Lovely |David Schmitt| ~Characters~

Here's a new fanfic about David Schmitt of Breathe Carolina. The ages are fake, but hey, it's my story.

Created by LipstickLullabies711 on Tuesday, April 06, 2010

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Name: Audrey Harris
Age: 19
Part: Verona's bestie, David's love interest, lead singer of The Honest Lies
Name: Verona Stevenson
Age: 19
Part: Audrey's bestie, Kyle love interest
Name: Craig Wilson
Age: 16
Part:Keyboardest for The Honest Lies
Name: Travis Earl
Age: 17
Part: Bassist for The Honest Lies
Name: Andrew Keiths
Age: 18
Part: Drummer for The Honest Lies
Name: Jared Gibson
Age: 17
Part: Guitarist for The Honest Lies
Name: Kyle Evan
Age: 20
Part: 1/2 of Breathe Carolina, Verona's love interest
Name: David Schmitt
Age: 20
Part: 1/2 of Breathe Carolina, Audrey's love intrest

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