I Don't Care Who You Are, Where You're From, What You Did, As Long As You Love Me [Percy Jackson Oneshot for tufghyut65eyu56e]

Sorry for the long one shot title, but I couldn't help going all Backstreet Boys on you :))))) Oh! And just so you know, I did post this yesterday, but I didn't really like the title, and I think I was making people not want to read it, so I've changed it and reposted!!!! Please enjoy and don't forget to rate, favorite and message me :)))))))

Created by BookWormGirl26 on Sunday, March 14, 2010

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I loaded the arrow, and drew back the string on the bow. I aimed for a second, and then let the arrow fly. It hit the bull’s eye squarely, earning me a resounding cheer from the onlookers. I gave them a smug smile, and then reloaded. It sailed straight into the center once again. I glanced down at my watch and saw that it was almost time to meet with Chiron.

“I have to go.” I told them, lazily waving back at them. They looked at one another, and then started dispersing. I pulled on my baseball cap over my lustrous, wavy blonde hair. I saw one of the Hermes boys smile at me, but I just rolled my eyes and turned toward the Big House. I hated how some of the guys at this camp thought that they actually had a chance with me. Though I tried to keep it from everyone, I wasn’t the typical camp attendant. Instead of being a demi goddess, I was actually a minor goddess, child of Persephone and Hades. I didn’t want the other people to know because they’d act differently at me. Instead of going right to the big house, I turned off and headed to my cabin. I, being Hades’ daughter, lived in his cabin. It was pretty nice because I got the entire place to myself, and didn’t have to share it with anyone else.

I tugged one of my over-large hoodies off of my chair, and shoved my arms through the sleeves. It was going to get colder this evening, and I didn’t want to have to come back here later. I walked slowly up the Big House, looking at my black painted nails. I reached the porch when the sun had just started to dip below the horizon. I reached for the door handle, but before I reached it, it swung open, and Percy Jackson stepped out, nearly running me over. I stumbled back, but Percy caught me by the arms.

“Thanks.” I said, smiling at him. Percy was the one guy at this camp who I actually liked, although he might have been one of the only ones who didn’t like me. Because we were both children of the Big Three, we sort of felt a connection, and we hung out sometimes. He let go of me, and grinned.

“No problem. Hey, do you by chance want to spar against me later tonight? I could use some practice.” I simply laughed.

“Sure. I know you do.” He laughed, and squeezed my shoulder. “See you at nine, then.”

I nodded and watched him go. He was really cute, and pretty easy to talk to. I shook my head and pushed the door open. I still didn’t know why Chiron had wanted to see me, but I’d agreed to come anyway. He, like always, was sitting in his wheelchair, reading a book. When he saw me enter, he gave me a small smile, telling me that this was something that I probably didn’t want to hear. He motioned for me to sit down on the couch, and waited until I was seated before he spoke.

“Rosalie, I’m glad that you’re here, I am.” I looked at him harder, and he avoided my golden eyes. “But, I do think that it is not right for you to be here. It’s a safe haven for demi gods, not full goddesses. Yes, I know about that now. I was going to try to let you stay here, but I don’t think in good consciousness I can. You may finish out the summer, but I don’t think you should come back here next year, that is unless you would like to be employed here.”

“I don’t get why it’s that much a problem?” I said, getting mad. Since when did a camper have to be a half blood? I’m sure other full blooded goddesses had gone there before.

“This is a camp for the children of one mortal parent and one god parent. You’re not one of these children. Miss Parks, I just don’t think Camp Halfblood is the right place for you. You should be somewhere with other gods.” He said, bowing his head.

“But, what if I don’t care that I’m with other gods?” I argued back at him, clenching my fists by my sides.

“Let’s be real, Rosalie. The other campers here have lives outside of this camp. They are in school, and they’ll all grow up, get jobs, and then, eventually, they’ll all die. But you, you’ll be here forever, and you can’t hang on to them. You’ll only be disappointed. You should work on moving on now.” His face, usually smiling, was unusually bitter.

“I’m the daughter of Hades, I don’t have to let anyone go.” I said, standing up, tears of anger almost rushing out of my eyes.

“We both know that that is not good for either party.” He said. He picked up a folder from a close by table and opened it, starting to go through them.

“So you’re not letting me come back because it’s in ‘my best interest?’” I was almost screaming at him, but he didn’t seem worried or alarmed at all.

“Yes. And the other camper’s interest.” He put his pen behind his ear, and crossed his arms. “Please don’t be upset, Rosalie.”

“Too late.” I snapped, storming out of the building. I could feel the pressure building in my head, a typical warning sign that something was going to happen. Sometimes it was the ground splitting open, sometimes worse. I was running down the sparing area without knowing it. I needed to get away. Maybe I’d run past it, leave the camp. If Chiron didn’t want me back next year, then he wouldn’t care if I just disappeared this year.

Instead of keeping running, when I reached the training arena, I just sat down on the ground. I leaned against the fence of one of the sparing arenas, and tried to take a deep breath. I couldn’t blow up, that would just make things worse. I could just work here next year, I didn’t really have anything else to do with my life, but then again, I didn’t want to just watch my fellow campers grow up and have the time of their lives in camp while I had to stay like this forever. A tear rolled down my cheek, and I wiped it away furiously.

“Rose?” A voice asked softly. I opened my eyes, and it was Percy. I turned away, and wiped my eyes again.

“Ready to train?” I asked, trying to keep my voice from catching in my throat. I hated being vulnerable, especially around Percy. I didn’t want him to think I was a cry baby.

“Sure.” He paused, undoubtedly thinking about asking me if I was okay. He must have decided against it though, because I only heard the sound of metal sliding against metal as he uncapped Riptide. I picked up just some random practice sword because I’d left my sword in my cabin, and faced him, hoping I didn’t look like I’d been crying.

“Let’s go.” I said, swinging first, only to have him block me. I jabbed again, he parried, and swiped his blade at me. I backed, and he followed. I then tried to swing down on him, and he blocked me, and our blades were locked. I took a step forward, knocking him off of his balance. He fell down with an ‘oof.’

“Good job.” He said. I offered my hand to his, and he took it. I helped him up, and he took up his sword again. “Round two?”

I nodded, and we started again. This time, he swiped first. I jumped to the side, jabbed, and when he blocked me and tried to follow up with a swing, I jumped into a crouch and rolled away. He followed me, and as I was getting up, I felt the cold tang of metal hit my skin. I gave a small cry, and clutched my arm where his blade had hit.

“Oh my gosh! Rose, I’m so sorry!” He dropped Riptide to the ground, and rushed over to me. I looked down and saw liquid gold leaking out of my arm. Percy was at my side instantly, and he saw my blood too. “Whoa.”

“Damn.” I gasped, putting my other hand over it as well. How could I have forgotten that my blood was golden. It was all over. Percy would never want to be with a full blooded goddess. “I have to go.” I muttered, dropping my own sword, and turning tail. I sprinted all of the way back to my cabin, and bolted the door before I seized a towel to press against my wound. I walked over to the sink in the bathroom, and grabbed another towel. I soaked it, wrung it out, and then wiped my cut gently. Cleaning it was more to wipe my blood off of me than anything. It was already healed all of the way. I braced my arms on the sink, and looked up in the mirror.

My long blonde hair framed my well constructed pale face, with my golden eyes as the main focus. I was tall and skinny, but did any of that really matter? I was the newest full god, and the rest of them were way too messed up for my taste. None of them got me, because I was different. Even though I was beautiful, I didn’t flaunt it with tight fitting clothes and girly mannerisms. I preferred baggy gangster clothes that hid my figure, and I was tough, not a force to be reckoned with. I loved that about myself, but somehow, it made it hard to fit in. I just wanted to be like the other campers, but now, especially now that the guy I liked knew I was a full blooded goddess, that dream was over.

I splashed water on my face to clear away my new tears, and threw off my clothes, and replaced them with a large tee shirt and baggy shorts. I climbed into bed, and closed my eyes. I tossed from one side to the other, finally falling into a dreamless sleep.

I woke up before the sun rose completely, tired but unable to sleep. I slipped out of bed without changing my clothes and slipped into my shoes. I jogged out to the beach without knowing why. I just knew that I couldn’t stay in my cabin, but I wanted to be alone; barely anyone ever came out there. I sat down on the sand, and gathered it in my hands, letting it fall out through my fingers. I took off my shoes, and let the water lap over my feet. It was cold; the summer was almost over, marking the end of my stay at Halfblood. In a few weeks, I’d be off to who knew where, never to be back again. Never to see Percy again. I sighed.

“Something on your mind?” Percy asked, walking slowly toward me. I pretended like I didn’t hear him. “You know, I talked to Chiron. He said that you weren’t coming back next year.”

“He’s right.” I said, more bitter than I wished to be around him, but I couldn’t get over how mad I was at Chiron.

“Is it because you’re a goddess?” He asked me, sitting down next to me, just far enough away that our arms didn’t press together.

“He told you that too didn’t he?” I asked him, looking straight into his eyes. He shook his head.

“He didn’t have to. I sort of got that from the whole golden blood thing.” He laughed, nudging me. “I don’t get why you’re leaving though.”

“Chiron told me I had to.” I shrugged, focusing on the sand.

“Why? I mean, you’re just a goddess, it’s not like you’re a monster. I don’t see what the big deal is.” He said, summing up exactly what was going through my head.

“Chiron said that I shouldn’t get attached to anyone here, because it’d just be bad for everyone. I guess it’s not practical for gods to be close with mortals, because the end is pretty inevitable.” I repeated what he’d told me.

“I suppose that makes sense.” Percy nodded. “But honestly, why don’t you get to enjoy the time you have with the people you like? It’s better than being alone.”

I couldn’t help looking at him again. His face was inches from mine. “Yeah,” I breathed.

“You know, it doesn’t bother me that you’re a full goddess.” He leaned in closer to me, and rested his hand on mine. He hovered like this for a few seconds, and then I moved the rest of the distance between us, and pressed my lips to his.

“I’m glad to hear that.” I smiled, leaning against him, watching in silence as the sun rose.

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