
"Whaaaaaatever. So what's is all this nervousness?"
"I'm just a little unsure about heading all the way out to California tomorrow." I admitted.
"Oh no! You aren't backing out now missy!" Karen exclaimed as my mom began to grin from behind her needlepoint. "You finally have me in a place where I can cope with the fact that you are leaving me for the entire summer. There is no way you are going to be all wishy-washy the day before you leave!"
"Ok Charlie Brown," I snickered "to keep you fully functional I suppose I will take one for the team and drag myself to Cali."
"I'm sure it will be such a chore." Karen replied as she threw her hand on her forehead like a damsell in distress, "Perfect weather, perfect location right by the beach, perfect orchestra, perfect EVERYTHING!!!"
"It would only be perfect if I wasn't leaving my best friend" I said grinning.
"OMG with the guilt thing again. Don't do this to me!"
I laughed "I'm just teasing. You convinced me. The trip is a "go" again."
My mom sighed triumphantly as she set down her needlepoint. "Nicely done Cara," she smiled and left the room towards the kitchen.
Cara giggled as she got up from the couch. "Well, say hi to the Jonas Brothers for me." She replied as she began to make her way to the door.
"Oh yeah, for sure, becuas I know them and we are like best friends." I replied sarcastically.
"Well you know it's only bound to happen while your down there. You have to have something to tell stories about when you return."
"I'll just ring their doorbell and tell them we're required to be BFFs because my friend from ILLINOIS said I need a good story to tell." I retorted sarcastically.
"You just wait and see!" Cara said with a wave of her hand.
"Nice of you to drop by for a whole 5 minutes," I raised an eyebrow as Cara opened my front door.
"Yeah, well I figured you would be chickening out right about now."
"I'm glad I'm so predictable."
"Oh whatever," she joked and then said seriously, "I really do hope you have a good time."
I hugged Cara goodbye andpromised to e-mail as much as possible while I was gone. She got into her little blue car and headed home.
"The Jonas Brothers..." I thought as I headed back into my living room. "Now THAT would be interesting!"

***I would love some feedback. I haven't posted since 2006 so I'd like to know what someone out there thinks. This first section isn't much, but I didn't want to do the whole preface with pictures and descriptions thing. I'd rather develop the characters myself vesus just straight out telling you what they are like. ANYWAY, there is more to come. :) Thanks for reading! Rate and message if you please, :D.

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