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Created by ILOVEGAARA1234 on Thursday, March 25, 2010

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“So, Kagome. Why don’t you join me and my pack?” Koga asked. “Leave this mutt and come live with me.” he offered, smiling at her.
“Oh, Koga. I would love that…But…” Kagome pondered.
“What?! Kagome, you would actually consider living with this guy?!” Inuyasha yelled in total shock.
“Well Inuyasha…He does have a certain charm.” Kagome stated, giggling a little, looking at Koga with bright brown eyes.
“Many woman say that.” Koga said, smirking smugly at the dog demon. “I have a charm and you don’t!” he yelled, cockily.
“Shut up! At least I don’t have to use jewel shards to get woman!” Inuyasha yelled, hitting Shippo on the head to get his anger out.
“Inuyasha! Sit boy!” screamed Kagome.
“Yay! Thank you, Kagome!” Shippo piped, hopping onto her shoulders and snuggling into her hair.
“Ow…” Inuyasha groaned with his face five feet deep in the dirt. “Kagome?!” he yelled, hopping up. “What was that for?!” he ranted.
In the sudden confusion Koga had snuck his way to Keirra. “So what about you? I have offered you many times to live with my pack and you still refuse?”
“Listen, Koga. You’re a sweet guy and all, but I don’t think it would work out for the best…” she said, tints of pink appearing on her face.
Koga looked at her blush and smiled charmingly. “If you say so.” he whispered in her ear.
Keirra sighed as soon as he ran off. He had this certain charm or thing about him that made her lust for him…
Inuyasha growled, trying to grab Shippo.
“Ah!” Shippo yelled, jumping off Kagome’s shoulder and sauntering off into the woods.
“Inuyasha! Look what you did!” she yelled, getting angry.
“Listen. Geeze, Keirra, will you go look for the little pest?” Inuyasha asked, glaring at Kagome.
Keirra nodded. “Shippo!” she exclaimed, looking around for the vanished demon. “Where are you?” she called, looking around the trees.
Keirra was the latest addition to the gang. She was wolf demon, wandering about when Miroku found her and Miroku being himself, he flirted. She of course wasn’t going to take the butt-rubbing and smacked him.
Kagome offered her to stay, and she agreed. Inuyasha wasn’t exactly happy with it, but he never is, so it was fine.
“Shippo?” she yelled, going deeper and deeper in the forest.
“Oh, a nice little wolf.” a husky demonic voice drifted behind her. Quickly, Keirra turned around and a giant snake demon slithered its way towards her. “I hear they taste extraordinary…” he stated, hissing. His purple tongue hung from his mouth.
“Well too bad you won’t be able to have any.” she said, narrowing her eyes and getting into fighting position. No way was she going to die from a lowly snake creature like this.
“I wouldn’t be so sure.” it hissed again, opening its mouth and a purple gas escaping its teeth.
“What…?” Suddenly, as the mysterious gas wafted around her, she became dizzy and tired. “What’s…Happening?” she asked herself, gripping her head and willing herself not to pass out.
“Oh, poor little wolf doesn’t know what came over her…” the snake said, coiling itself around her, tightening around her stomach. “Too bad you never got to fight me.” it said, licking her cheek.
All Keirra could think to do was bite him. She opened her mouth, revealing her canine teeth and bit into the snakes flesh. Unfortunately for her, more purple gas spewed out of the snake’s body. All she could remember was passing out from the poison.
“I wonder what that stuff was…”
“I don’t know. But I hope Keirra’s okay. Koga would be so mad if she were to die. He’s already ranting at Inuyasha for allowing her to part from the group.”
“She can take care of herself. It’s just that snake was weird with its powers…”
“I know…”
“Mmm…?” Keirra gripped her head, groggily getting up and blinking her eyes back into focus. “Where am I?” she questioned looking around and seeing Ginta and Hakkaku. “You guys?” she asked, looking at them with a confused expression.
“YOU’RE ALIVE!” they screamed tackling her in a bear hug. “Koga was so mad!” they said in unison looking at her with wide eyes.
“Nani?” she asked, clearly confused and wanting to know exactly what was going on.
“Oh, well Koga and us were going to the river to grab some fish after we left you guys. And we all know Koga’s too cocky to wait up for us since he was those jewel shards in betted in his legs--”
“Let ME tell the story! You’re too boring Hakkaku!” Interpreted Ginta. “So Koga was ahead when he saw this foreign purple gas. He went into it and saw you in the grip of a mighty snake demon! And Koga being Koga, beat him up and took you within his arms!”
“What exactly are you telling her?” a voice growled behind them.
Ginta and Hakkaku froze, racking their heads back and looking at the leader of the Wolf Pack. “U-Uh…”
“Koga? Hello.” Keirra said, standing up and bowing. Her long bright orange hair fell from her shoulders.
“Hey, Keirra.” he said, walking up to her and embracing her into a passionate hug. “Are you alright?” he whispered.
“Err…Yes.” she said, blushing brightly. His damn charm and personality… “I’m fine really. No need to be concerned!” she claimed, pushing away from his chest and waving her hand nonchalantly. “Thank you for saving me…” Keirra murmured, looking down.
“No problem. That snake demon was easy.” he said, smirking smugly.
“Oh and…” she sighed frustrated. “Never mind. I must get going,” she said, turning her heel and walking away. A strong hand gripped her wrist.
“Aw, what’s the rush?” Koga asked, looking at her with his electric blue eyes. “You could spend a little time with your own kind for awhile.”
Without even knowing it, Keirra’s orange tail wagged from side to side, an obvious sign she would like staying here with Koga. “But, I--”
“No buts woman. The mutt may like you, but I like you too. Besides I’m better than him anyway. Ginta and Hakkaku will be your body guards.”
“Yes! And Koga has a crush on you--” a fist came flying at Ginta, sending him flying into a wall.
“What was that?” Koga asked through clenched teeth. “I love Kagome, and that is the only woman I love. Even though Keirra is in close second.” he said, smirking, his flirtatious charm springing at her once again.
She rolled her eyes playfully, but agreed to staying. What’s the worst that could happen…?
“Kaede?! How can I be…pregnant?!” Keirra yelled gripping her small stomach.
“Ye child. If two people love each other, ye goes into a state of…” she pondered for the right word.
“I know how I get pregnant…” she said, sniffling slightly. She knew how this happened. Koga and his charm have their stupid ways
“I’m going off to see Kagome!” Koga yelled, waving bye to Ginta and Hakkaku.
“Koga, we’ll go with you!” they said together.
“No, you stay here. I just want Keirra to go.”
She shrugged. “Sure, Koga.” she said, running besides him (surprisingly he wasn’t going his top speed).
Suddenly he stopped, grabbing both of Keirra’s wrists and pinning her to a tree. “Keirra. I don’t want to see Kagome.” he said, looking at her seriously.
“Um…Then what did you want?” she asked, looking at him, feeling her face burn with a blush.
“Keirra, haven’t you noticed? I can’t stop thinking about you! All I want is you.” he squeezed her wrists tighter. “I want you to be my woman. No one else’s.” he said.
She was taken back by this. She was so sure he loved Kagome and no one else. “Um…Okay?” she said, not putting much thought into it.
“Really?” he asked, looking at her skeptically.
She nodded. “I would love to be your woman, Koga.”
she said, a small smile appearing on her face.
Koga smiled, kissing her softly on the lips. Keirra liked Koga, a lot. And she was more than happy to be his woman, bear his pups, and be in his pack.
He didn’t take his hands from her wrists. Instead, he only pressed his body closer to her, and sucking on her bottom lip.
Keirra blushed slightly more, but pressed her hips against his, opening her mouth and playing with his tongue. He traced every outline of her mouth, closing his eyes. Koga was going to enjoy every moment of this.
He moved his hands from her wrists to her head, cupping her face within his burly hands and pressing her face closer to his.
She took her arms and wrapped them around his waist, playing with his tail. She closed her ocean blue eyes, pressing her body against his and jumping up a little so she could wrap her legs around him.
Koga grabbed her butt, supporting her to she could wrap her legs around his waist, and her arms around his neck. He took one hand from her bottom, sliding it up her leg, to her thigh. He began to caress it. Their lips parted, and he began trailing kisses down her neck, to her collar bone and sucking on it.
Keirra moaned lightly, gripping onto his ponytail and pulling his head back so his neck was exposed. She bent down and bit into his neck, sucking on it and lapping up the minimal blood that surfaced. When she pulled away, a hickey was left.
Koga growled lightly pushing her head against the tree. He was the alpha and wouldn’t let her forget it. He took his hand from her thigh and slid it up her shirt, lifting it up from her. She raised her arms, allowing him to take it off.
[Since they didn’t have bras back then, there was no need to worry about that.]
The corner of Koga’s mouth formed a small smirk. This was his girl and he was going to claim her as such. He bent down and grabbed one breast, biting into it and giving her a small hickey.
Keirra moaned, arching her head back and pressing her chest against his. She regained composure and lifted up his shirt. With one sly finger she slid it down his perfectly structured pecks and abs. He shivered lightly from her touch, smirking down at her.
She looked up at him. She had a couple more tricks up her sleeve. She sensually began rubbing her chest up and down against his and sliding her hands down his back. Their hips began grinding and she let a small noise of pleasure escape her lips to tempt him even more.
Koga groaned and let out a playful growl. He grabbed her hips, kissing her once more. He slid off her bottoms and bucked his hips into her’s.
She moaned louder, gripping onto his shoulders and biting into his neck.
Things got more and more heated…
“It was his damn charm I tell you!” she yelled, kicking a wall.
“Ye child. Are ye going to tell the father?” Kaede asked.
“Of course!” Keirra said, looking away. With a sigh, she began to walk out of the hut and back towards the pack. What would he say? He’d be happy…right?
“Keirra, what’s up?” Koga asked, looking at her as she entered the cave.
She was just going to say it instead of stalling. “Um…I’m pregnant?” she told him, looking at Koga for a reaction.
“Whoa…Really?!” he asked, running up to her and snaking his arms around her waist, spinning her around. “That’s great. I finally get pups!” he exclaimed, putting her down and pressing his ear against her stomach.
Keirra looked down at Koga and smiled. He would be a great father.
Koga sat next to his wife at the river, their feet in the crisp cold water. Keirra was nine months pregnant and was extremely big. Her stomach had expanded ten-fold.
“Are you feeling okay?” Koga had asked (he asks too frequently).
Keirra laughed a little, leaning her head on his shoulder. “There’s no need to worry Koga. They’re not coming any time--” a sharp pain hit her stomach. “Um…Koga…” she said.
“I think they want to come out now…” Keirra said, gripping his shoulder in an iron grip.
His eyes widened and gently, almost as if he were afraid to hurt her, Koga swept her up and sprinted abnormally fast to Kaeda’s place.
“Old woman. Keirra’s going to have the pups!” Koga said, gingerly placing her down on the mat.
“Ye…I knew it was coming. Koga, go fetch me some water.” she said, getting things ready. Koga nodded quickly, running out and in a second came back with water. Kaede had gotten everything ready.
“Koga, sit with ye wife.” Kaede said.
Swiftly, he sat next to her, smoothing down Keirra’s hair.
“Child, push when ye are ready.” she directed.
A small cry filled the room. Keirra lay back on the ground, panting.
“Ye did well child. Only four more pups to go.”
“FOUR?!” she screamed, pushing. After half an hour more of pushing, all the babies were finally out. Keirra was exhausted and her head was resting in Koga’s lap.
“Here ye are.” Kaede said, bringing all five of their pups. She left the room to give them some privacy.
“Look Keirra.” Koga said, looking intently at the babies. There were three boys and two girls. Two of the boys and one of the girls had Koga’s ears, and the other two had Keirra’s ears (typical wolf ears). They all had tails and blue eyes, except for one boy who had one green eye and one blue eye.
“They look just like you, Koga.” she said quietly, her breaths becoming more even. “I’m sure the boys have your personality too. Charming enough to get any girl they want.”
Koga smirked, looking at her. “Like how I got you?” he asked, kissing her cheek.
“You and your damned charm.” Keirra said rolling her eyes and looking at the five baby wolves in front of them. Though she must admit. Without his superb charm, they never would have been able to make such adorable little puppies.
Some charms are bad, and some are good. And Koga’s, his was defiantly good.

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