The Love That Hurts Me ~Draco Malfoy Love Story~ Chapter 11

Sorry I haven't wrote in a while it's just cause I've been away. So here's chapter 11, I'm using a crappy computer so sorry

Created by MissMalfoy16 on Monday, April 12, 2010

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The train stopped, “We’re here!” Ron sang grabbing his suitcase. You got up and grabbed Artemis’ cage. You walked to Draco’s compartment and slid the door open. “Where have you been?” Draco asked, pushing Stephanie Millers off his lap. “At Harry, Hermione and Ron’s compartment.” You replied. “Let’s go.” Blaise said putting an arm around you.You thought this was a good time to make Draco jealous, you grabbed Blaise and kissed him on the cheek. He smirked as you turned round to see Draco’s face. He was frowning. You walked out into the cold misty air, you shivered as the breeze hit your face. Blaise put his jacket around you, “Thanks.” You whispered. “Firs’ years, firs’ years!” a giant man with a big beard covering nearly all his face was holding a lantern and shouting. “Hi there, yeh must be Roxanne Adams righ’.” He bellowed patting your shoulder, you had to admit, he was very strong. “Yes that’s me.” You replied beaming. “Well, I’m Rubeus Hagrid but yeh can call me Hagrid. Right so yeh can follow me.” Hagrid said. You waved goodbye to Draco, Blaise, Crabbe, Goyle and Stephanie and you followed Hagrid. Some frightened looking kids followed, Hagrid led you all to boats by the lake. You climbed in and sat beside Hagrid. You saw the castle, it was so magnificent. “Oh my god!” you gasped.

After seeing the whole castle, you got out and a strict looking woman stood by the giant doors. “Right follow me and stay together.” She said. You followed her, you all stopped. “I am Professor McGonagall.The sorting ceremony will start in a few moments, you best smarten yourselves up before then.” She said. McGonagall left. You stood there nervously, you grabbed your compact mirror from your pocket and you took out your lipgloss. You put some on and looked into your mirror. “Form a line.” Said a sharp voice. You straightened up and stood behind a boy with bleach blonde hair that kind off reminded you of Draco. The doors opened and you all walked in. You looked up at the ceiling it looked exactly like the night sky outside. You spotted Hermione, Ron and Harry who gave you thumbs up. You glanced over at Draco who was smiling at you, you smiled back and noticed Blaise winking at you.

You saw a dirty looking hat sitting on a stool, “When I call your name, you will put on the hat and sit on the stool to be sorted.” McGonagall said. You saw Dumbledore, he was smiling down at you with a twinkle in his eye. “Adams Roxanne!” McGonagall bellowed. You walked up to the stool, you sat down on the stool and put the hat on. “Ah...I’ve been waiting for another Adams, let me see.....” the hat said. You were so nervous, you gripped the edge of the stool. “....GRYFFINDOR!” The hat roared.

The Gryffindor table all cheered. You noticed Draco looked very disappointed, you walked over to him. “Come on I’m still your friend.” You whispered
and gave him a hug. Draco smiled as you skipped to the Gryffindor table, you sat beside Hermione while Ron and Harry sat across from you. Hermione hugged you, “Yay, you’re one of us!” Hermione cheered. You giggled and hugged her back. After a long time, Dumbledore stood up, “Welcome back to Hogwarts...” Dumbledore started to talk about the forbidden forest and no magic in the corridors.And that Professor Snape was the new DADA teacher and Professor Slughorn was taking his place as Potions master.”......And last but not least, there will be a “welcome back ball” on the 17th of September. This ball is formal and make sure you look splendid. All classes will be postponed on the 15th so that you will be able to buy your dresses. Please remeber that you will need a partner.....” Dumbledore explained. You nudged Hermione, “Oh my gosh! I love dances!” you whispered. She smiled. You looked ove at Draco who looked bored, he caught your eye. “Who you going with?” you mouthed. “Dunno.” He mouthed back. You turned back to Dumbledore”....Now enough talking. Tuck in.” He said. Just then all the food appeared. “So hungry.” Ron drooled. You giggled. “Ronald Billius Weasley, where are your manners!” Hermione hissed and they started bickering. “Are they always like this?” yoou asked Harry. He nodded, you took some roast potatoes and some beef. After dinner, you headed up to the Gryffindor Tower with Harry. “So.... you like Malfoy?” he asked. “Yeah, he’s really sweet.” You replied. Harry snorted, “What’s the matter?” you asked as you both stopped in front of a portrait of a very fat lady. “Well it’s just that....erm well he’s not really sweet when he’s with his friends.” Harry replied. You sighed, “Godric” and the portrait swung open. You walked into a warm looking room, it had portaits covering the walls and a nice fireplace. You threw yourself on one of the sofas, “This place is awesome!” you sighed. Harry sat beside you, “You should wait for Hermione, so she can show you your dorm.” He said. You smiled sat up, “Why do you loathe Draco?” you asked. “Well he’s not what you call “Perfect.” He’s just always making fun of Hermione because she’s muggle-born and he makes fun of Ron because he’s not rich.” Harry replied. “Oh.” You said. Just then Ron and Hermione came in, “Rox do you want me to show you our room?” Hermione asked. You nodded and waved goodnight to everyone. You and Hermione went up the stairs and into a room that had a sign saying:

Gryffindor Year 6 Dorm for:

Parvarti Patil

Padma Patil

Lavender Brown

Hermione Granger

Roxanne Adams

You opened the door, there were five beds. You noticed that your suitcase was already there. You opened your suitcase and took out your pyjamas, you went to bathroom and got changed. When you got out you saw Hermione on her bed reading a book, you took out your diary and started to write.

Dear Diary

Omg Hogwarts is so big, I can’t wait till classes start tomorrow. The only sad thing is that I’m not in the same house as Draco, Estoy totalmente de lo extra├▒o(I totally miss him)I have met new friends. Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Harry Potter and Blaise Zabini.Well I’m too tired. Buenas Noches. (Goodnight)

You hid your diary under your pillow and fell asleep.

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