Sex on Fire (Roy Mustang

Before I say anything, THIS IS NOT A LEMON I SWEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Now this is for Roy Mustang, Sex on Fire - Kings of Leon

Created by N0Limits on Friday, April 02, 2010

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Sex on Fire (Roy Mustang)

~ Hot as a Fever ~

You sat right infront of the man and looked at him seductivily.

This has happened many times before and he would describe you

as Hot as a Fever.

"So Mustang, what are you doing tonight" you said pulling him closer,

so close you could hear his heart beat,

He had a very clear view of your underwear,

so that would explain why it was going fast.

You both smirked, thinking the same thing

~ So you wanna play hard to get aye ~

"Sorry babe, got paperwork," He said jesturing to the papers behind you,

you looked at it and pushed it towards the floor, and looked back at him innocently

"What paperwork" you said leaning forward, Giving him a view of your Clevege,

He looked back at you, and pulled you into the chair with him and started making out with you,

The both of you pulled apart, the whole time, you were grinding against him, making him 'Happy',

"RIght here, Right now" He breathed out, you giggled

"This is going to be a Sex on Fire" you screamed out as he bit down on your soft spot.

And the Night went from there.

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