Your Man; Patrick Gillett


Created by LostAllControl on Sunday, March 21, 2010

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Patrick Gillett.


Amanda Sargent.


“Pat,” Amanda whispered into his ear, “Patrick.” Pat groaned and rolled over pulling the white sheet with him. Amanda gasped once the cold air in the room hit her body. Laughing at Pat, Amanda grasped the sheet and pulled it over her naked body. “Patrick!”

“Whaa?” Patrick groaned, rolling over. “Amanda?”

“Babe,” Amanda began to run her fingers through his hair, “You need to get up and turn the heat on. It’s fucking cold in here.” Pat laughed as he shook his head and rolled over. “Come on, Pat!”

“You go turn it on, I don’t feel like getting up,” Pat grumbled and lifted the sheet up to his chin; Amanda smacked Pat’s arm before pushing him off the bed. “Hey! What was that for?!”

“I wanted to help you get up…” Amanda stated, batting her eyelashes, “Now turn on the heat.” Pat didn’t move, instead he pulled the sheet from the bed and returned to sleeping on the floor. Amanda screamed, trying to find something to cover her body with; her clothes were all over the floor, the comforter was on the floor and Pat had the sheet.

A bang on the door sounded, “Stop screaming, Amanda!”

Amanda didn’t notice that the doorknob was turning until the hallway light flooded into the dark room. “Holy shit,” Amanda looked up to see Cam standing in the doorway; her eyes widened as Nicole appeared by Cam’s side. “Damn… Amanda…”

“Cameron Hunter!” Nicole scolded him as she slapped her hand over his eyes and muttered an apology to Amanda. By then, Amanda had placed a white fluffy pillow in front of her; Cam was still trying to move Nicole’s hand so he could see. Even though Nicole was a few inches shorter than him, she still had a pretty good grip on his face.

Now, Pat was sitting up on the floor, “Who turned on the light?” Nicole cleared her throat making Pat look at her and Cam; Pat’s eyes darted to Amanda who was holding the pillow close to her, “Uh, sorry.” Pat stood up and wrapped the sheet around his waist and went to sit in front of Amanda. Once Pat sat in front of her, she rested her chin on his shoulder.

“Ah, fuck.” Cameron stated, “Pat’s awake.”

Pat raised an eyebrow as Cam turned around and walked down to the second floor, “Sorry about that…” Nicole muttered as she began to close the door, “I can’t seem to control him.”

Once Nicole shut the door, Pat turned to her, “What did I miss?”

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