This is a story my friend told me, and she got it from a book. Enjoii(:

Created by wiishhesxox on Monday, March 15, 2010


Once, in a small country town, where everybody knew each other, there was an old man who lived out in the woods. He sectioned himself away from the townspeople, rufusing to have any contact with others. He was known as the Town Hermit, since no-one knew his name.
He was a regular hunter, since he never visited the stores, and had two dogs, Lady and Missy, who accompanied him on his hunts. They were the only ones who he trusted, the only ones he really loved.
One day, on one of his hunts, he walked outside to see some tracks leading up to his porch. But they didn't look like any animal tracks he had ever seen before, they almost looked... Human.
Startled by this, he quickly rounded up his dogs and went back inside without any supper. Just to be safe, he slept with his gun beside his bed.
The next morning, he walked outside with Lady and Missy to catch come breakfast in the nearby pond. But there, around his porch, more tracks had appeared. He looked at them closely, and they were the same as yesterday, half animal, half human. Startled, he hurried back inside with his dogs, without breakfast.
By mid-day he was starting to grow weary from the lack of food. He figured, maybe a local group of boys were playing tricks on him, so he decided to teach those boys a lesson. He grabbed a knife from the kitchen drawer and headed outside once again, Lady and Missy at his side.
He walked through the woods, knife ready to scare off the boys, when he spotted a trail of the tracks. He follows them for about twelve feet and came into view of a large, bear-looking animal, crouching over his prey in some brush. But he could distinctly make out human features, hands, feet, and a head. The only difference was a tail, protruding from its backside.
He called out, "Hey, you, what are you doing on my property! Git!"
The thing turned around and he caught a glimpse of its face. It wasn't human, its eyes were squinted and pitch black, fangs pointed and sharp hanging from its muzzle.
The dogs barked like crazy and pounced at the animal, biting at its ankles. The thing screamed out and whacked the dogs away, throwing them at least ten feet.
The man was filled with rage and yelled out, "Don't you dare hurt my dogs!"
With that, he charged at it, slicing at him with the knife. The animal was fast as it darted away, but the man got one good swipe, chopping off the tail in one clean cut. The thing howled in pain, and stumbled off into the woods. The man scoffed, "That''ll teach him," and picked up the tail as a trophy of what he'd accomplished. It would not mess with him anymore.
As he was walking back to his house, he caught a glimpse of the bloody mess of what was once the thing's meal. It was a small rabbit, and on its tiny neck, a long gash sliced the throat, leaving a perfect line. Didn't animals attack from all directions, instead of just the neck? He shrugged it off and went back home.
Hungry from the eventful day, he decided to cook the tail in a pot of boiling stew. He ate it, giving a small portion to his dogs. Before bed, he let the dogs out one last time. But after an hour, Lady hadn't come back with Missy, like always. He called out for her over and over, but she never showed. Maybe she found some ducks over by the pond, he thought to himself. She always chased after them on his daily hunting trips
So he went to his bedroom and closed his eyes, ready for sleep. But right on the verge of uconsciousness, a distinct, rough voice howled in the distance, "Taily-Po, Taily-Po, where is my Taily-Po?"
After that, everything grew silent. Taily-po? How childish is that, he thought as he grabbed for his gun once again to sleep by his side. Maybe it was some kids playinga stupid game.
The next morning, he woke up to find that Lady was still not at the door. Panic his him, so he burst out the door, forgetting to bring along Missy along as usual. He ran out towards the pond.
When he was about ten feet away, he saw a lifeless Lady crumpled by the bank. He rushed to her side, only to find her a bloody mess. And just like the rabbit before, she had a clean gash sliced on her throat. Fear and grief flooded through him. Lady, his best friend, lay slaughtered on the ground. He took her back to the house, and buried her in the yard.
The animal was the only one who was the possible culprit. He vowed he would kill him. That night, he slept with his gun under his pillow, Missy close by his side. Once again, he heard the voice call out, "Taily-Po, Taily-Po, where is my Taily-Po?" But this time, the voice was closer, and more angry than before. But once again, things were silent, and he was left to sleep in his fear.
The next morning, he looked outside to find more tracks, but this time, they were actually right on the porch. Ten inches away from the door. And the worst part, the tracks were mixed in with blood. Lady's blood. And scrawled on the concrete, in messy, almost unreadable handwriting, a messaged in blood read, "Give me my Taily-Po."
As fast as lightning, he locked all the doors and windows, securing all the openings to the house. He turned off all the lights and ran to the bedroom, grabbing his gun and holding it close to him. He waited all day, holding the fun, with Missy by his side, until night arrived. And sure enough came the voice. "Taily-Po, Taily-Po, where is my Taily-Po?"
This time, the voice was more angry, and closer to the house, about eighteen feet away he guessed. But everntually, he grew tired from all the excitment and closed his eyes, falling into unconsciousness. It was the biggest mistake of his life.
Suddenly, he was awakened by the horrible yelp in pain of Missy. He shot unright, cocking the gun. "Miss-" he began to say, but was cut off by a familiar voice. "TAILY-PO, TAILY-PO, WHERE IS MY TAILY-PO?!"
But this time, as a cold sweat broke out on his face, he realized the voice was closer. In his room. He felt a wetness soak into his sheets, and looked down to find Missy's lifeless body crumbled by his side. Horrified, he noticed the oh-so-familiar clean slice deep on her throat, blood oozing from the wound. He screamed out in shock, and he heard the voice snicker. From under his bed.
And sure enough. the monster rose from the foot of his bed, blood dripping from his ragged claws.
"Taily-Po..." He hissed, crawling closer. "Oh, where is my Taily-Po?"
He was too terrified to hold the gun to it.
"I know you have it," the beast snarled menacingly, "where is my Taily-Po?"
"I don't have it," the man whimpered helplessly as the thing edged closer, the features distinct in the moonlight. It had rough patches of fur sprouting from its dark sking, and a human face. But the eyes were still beady and black, fangs bared and pointy.
"You have it," it growled, now inches from him. "Inside you. I want it back."
It lunged at him, claws aimed right at his throat. A single scream escaped his lips before the night went silent.
* * * * * * * *
The next morning, calls from the town poured to the police, all of them complaining about the Town Hermit making lous noised in the forest. The cops rounded up and headed to the house. Upon arriving, they saw the blood message scrawled on the porch, thebackdoor wide open.
"What the hell is a Taily-Po?" one tof the officers questioned. They headed inside, only to gasp at what they saw in the bedroom.
There, crumpled and lifeless on the bed, lay the man. Or, what was left of him. His whole body was torn limb form limb, his face almost wiped clean off. And there, on his throat, was a long, open gash. And below that, his stomach was ripped open, revealing everything inside.
The whole house was sealed off, police swarming it for the rest of the day. But they could find nothing. No sign of a culprit, no trace of the murderer. But late that night, howling from deep in the woods, all the townspeople heard a happy voice exclaim, "Taily-Po, Taily-Po, at last I've got my Taily-Po!!"

Do you get it?(;

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