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Created by 0xXBriBriXx0 on Thursday, April 01, 2010

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Chapter 16: Our Little Secret||Shanina
"Kelly. Are you freakin serious rite now?" I move his hand from my thigh and roll my eyes at him. As much as i really like him, and love when he does that to me in class, i cant because he's my bestfriend's man. Its hard for me to resist him, and i dont understand why he's with my bestie when he cant keep his
hands off me. I tend to ignore it and never show it. "You know you like it. I dont know why you always move my hand away." I wonder why too, was what i was thinkin but of course i didnt say that. "Uh maybe because you go with my bestfriend?" "Your point? It can be our secret."
Kelly says to me and winks. I was about to say somethin but the teacher yelled for us to be quiet so i just finished my work. Kelly tried sliding his hand up my skirt again, and i stopped him. He put his hand back on the desk and finished workin already knowin the routine.
Thank goodness it was the last class of the day. I went to my locker and went outside where me and Sidney always meet up. To my surprise, Kelly was beside her and they were talking. I hid my face of shock and walked to them.
She seen me coming and smiled while Kelly, who was behind her, licked his lips and winked at me. I smiled at Sidney since she was smiling at me and ran to give her a hug. "You comin over right?" She asked me. I shook my head yeah and with that we started walking. I noticed Kelly was walkin with us and i had
to ask. "Uh, Kelly comin too?" Sidney chuckled but i aint find nothing funny. She saw i wasnt laughin and shook her head yeah. I rolled my eyes and continued walking. We got to her house and we went to her room. Her people where never home. I sat on the bed and so did Kelly. Sid set her stuff in her
closet and gave me the remote. I almost had a panic attack when she said, "Ive got to do some stuff in the kitchen and livin room. You guys can just stay up here and chill. Ill be back as soon as i can." Wow. How dumb. Leave your boyfriend in a room alone with your bestfriend. I guess she
forgot boys think with their dicks. I sighed and layed down on my stomach facing the tv. I remind you i had a skirt on and im alone with Kelly. Even though my legs where crossed, he quicly slipped his hands up my skirt and it brushed against my pussy. I jumped at his touch. He smiled and i just stood there looking at
him. "You know you like it Sidney. I dont know why you front. Come on. At least let me taste you." I instantly got soaked and he knew it. He got up from the bed and came behind me, placing his hands on my small hips. He kissed the back of my neck and shivered. I felt bad for letting him do this and
in her house, in her room!, but hey, just like dudes think with their dick, females also at times think with their pussy. He laid me on her bed and began pulling my shirt off but i stopped him. "What if she comes up soon?" He moved my hand and continued lifting my shirt til it was off. "She aint gone be up here no
time soon." I shook my head and he licked my hard nipples massaging them at the same time. Because we didnt know the exact time we had, we wasted no time gettin to it. He slid my panties off and pulled his dick out before i could blink twice. He rushed the condom on and thrusted his manhood inside me. A
soft moan escaped my lips. I shut my mouth tight prayin i didnt moan out loud again. He galloped his dick inside me with no mercy. It took everything i had not to scream out in pleasure. He threw me on top of him, and moved my hips up and down on top of his big cock. I grabbed ahold of his chest with one hand and
her headboard with my other, and held on, prepairing for the huge orgasm i was about to receive. My pussy walls tightened and his pace increased at a speed i couldnt imagine. I was bouncin so hard i was surprised Sidney never walked in on us from the noise. He gripped me tighter and we both climaxed in
unison. I quickly jumped off him and slipped my panties back on, along with my shirt. He disposed the condom and rushed his dick back in his pants. I fixed my hair and when i was done, Kelly was smilin at me. I smiled back. "Our little secret." He said. I giggled. "You damn skippy." With that said, we heard
footsteps comin up the stairs and Sidney came in. We acted as if nothin happened. Her face changed and she started sniffing the room. Me and Kelly looked at each other on the slide, nervously. "Whats wrong?" I asked playin it cool. She sniffed again. "Smell like...like...sex?" She asked in a confused tone. I
laughed and so did Kelly. She looked at us for a second and then laughed too. My bestfriend, the complete dumbass. But i love her. If only she knew that her room was the sex spot of me and her boyfriend.

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