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Created by SNHfulLove4aWinchester on Friday, March 26, 2010

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Name: Samantha Nadya Halliwell; those from her past call her Samantha. Those from her present call her "SNH" (Sin).
Age: 19 (this will start in 2007)
Looks; 5'7, 119lbs, Long straight dark brown hair, Blue/Green/Hazel cat eyes that change with her mood.

Tattoo's & Piercings:


Imediate Family:

Mother) Phoebe Halliwell,


Father) Cole Turner,


Older Sister) Alexis Halliwell,


Younger Sister) Roxeanne Halliwell


Younger Brother) Cole "CJ" Halliwell,


Step-Father) Cooper Valentine,


Step-Brother) Zachary Valentine,


Step-Mother) Mira Sorvino Turner,


Older Step-Sister) Mila Sorvino,


Step-Sister) Mika Sorvino.

Other Family:

Paternal Grandfather) Richard Gilmore, Paternal Grandmother) Emily Turner-Gilmore,


Aunt) Lorelai Gilmore,


Cousin) Rory Gilmore,


Maternal Grandmother) Patricia Halliwell,


Aunt) Prue Halliwell,


Aunt) Piper Halliwell,


Aunt) Paige Halliwell,


Uncle) Leo Wyatt,


Cousin) Wyatt Halliwell,


Cousin) Chris Halliwell,


Uncle) Andy Trudeau,


Cousin) Billy Halliwell,


Uncle) Henry Matthews


Evie Reed (the Bitch),


Adrian Castillo (The Slut),


Natalie Neis (The Party Girl),


Lacey Chabert (The Sweetheart),


(You're the Adventurous One)

Story: The girls all met on the first day of 2nd grade, and became friends instantly. They remained bestfriends through elementary school, middle school, and high school
They were called the EE-Nettes because they were all brunettes with names/nicknames ending in ie "ee". They were the most popular girls in school, and did everything together.
they were inseperable.

Style: Sexy, Flirty, Pin-Up, Constantly changing with her mood.

Personality: Independant, Free-Spirited, Flightly, Stubborn, Sexual, Intelligent
the most beautiful girl most people have ever seen, and the sweetest person you could ever meet.
She's the type of girl everyone longs to be around, for she makes everyone feel good.
Background: Witch, demon, Vampiress (psychic, you don't drink blood), White-lighter. SNH has all the powers that her aunts do. Premonitions, levetation, telepathy, empathy, freeze, blow-up, telekenisis, astro projection,
as well as vampiric powers, demon powers, whitelighter powers. she's the most powerful creature in the world.
Old life:her parents met in High school, samantha was born when her parents were 18 while her parents we married and her father was going to law school, samantha grew-up in a Smalltown called Stars Hollow, when she was 7 and her parents got divorced her movther moved her and her siblings to San Francisco. she grew-up in high Society. Coming out parties, prep-school, harvard bound etc...
She was involved in so many activities including: Dance Classes, Beauty Padgents, Gymnastics,
Girl Scouts, Summer Camp, Summer Camp Counciler, Softball, School Softball team, Soccer,
Volleyball, cheerleading, Head Cheerleader, school volleyball team, city playhouse, karate,
school choir, talent shows, piano lessons, guitar lessons, harp lessons, violin lessons, volenteer work etc...
Straight A's, Honor Roll, Valedictorion, prom Queen, Jr prom Princess, Homecomming queen. she did it all, she won it all.
She had the cutest boyfriend in school, she got accepted to all the top colleges, her life was planned out.
Yale University, Harvard Law, she was suppose to marry her high school sweetheart and live the suburban life.
After high school she went off to Yale with her cousin and stepsister who were also her bestfriends Rory & Mika.
She joined the most popular sorority, Delta Nu. She lived the great college life. Unitl springbreak came along...
New Life: During Springbreak Samantha decided not to return to school, for she really didn't want "the life"
she wanted to see what else was out there. She ranaway to Vegas, without telling anyone, and started working as Criss Angels assistant, he gave her the nickname SNH.
she got a job as a playboy waitress at the playboy club, where the manager suggested her to Mr. Hugh Hefner himself, sho was lookign for a painted lady.
After 3 months of working in Vegas, she was brought out to Los Angeles, to work as a painted lady for the playboy mansion parties.
Hef loved her look and decided to put her int he magazine, for OCt. '06, she was made playmate of the year and did another spread in DEc. '06.
during a party one night she met the art director of the Victoria secret Angel fashion shows, sho asked her to come to an audition...she made it!!!
she was a Victoria Secret Angel!! during one of the shows she met a man, an adult film director. They started dating, and he asked her to be in a few movies...
she thought "oh hell, why not. on one condition" her conditions were met, and she was put in 3 soft-core very tasteful lesbian movies her movies were named some of the best soft cores of the year, she won many awarrds. she made a name for herself in the porn industry. While this time she met her new bestfriend Megan,
who was a suicide girl model, snh screened for suicide girls and was only put onto the website. She moved on to her next project, after meeting her new boyfriend, Mikey Day, a star on wild'n out.
SNh became a wildn out girl. but that only lasted a few episodes. She moved on...SNh decided to leave California and travel to Colorado, where she met a group of teens trying to survive in the small city.
She came to live in an abandoned, house outside of town, in the middle of nowhere, the "TR" house, the group of teens took her in as a sort of mother, she watched over everyone and made sure they were safe.
That wasn't for long, for some of the towns people didn't like the idea of a bunch of kids living on their own, they torched the house, and everyone skattered.
SNH was stranded on a dark desert highway, walking for miles, trying to hitch a ride with anyone who happened to passby, no one did. Hours later...finally!! a car!!
She flagged them down, got into the middle of the road and stood infront of the car, making sure they stopped. It was a man, a scraggly older man, very handsome in his own way. his name was John Winchester.
John Winchester was a hunter, not of Bambi's mother, but of Strange unusual dangerous monsters. SNH, being a very powerful witch, helped him out on cases, before he dropped her off in the middle of nowhere Texas
SNH started working at a Hunters bar, she actually loved it. She got to sing on stage everynight, and meet the most interesting people.


Dean Winchester (You already know his story)

Dean is going to be 24 in this story (5 years older than you)


Sam Winchester (You know his story as well)

Sam is going to be 21 in the story


John Winchester (You know him too)


Sarah Corinder (She'll come in a bit later)

Sarah is 21

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