sticks and stones(kyoya ootori) chapter11

lol my uncle is all stressed out on zelda right now!he was mad cause he was looking everywhere for a key,and it turned out to be in a tree!!!well anywho,have fun!

Created by dragonsgorawr on Monday, April 12, 2010

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'the grade school host is the naughty type'

^with a kid you'll know later^

the sound of footsteps echoed through the halls as a hand reached for the door the hand was turning it a voice called out"ah,there you are shiro,the rest of the club is assembled and ready to go,you should get to the music room"the man said"i'm sorry sir,but i'm quitting the class school music club!"the boy answered. "huh?why,you have a natural knack for the piano,it would be a shame to waste it,besides you'll prove to be popular with the ladies."the old man said hugging the kid from the back(creepy old malester..even thoughhe didn't mean it like that its creepy!!)the kid hit him off"but thats gonna take too long!!!i don't have that much time!"the boy yelled.(short time skip)shiro was walking up the stairs,the stairs to the older students building,your building.'the top floor of the south building,at the end of the north hallway,to the music room that is never used'shiro thought as he turned the knob to the music room three

^with you guys^you and the club were in position since the club was to open very soon

you were wearing:

3326732567_2d80263059_o.jpg(but the ribbon is red,you dont have a hat,the dark pink part is black,and the rest is gray)

the doorknob tuned"welcome to the ouran host club!"you all said,a kid was standing there looking at us,looked about 10 years old"oh,its just a kid."hikaru said"not only that,its just a boy."kaoru added"whats wrong little boy,did you come to my palace in search of something?"tamaki asked being the homo he is he did it with his sparkles and roses in the back."a-are you the king of this place?"the boy asked.'oh now hes done it,he had to say king'you thought.tamaki's eyes widened and he let out a dreamy sigh."well are you?"he asked tamaki"come closerlost one"tamaki commanded,the boy did as told."what was it you just called me little boy?"tamaki questioned'someone has a big ego' you thought"the king"the boy answered simply.tamaki got upstupily and pranced around saying"the king!yes i am the king of the ouran host club!long live the host king.the boy looked hesitant but said"i'm an elementary 5th year,shiro takayoshi,i want the host club king to take me on as an apprentace!"..dude this all had weird looks on your faces except for tamaki,he had twinkles in his eyes and he blushed.^short tome skip,club now open^.."oh wow tamaki,ypu have an apprentace?"a girl asked"yea,hes still in elementary school,but i like the fire in his eyes."tamaki flaunted"but are you sure its ok for such a young boy to become a host?"another asked,tamaki grabbed her chin and said"why wouldn't it be,love has nothing to do with age,take us for instance,whenever i look at you my heart starts pounding!suddenly,i feel no different than a love sick little boy"tamaki replies looking into her eyes as she fawned over him,shiro watched with intrest taking everything in."don't you think its weird he's having the kid observe him up close like that?"haruhi asked"yea,it would creep me out having someone up close to me like that."you said with a sweat drop"there is a theory that people become more beautiful the closer they are veiwed,tamaki seems to live by that theory,well..lets leave them alone."kyoya said"you have drawn me into the fobidon fruit,you are the mermaid that lights up my sea,my mermaid princess"tamaki continued"i remind you of a mermaid?"she gasped in delight.the little boy stood up and pointed saying"you look more like the carp that swim at my home,i'd never give false complements like that"he said,and she went into stared lauging really hard,so hard you were crying.then tamaki went to her"don't listen to hi,they can't help but be honest."he reasoned,but she cried more,and you were laughing so hard you couldn't breath"ha*laugh**laugh*it hurts"you said between breaths.tamaki was trying to bring her back,then you suddenly stopped,i went up to the lady and tilted her chin up so she looked at you"listen to me,no matter what,you can't listen to what others say,you're beautiful no matter what."you said and smiled and roses appeared in the backround.then she said"oh su-chan."then she looked at tamaki and stuck her tounge out at him and left"geeze tamaki,must everyone clean up after your messes?"you asked"yea,king,hes better than you,but she was a crybaby and a carpe"shiro said as he sat back down.tamaki was angry"so hows it going boss,thats an adorable little aprentace you got there"hikaru laughed"hikaru,do you wish you had a little brother like shiro?"kaoru asked innocently,hikaru embraced him and looked in his eyes"don't be silly,i could search the globe and i'd never be able to find a brother like you kaoru."hikaru soothed"look they're doing it,the forbidon love!"a girl swooned.shiro looked horrified"they're homos!and they're brothers!that makes this totaly insepuous!"he said as he backed away"i think what you ment to say was insestuios"tamaki corrected.then honey jumped on shiros back and said"hey shiro-chan!wanna have a cake with me,we have three kinds,chocolate strwberry and lime!"honey said.shiro pushed him off"hey back off!what grade are you in anyway,why are you wearing a high school uniform!?"shiro said,honey had tears in his eyes"something wrong mitskuni?"mori came up.shiro frooze at the sight."thats no fair,a little kid like you aren't supposed to have a cool older friend like him!"shiro yelled and honey jumped on mori and cried as he walked back and bumped into you and haruhi"are you ok,don't worry,you'll get used to it"haruhi started"we had to get used to all the weirdness too."you said as you and haruhi smiled.'these boys remind me of girls' shiro thought looking at you two"something wrong?"you and haruhi asked"are you a cross dresser?"he all frooze..he said that so openly,whats wrong with him!!"ok thats enough,i think shiro should take care of the tea for us"tamaki said closing shiros eyes"my haruhi,su,you guys are looking extre manly today today!"hikaru said"do what the boss says and give shiro the tea set,you're to matcho for tea sets"kaoru laughed.then haruhi handed him the set he dropped it and we ended up having to pay more money for it,so it was added to you're debt.then the boy started yelling about us doing doing the dirty work and how hes not here for that,but to make woman happy.tamaki was saying how his aditude said otherwise...the boy ended up in a cage"a cage.....thats not right you guys"you said"where'd the cage come from,this is supposed to be a music room right?"haruhi asked."i'm not letting you out until you are serious about making women happy"tamaki lectured.the boy went on his knees and said"please..i'm serious...i'm gonna run out of time,please won't you teach me."he said...'time..'you thought"you're a host cause you like girls,you like bringing a smile to a girls face,thats why you do it right?you're a genious at it you're the king!"shiro said...he's smart,he found calling tamaki king is his weakness .tamaki's eyes sparkled at the words"king""you may be a brat,but you do want to be a host,so i'll teach know shiro,you and i are so much alike."tamaki accepted"then you'll help me become the kind of host that could make any women happy!!?"shiro exclaimed.he had a smile on his face,a hopeful smile."you'll have to do with the equptment you have now"tamaki said"equiptment?"shiro questioned"you see here at the host club,wehave different personality traits to fit the needs of our guests.for example,theres tamaki,who is the princely type,there is the strong silent type,the boy lolitatype,the little devil type,and the cool type,its all about variety,and now our group is complete with the addition of haruhi and su.the natural,and the shy."kyoya said"the natural?"haruhi asked"the shy?"you questioned with a blush on your cheeks"it seems we have a perfect blend in our group,so its going to be difficult to have to find a new type for shiro."kyoya finished"shy?"you whispered in kyoyas ear,he smiled down at you blushed then he pointed and said"see."by his age he should be the boy lolita type"hikaru started"but honey is already that"kaoru pointed out"is he gonna replace me?"honey anime cried,then rangae's machine popped up and she said"oh come on,is that all you got!?sorry to interupt gentleman,but whats with the lack character analises?i'm dissopointed"then tamaki got all clever"ok ms.manager,what should he be cause boy lolita is already covered!"tamaki accused.then she went on and on saying stuff you had no clue about,you interupted by saying"naughty"rangae then looked at you and smiled with hearts in her eyes and said"oh,my love,i did teach you well,you're exatly right!!"and then she started coaching him"this is so stupid!!none of this is ever gonna make her happy,"shiro said..'i see..'you thought and he ranaway.

till next time'the grafe host club naughty type'

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