My brother's dating my bestfriend & I'm pregnant with his kid(36)

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Sorry about the wait it took me awhile I had a bit of a writers block for a little while. These are a few of my favorite banners. 1244914042_7304_full.jpg

The day that Jordan left wasn’t like the first time he left when I cried and cried hating the world. No this time it was worse I felt like a comatose patient I couldn’t feel anything anymore, because I felt like I had lost everything and that there was nothing left inside of me. My daughter was only god knows where and my husband was gone off to fight a war that in my opinion was a horrible way to spend money and lose lives. We were wordless on the way to drop him off and all I did when it was time to say goodbye was hug him then turn away. That was years ago six years ago actually, and everyday has been a struggle for me. I went to college finally and was able to get a degree in business and I make a decent salary at my new job. Jordan comes home for two months once a year, and I’m always happy to see him but it’s hard to show it. Things have been strange between us ever since we lost Jessie. The investigation is still going on they’ve gotten some leads but they’ve all ended up leading us nowhere.

It was Jessie’s sixth birthday about a month ago. I couldn’t help but think about her I wonder what kind of life she was living now. Was she happy? Were they at least treating her well? I certainly hope so. You’d think that after all these years that I’d lose all hope but I haven’t I still think that she’s alive and well even though everyone else is convince that she’s not. My mom even had a memorial service for her last year which I was furious about at the time and I didn’t talk to her for months, but I soon got over it. I guessed that it was her way of getting closure, but I don’t think the way my mother does.

I was getting ready for work when I heard the phone ring like every other time my heart racing and I prayed that it was a detective calling to tell me that they had found my daughter. “Hello?” I answered.

“Mrs. Rivers?” I rough male voice said from the other end of the phone.

“Yes this is she,” I said back.

“My name is Officer Moore from the Palm Beach County Police Department. This morning we arrested a man who claims to be Trey Harrison, and I was told to call you if anything regarding Mr. Harrison. We need you to come down here to the Palm Beach County Jail to identify him.” The man said to me. At first I was speechless the man had found Trey, but he said nothing about Jessie so I really shouldn’t get my hopes up.

When I arrived at the police station and told the man at the front desk who I was I was taken into a dark room and I’ve seen enough Law & Order to know that this was the room where they line up the guys and you have to identify the man who did the crime. The police told me the procedure for things like these, but really all I had to do was pick out the guy who I thought was Trey. The moment I was ready they sent in the guys there were about six of them I looked over each of them very carefully, but once I saw his eyes I knew who he was.

“That’s him,” I said while pointing my index finger at number four. The officer next to me nodded an commanded number four to step forward and for the others to leave. He asked me if I was sure and I told him that I was positive. After that I asked if they knew where my daughter was, but they said that they found him roaming around in downtown West Palm and there wasn’t a child with him. All hope that I had washed away I still had no idea where my child was. I wanted to talk to Trey ask him where my child was but the cops told me that that wasn’t possible, so I went to talk to Detective Edwards the detective who had helped me throughout these past six years with Jessie’s case.

“Detective Edwards,” I said while entering her office. She was tall and had long blonde hair she was very pretty.

“Oh hello Elaina what can I help with you?” she asked.

“Did they tell you that they found Trey?” I asked her.

“Yes I did hear that I was just about to go interrogate him now,” she said while standing up out of her office chair and walking around the table.

“Do you think that it would be possible if I talk to him?” I asked her.

“I don’t think so, but you can watch me ask him questions through the two way mirror.” She told me trying to make me feel better, but it didn’t I just nodded and went along with it. I went back into a dark room there was a two way mirror like the other room only on the other side of the mirror there was a table with two seat and Trey sitting in one of them. I saw Detective Edwards enter the room and sit down in the seat across from Trey.

“I’ve been looking for you for a long time Mr. Harrison,” she said while sitting down. “So where’ve you been?” Trey looked very nervous.

“I’ve been going from place to place,” he answered.

“Like St. Louis?”

“Yes I was in St. Louis,” he said with a nod.

“Do you understand the charges that are being held against you?”

“Could you tell me about the charges please?”

“Possession of both illegal substances and a deathly weapon, battery, and kidnapping.”

“Who did I allegedly kidnap?” Trey asked acting dumb.

“Jessabelle Lynn Rivers you were associated with her father Jordan Rivers,” Detective Edwards clarified. “Are you saying that you didn’t kidnap Jessabelle?”

“I didn’t take Jordan’s daughter,” he said clearly.

“You do understand that if you lie to me it will only count against you in the court of law right?” Trey looked around nervously for a while shaking timidly.

“Yes I took that baby, but I haven’t seen her in months.” He said to her guiltily. What the hell does that mean? ‘I haven’t seen her in months’.

“Do you know where she is?”

“I know who she’s with,” he stated.


“My ex-girlfriend Laura Hall,” When I heard the name I didn’t know what to think there could be more than one Laura Hall in this town can’t there? Of course there could be it’s a very common name.

“Do you know where she is?” Detective Edwards asked him.

“I just know that she lives in Boynton Beach, but that’s all I swear.”

“What is she doing with Miss Hall anyway?” I was curious too.

“Laura said that she knew Jessie’s mom that they were friends, and how she had the perfect life with Jordan and her new baby. She was extremely jealous she knew about the money that Jordan owed me and she told me to threaten the family. Then she told me to beat up Ellie and to later on take the baby, because she wanted the baby for herself. So really I took the baby, because Laura asked me to.” Trey explained suddenly everything made sense in a really weird way now I know why I haven’t seen Laura in years and why anyone would ever think of taking my child. After Trey’s confession he was taken away they were able to locate Laura and we were soon on our way to go arrest her and to get Jessie. Usually they wouldn’t let anyone come with them to go arrest someone but Detective Edwards was able to pull a few strings.

We pulled up to a warn one story home which was painted a light baby blue with white trim. There were butterflies in my stomach and I couldn’t believe that the day has finally come the day that I’d be able to hold my daughter in my arms again. They made me stay in the car and they said that they’d get me when it was safe. I heard a few loud noises before I saw them practically dragging Laura out of the house. I barely recognized her I guess that she had started doing more drugs because she was thing and sickly looking I really hope that Jessie hadn’t been exposed to any of it. I hopped out of the car and once Laura saw me she started to shout at me “You! You can’t take her from me she’s my daughter! She’s my daughter!” They put her in the back of the police cruiser once they were gone Detective Edwards told me that it was alright to come in. I walked into the house it smelled of cigarette smoke and weed it was a mess there were clothes and garbage everywhere, it also smelled like he has a kitty litter box that needed to be cleaned out.

“Now Elaina you need to be calm about this, because even though you know that she’s your daughter. But throughout most of Jessie’s life Laura and Trey have been her parents. So this is a huge shock for her you don’t want to rush into anything.” I just nodded in response we went into a small room at the end of the hall it was painted pink with a bunch of children’s drawings on the walls. I looked around the room looking at everything that I had missed over the years and then my eyes rested on a little girl sitting cris-crossed on a pink bed. At that moment I knew that she was my daughter she looked exactly like Jordan it was almost uncanny. I wanted to run over there and hold her, but I thought about what the detective had said and decided to take a more subtle approach. I walked over to the bed and knelt down next to her so I was at her eye level

“Hey pretty girl,” I said to her in an even voice. She looked up at me with her big brown eyes she looked so scared and confused. “Do you know who I am?”

“She says that you’re my mommy,” she said while pointing to Detective Edwards.

“Well she’s not lying, because I am your mommy and I’ve been waiting a long time to see you.” I told her with a genuine smile.

“What happened to my old mommy?” she asked.

“She’s going away I don’t think that you’ll ever be seeing her again,” I said trying not to scare her but I think I was failing miserably but then she said something unexpected.

“Good, cause I didn’t like my mommy she was mean and she smelled funny.” Jessie said while crinkling her nose I just laughed in response.

“You’re going to come live me now okay?” she just nodded her head. Then she gave me what I had been wanting for six years she gave me a hug I finally had my daughter back and I loved her more than my own life.
Jessabelle Lynn Rivers Age:6
Elaina Lawrence Rivers Age 25
Jordan Rivers Age 25
Laura Hall Age 26

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