Kyo one-shot (xsimplyxrandomxlovex)

Been a while huh? Ha, anyways this is dedicated to xsimplyxrandomxlovex. I hope she likes it :D. Sorry for the long wait -_-'.

Created by xoxthebestofbudsxox on Sunday, March 14, 2010


Sunlight shines through the trees lighting up the forest, the leaves casting some shade and are seemingly sparkle. Leaves that have fallen in the trail make a crunching sound under Lena's feet. This trail would lead Lena to the place she would be temporarily staying.

Hatori had driven Lena to this trail. He would have taken Lena all the way to the house she was to stay in, but Akito had called and told Hatori to dump Lena right where they were and to return back to the Sohma estate right away. Hatori left her, but not right where they were, but at the entrance of the forest that would lead her to where she was to live.

This decision is supposed to make her life miserable; not like it wasn't already. The house is now in plain sight and Lena hesitates before leaving the comforting safety of the trees. The closer Lena got to the house, the more nervous she became. She didn't know what to expect in this household. This would be the first time Lena has ever spoken to anyone aside from her sister, Hatori, and Akito.

Hatori's friend was supposed to live here and, according to Hatori, he was a good man that lived with three teenagers that are Lena's age.

Once she knocked on the door Lena could hear the shuffling of feet on the inside of the house before a girl with brown hair opened the door. The girl had to look up a little in order to see Lena well. A smile is on her face.

"Hello, may I help you?"

"I'm Lena Sohma. I'm supposed to live here for a while."

Lena and Tohru arrive at a door inside the house and Lena guessed this was the room she would be staying in.

The room consisted of a one bed, a desk and a drawer. Next to the bed is a sleeping mat with a pillow and a neatly folded blanket.

"I hope you don't mind sleeping on this. Perhaps you would prefer to share the bed?"

"No, this is fine. It is more than I am used to."

"Really? Oh, no you should take the bed…"

Lena smiled and cut Tohru off before she could get any further.

"No don't worry Honda-san. I'm fine with this. So I was wondering if my stuff got here. Hatori said he sent them over."

"Yes, I took the liberty of putting your clothes away for you, I hope you don't mind."

"No, of course I don't mind."

Both Lena and Tohru stood there in silence for a while, smiling at each other.

"Ano, Lena-san, you wouldn't mind telling me your part of the zodiac story would you?"

"Of course not."

"Oh, Tohru!"

Both girls looked towards the door.

"That's Shigure-san."

"Another time then."

"I will be right back."

With that Tohru left the room, leaving Lena to take in her surrounding. Aside from what she noticed earlier, she saw that there was a window where she could see the forest around the house.

Looking on the desk she found that it was tidy and a picture of a woman sat near the edge. Lena picked up the picture and analyzed it. The woman in it was posing flashing a smile and the peace sign at the camera.

Lena heard footsteps coming from the hallway so she set the picture back down and turned right when her name was called from the doorway.


"Yes Honda-san?"

"I'm going to the market to by food. Would you like to accompany me?"

A huge smile broke out upon Lena's face. This would be her first time into town and she would love to explore.

"Of course Honda-san."

And with that the two girls were off.

Looking left and right, up and sometimes even down, Lena just couldn't help but stare in wonder at this city. There were many things that Lena has never seen in her life. In her wonder she would almost crash into a few people, but Kyo would pull Lena away just in time.

Yes, Yuki and Kyo came along with Tohru and Lena, each for their own reasons.

"Takku, you should be more careful. I'm not gonna be pulling you out of the way every single time."

"Gomen Kyo-san. It's just that everything is so wonderful...Oh, what's that!"

Lena ran towards the street and was about to cross it, but Kyo grabbed her by the collar. An irk mark was present on his head.

"Baka! You never cross the street like that. Besides we're supposed to be going this way, not that way."

Lena gave Kyo an apologetic smile. Tohru and Yuki were each standing not to far away from the two. Tohru was standing very stiffly and her hairs were sticking out at the end, she had thought that Lena was going to get run over. Yuki just stood there calm about the whole thing.

"Gomen, Kyo-san. I just wanted to see what that was."

"Ne, Kyo-kun couldn't you show Lena-san around the city?"

"Tohru that's not a very good idea that baka neko can barely take care of himself."

"What was that! You wanna say that to my face you damn rat!"

"Would you really do that Kyo-san?! Please!?"

With that Lena stood really close to Kyo with a hopeful smile across her features. A small blush appeared across Kyo features and he took a step back.

"W-why are you so close!?"

Tohru and Yuki each had a small sweat drop on the back of their heads.

"Lena-san sure got happy. Maybe Kyo-kun should go with her."

"Alright! I'll go with you. Just back up!"

"Really!? Yay! Let's go. We'll see you two back at the house!""

Lena grabbed onto Kyo's hand and left sprinting in some random direction.

"Hey slow down before you crash into someone!"

Tohru waved at the both of them and Yuki just stared after them.

"Ah Lena-san looks so happy."

"Yes. Well, shall we go?"

Tohru nodded in agreement and with that they left walking towards the store.

"What's this?"

"A candy store."

Lena had slowed down to a walk, but has yet to let go of Kyo's arm. Kyo has tried several times to free himself, but has failed each time.

"What is a candy store?"

"A store full of candy."

Lena put her face closer to the window with one of her hands against the glass and her forehead to get a better look.

"Is it edible?"

"Of course it's edible, it's just sweet. Haven't you ever had candy before!?"

Kyo was growing irritated explaining this to her.

"Actually, I haven't."

Kyo looked over to Lena to see her smiling at the candy that could be seen in the window.

"Oh well, I'm sure it's delicious."

Kyo just closed his eyes in frustration trying to decide what to do.

"Come on."

Instead of Lena pulling Kyo, Kyo was pulling Lena.

"Eh, what are you doing?"

"I'm going to buy you some candy! What does it look like."

"Oh no, you don't have to!"

Kyo has already pulled Lena inside the candy store. There were rows and rows of candy in see-through containers with small little shovels inside.

"I'm going to, now hurry up and get candy."

Kyo handed her a small plastic bag, in which Lena was to put the candy, and pushed her towards the rows of candy.


"Stop it with the Kyo-san. I hate that."

"What about Kyo-kun?"

"Not that either."


"Just say Kyo dammit what is so hard about that!?"

"Ah Gomen…Kyo, which candies are better?"

Kyo walked over to where Lena was standing and began to choose different types of candy. He was picking out a lot of sour ones, but Lena didn't know that, and Kyo didn't realize that Lena didn't know that.

Once everything was paid for Lena ran outside and began to rummage through that candy bag. Once she grabbed one she popped it into her mouth and began to taste it. Kyo joined her outside.


Lena gave out an outburst that made a few people look at her.


"It hurts. My cheeks hurt."

Lena was grabbing the back of her jaw.

"I think you ate a sour candy Lena."

Kyo had a sweat drop on the back of his head because Lena was now sitting on the floor slapping the side of her cheek.

"You idiot get up! You're making a fool of yourself."

Kyo yanked Lena up by the arm.

"Gomen Kyo, demo, it hurt."

"Stop being a baby and eat this one."

Lena eyed the little bear warily, but ate it. She trusted Kyo so if he said to eat it she would, well, only some things. After a few moments Lena had stars in her eyes.

"What kind of candy is this!"

"It's gummy bears."

"These are so good!"

Lena ate a few more before something else caught her eye.

"What's this!"

Lena ran over to a cart of ice cream. Lena was looking at all the flavors curiously. Kyo followed her closely making sure she didn't bump into anyone.

"It's ice cream. Never had that either?"


Kyo gave a sigh and ordered one vanilla ice cream and handed it to Lena while walking away. Lena held it in her hand and just stared at it.

"Ano, Kyo-kun what do I do with it."

"You eat it! Takku."

Lena stuck whatever of the ice cream fit in her mouth. Kyo froze.

"I didn't mean the whole thing!"

Lena was standing there fanning her mouth. Her mouth had a large blob of ice cream in her mouth. She wanted to spit it out.

"It's cold! It's cold!"

"Well swallow it! Now, don't spit it out!"

After a few cries, tears, and a few "What are you looking at?" from Kyo, Lena finished the ice cream in her mouth.

"Ah, I feel better now. Why didn't you tell me it was cold! How can you eat that?"

"I forgot you never had ice cream before. Besides you only lick a little bit of it at a time, not stick that whole thing in your mouth and then when you get there you bite the cone little by little."

Lena tried eating the ice cream the way Kyo said to. She found eating the ice cream quite pleasant and she loved the flavor.

"Sugoi! This is so good! Just like the candy!"

"Yeah, yeah. Let's get back to the house before Tohru starts panicking."

"Right! I don't want Tohru-san to panic because of me."

With the arm that wasn't holding the ice cream, Lena grabbed Kyo's arm and began to pull him.

"Oi, you're going the wrong way."

"Right you lead the way."

"Let go of my arm first."


"Ne, those are Hatori-sama's shoes!"

Lena quickly kicked off her shoes and disappeared into the house. Kyo took his time, used to the doctor's visit. Walking down the hallway he heard Lena yelling.


Kyo just gave a sigh and walked into the living room. He saw Lena giving Hatori a big hug; Kyo was surprised that Hatori wasn't on the floor. Shigure was sitting at the same spot that he had been earlier that day, and Yuki and Tohru sat on one-side of the table.

"So how was your first day here?"

Lena let go of Hatori and let out a huge smile.

"Well first, I was going to the market with Tohru-san, Yuki-san, and Kyo-kun, but I got distracted by so many things that I have never seen. So Tohru-san suggested that Kyo-kun show me around the city, at first he refused, but then he agreed so we went to explore."

Hatori looked over with a raised eyebrow. Shigure had disappeared over to where Kyo was standing.

"So it's Kyo-kun now is it?"

"Don't get any ideas you perverted dog."

"Whatever you say, whatever you say."

Kyo just glared at Shigure.

"And then we were looking through windows of different kinds of stores. We stopped in a candy store, Kyo was nice to buy me some, see!"

Lena showed the bag of candy to Hatori.

"Ooohhh, Kyo bought Lena candy."

"You stupid dog!"

Kyo turned his attention back to Hatori and Lena after hitting Shigure over the head and leaving him on the floor.

"Well, I stuffed it in my mouth because Kyo-kun didn't tell me I wasn't supposed to do that, so my mouth was cold for a while."

Kyo grew a sweat drop remembering the incident of the ice cream.

"Just like the stupid cat to forget."

An irk mark grew at the top of Kyo's head.

"You wanna say that to my face!?"

"You're a waste of breath. Sorry Lena-san, continue."

"Then he told me the right way to eat the ice cream, then we noticed it was getting dark so we came back here, and I told you the whole story."

The smile that Lena wore earlier was still on her face.

After the whole group ate dinner, Tohru and Lena were in the kitchen washing the dishes and laughing together as though they had been long time friends, and the only ones at the table were Kyo and Hatori.

"So did you two have fun?"

"Tch…she did. It was a waste of my time."

"Well, even if it was a waste of your time, I thank you for showing her a good time."

Kyo just looked at Hatori before getting up and walking to the roof.

The next day everyone sat around the table again ready to eat dinner, the day hadn't been as eventful as the day before, but Lena enjoyed it nonetheless.

"Ah, yes right now that I remember, Lena on Monday you will begin school with Kyo, Yuki, and Tohru."

"Really!? I've always wanted to go to school!"

Shigure let out a chuckle.

"Well, you get to become a ~high school girl~!"

"Yay! I get to be a high school girl!"

Shigure's comment disturbs both Kyo and Yuki because their aura became dark.

"You wanna say that again?"

Soon an argument erupted, but Lena just sat there smiling at the thought of going to her first school, at the fact that her life isn't as miserable as she thought it was going to be, and that she was going to be near Kyo.

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